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  1. "State,State Code,Region,Division"
  2. "Abandoned Bin Web Use Only,Ab,Waste,Biffa"
  3. "Abandoned, Untaxed or Unwanted Vehicle,Ab,Highways,Corporate"
  4. "Air Quality Information and Data PP,Ai,Compliance,G&N legal powers"
  5. "Alarms PP,Al,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  6. "Alleged Perpetrator,AP,Other,Council wide"
  7. "Alley Gates NDT,AG,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  8. "Allotments NDT,AM,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  9. "Antisocial behaviour,An,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  10. "Application for Noisy Working PP,Ap,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  11. "Arbor Trees NDT ,Ar,Grounds,G&N directorate"
  12. "Assisted Collection Request,As,Waste,Biffa"
  13. "Barking Dogs PP,Ba,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  14. "BENS Drop Off,BE,Other,Council wide"
  15. "Bin Collection Issues,Bi,Waste,Biffa"
  16. "Bin Request,BR,Waste,Biffa"
  17. "Blue Badge,BB,Other,Council wide"
  18. "Bollards,Bo,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  19. "Building Control Site Visit,Bu,Compliance,G&N legal powers"
  20. "Bulky Collections,BC,Waste,Biffa"
  21. "Burning PP,BR,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  22. "Car for Sale on a Public Road,Ca,Highways,Corporate"
  23. "Ceremonies  Out of Hours ECT,Ce,Other,Council wide"
  24. "Closed Churchyards NDT,CY,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  25. "Comment Compliment Complaint,Co,Other,Council wide"
  26. "Commercial Noise PP,CN,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  27. "Commercial Waste NDT,CW,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  28. "Compliance,CM,Compliance,G&N legal powers"
  29. "Construction Noise PP,CI,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  30. "Contaminated Land PP,CL,Compliance,G&N legal powers"
  31. "Dampness & Leaks NDT,Da,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  32. "Dangerous Building,DB,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  33. "Dead Animal,De,Waste,Biffa"
  34. "Disabled Person Parking Bays andor HBar markings,Di,Other,Council wide"
  35. "Dog Fouling Investigation,Do,Compliance,G&N legal powers"
  36. "Domestic Noise PP,DN,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  37. "Doors and Windows NDT,DW,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  38. "Drainage,Dr,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  39. "Dropped Kerbs Application,DK,Highways,Corporate"
  40. "Drugs and alcohol strategy,DA,Other,Council wide"
  41. "Dust Grit or Smoke PP,Du,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  42. "Elections  All Services,El,Other,Council wide"
  43. "Elections  Outbound calling,EO,Other,Council wide"
  44. "Electric NDT,EN,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  45. "Emergency Building Repairs ECT,Em,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  46. "Empty Properties NDT,EP,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  47. "Entertainment and events,En,Other,Council wide"
  48. "FaultyDamaged Street Lights  Lit Bollards  Lit Signs,Fa,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  49. "Fire Precautions NDT,Fi,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  50. "Fixed Penalty Notice,FP,Compliance,G&N legal powers"
  51. "Fly Posting,FO,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  52. "Fly Tipping,FT,Waste,Biffa"
  53. "Food Hygiene Rating Scheme PP,FH,Compliance,G&N legal powers"
  54. "Food Premises PP,FE,Compliance,G&N legal powers"
  55. "Food Safety PP,FS,Compliance,G&N legal powers"
  56. "Gas NDT,Ga,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  57. "General Dog Enquiry,Ge,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  58. "Graffiti,Gr,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  59. "Grass NDT,GA,Grounds,G&N directorate"
  60. "Grounds Maintenance NDT,Gr,Grounds,G&N directorate"
  61. "Hazardous Waste PP,Ha,Compliance,G&N legal powers"
  62. "Health & Safety in the Workplace PP,He,Other,Council wide"
  63. "Heating & Hot Water NDT,HW,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  64. "Hedges NDT,HD,Grounds,G&N directorate"
  65. "HighwayFootpath Closure,Hi,Highways,Corporate"
  66. "Highway Safety Enquiry  Traffic Issues,HT,Highways,Corporate"
  67. "Highways Defects,HD,Highways,Corporate"
  68. "HMO Licensing NDT,HM,Other,Council wide"
  69. "Immigration NDT,Im,Other,Council wide"
  70. "Incident Response ECT,In,Other,Council wide"
