SCP Foundation Server II

Jan 25th, 2020
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  1.  [17+ EN/US] MTF-Ω242 "Nightstalkers" Tactical Realism  
  2. No bullshit
  4. **Server IP**:
  6. **Teamspeak IP**: ts3.242nightstalkers.com
  8. ### Conduct Rules:
  9. -  17+ Required without a waiver from a member
  10. -   English Only
  11. -   Do not intentionally spawn-camp military spawns unless the warheads have gone off.
  12. -   Coordinate with your team to survive. Obey commanders and follow chain of command.
  13. -   Play to the best of your ability to accomplish the objectives.
  14. -   Do not throw your life away and fight smart.
  15. -   Follow the objectives of your faction.
  16. -   Do not intentionally delay the round.
  17. -   Intentional teamkilling will result in a permanent ban.
  18. -   "Ear Rape" will result in a permanent ban.
  19. -   Do not set off the alpha warheads before 3 MTF waves have been wiped.
  20. -   Do not Troll on the site-wide intercom, relevant information only. Keep it in character.
  21. -   Captured D-class are to enter 106 "Femur Breaker" if instructed to by MTF.
  23. ### This is a no bullshit server run by a bunch of cranky old farts who like the Foundation Lore. Play seriously.
  25. ### Gameplay Rules:
  26. __**MTF:**__
  27. MTF Need to follow **ALL** Foundation protocol and directives
  28. Rescue Scientists and D-class as needed. Find the facility guards and have them assist you
  29. Follow chain of command and work together.
  30. Do not allow Class D personnel to escape the facility.
  31. Attempt to rescue scientists and Contain SCPs
  32. Detonate the Alpha Warheads if necessary to prevent the ecscape of SCPs or to deny the facility to the Insurgency
  34. __**Chaos Insurgency:**__
  35. Chaos Insurgency Units must follow their directives: Destroy the Foundation, Do not let them destroy the facility.
  36.  Terminate Scientists unless you are endangered by something else
  37.  Attempt to rescue D class
  38.  Try to form a team and work together.
  39. Prevent the detonation of the Alpha Warheads as the CI wishes to capture the facility.
  41. __**Research Personnel:**__
  42. Scientists must follow directives of the MTF team, try to prevent D-Class from escaping, and evade the Chaos Insurgency
  43. Cooperate with D-class only until necessary, they will be terminated by MTF.
  44. Comply with the instructions of the MTF
  45. Detonate the Alpha Warheads after 3 MTF waves
  47. __**D Class:**__
  48. Foundation Personnel Have been experimenting on you for the past month, subjecting you to SCP 173, 012 and other nightmares. They are not your friends, but you may cooperate with them if you wish
  49. Do what it takes to survive and escape the facility.
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