  71. "Infectious Diseases PP,IF,Other,Council wide"
  72. "Leaseholders Flats & Communal Areas NDT,Le,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  73. "Licensed Premises Noise PP,Li,Compliance,G&N legal powers"
  74. "Light Pollution PP,LP,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  75. "Litter Bin  Dog Bin,LD,Waste,Biffa"
  76. "Lost and Unwanted Dog,Lo,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  77. "Manchester Airport PP,Ma,Other,Council wide"
  78. "Mfour Translation Service,MF,Other,Council wide"
  79. "Muddied Site,MS,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  80. "Name and Numbering of Property,Na,Other,Council wide"
  81. "Neighbour disputes and mediation,Ne,Other,Council wide"
  82. "NewAdditional Street Light Request,NS,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  83. "Obstructions,Ob,Highways,Corporate"
  84. "Odour PP,OO,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  85. "Overcrowding NDT,Ov,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  86. "Parking Enforcement,Pa,Highways,Corporate"
  87. "Parking Schemes and Residential Permits,PS,Highways,Corporate"
  88. "Parks and Leisure NDT,PL,Grounds,G&N directorate"
  89. "Parks and open spaces,PO,Grounds,G&N directorate"
  90. "Pay and Display Issues,PD,Other,Council wide"
  91. "Penalty Charge Notice and Bus Lane Enforcement,Pe,Compliance,G&N legal powers"
  92. "Pest Control Commercial Enquiry,PC,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  93. "Pest Control Treatments,PT,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  94. "Planning Conditions PP,Pl,Other,Council wide"
  95. "Premises Licensing,Pr,Other,Council wide"
  96. "Premises Licensing Issues NDT,PL,Other,Council wide"
  97. "Primary Authority Referral PP,PA,Other,Council wide"
  98. "Private landlords,PX,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  99. "Public Right of Way,PY,Other,Council wide"
  100. "RadonRadiation PP,Ra,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  101. "Reset Bulky Collection Count,Re,Waste,Biffa"
  102. "Road Marking,Ro,Highways,Corporate"
  103. "Road Signs,RS,Highways,Corporate"
  104. "Scaffolding and Hoarding Licence,Sc,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  105. "School Admissions Additional Children,SA,Other,Council wide"
  106. "School Admissions Application Guidance Transition,SG,Other,Council wide"
  107. "School Admissions In Year Application,SY,Other,Council wide"
  108. "School Admissions Offer Transition,SO,Other,Council wide"
  109. "School Admissions Specialist Enquiry,SS,Other,Council wide"
  110. "School governors,SG,Other,Council wide"
  111. "Schools Support Services ECT,SE,Other,Council wide"
  112. "Sharps, Medical Waste and Needle Exchange,Sh,Waste,Biffa"
  113. "Shrubs NDT,SR,Grounds,G&N directorate"
  114. "Skateboarding,Sk,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  115. "Skips,SI,Waste,Biffa"
  116. "Smoke Free PP,SF,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  117. "Stray Dogs,SD,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  118. "Street Cleansing,SC,Waste,Biffa"
  119. "Street Furniture,SF,Highways,Corporate"
  120. "Street Trader and Ice Cream Van Enquiries,St,Other,Council wide"
  121. "Streetwork Noise PP,SN,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  122. "Structural Issues NDT,SZ,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  123. "Suspension or Dispensation of Parking Restrictions,SU,Highways,Corporate"
  124. "Taxi Complaints,Ta,Other,Council wide"
  125. "Taxi License Enquiries,TL,Other,Council wide"
  126. "Taxi Lost Property,TP,Other,Council wide"
  127. "Taxi Vehicle Test Booking,TV,Other,Council wide"
  128. "TCU New Application,TC,Other,Council wide"
  129. "TCU ScheduleRoute Enquiry,TT,Other,Council wide"
  130. "Temporary Traffic Lights,TO,Highways,Corporate"
  131. "Unlawful Evictions NDT,UE,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  132. "Untidy Gardens,Un,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  133. "Untidy Plot of Land,UP,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  134. "Vehicle Emissions & Idling Vehicles PP,Ve,Highways,Corporate"
  135. "Volunteering NDT,Vo,Other,Council wide"
  136. "Water Supply and Water Quality Issues NDT,Wa,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  137. "Web account support,We,Neighbourhoods,G&N directorate"
  138. "Weed Spraying NDT,WS,Grounds,G&N directorate"
  139. "Winter Gritting,WG,Highways,Corporate"
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