Bunny troll petstuck

Feb 11th, 2015
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  1. EU: energeticUrchin
  2. Name: Jaidre Lepori
  3. Race: Loopholeverse petstuck troll ex: or
  4. blood color: olive
  5. Title: heir of life
  6. height: 2'8"
  7. Age: between 8 and 9 sweeps
  8. Gender: is more used to being called Female, but that does not really matter for the type of troll they are
  9. Horns: bunny ear like horns the one on her left tip is bent forward some
  10. Ref:
  11. Appearance: lean with oddly long legs, shoulder long black messy hair, big wonder-filled green eyes, very large buck teeth, a rather baggy worn out looking dark green sweatshirt, dark gray cargo shorts, has a voice filled with childlike androgyny
  12. NSFW Full Appearance without clothes: Their thin but lean body is covered all over in sort of thin gray and patches and spots of black fur the belly is covered in a much thinner fur that covers but only barely 3 sets of olive green nipples but only the top most set has a pair of very small breasts, Their arms end in small paw-padded hands with four fingers and a thumb and small orange claws on each finger and thumb, hidden poorly by Their thin groin fur is two sets of olive slits that are rather large in scale for something their size, with one just a bit above the other, they have long thin but powerful looking digitigraded legs that end in paw-padded rabbit-like feet with small orange claws tipping each toe, Their tail is long thin and is covered in thin gray fur and ends in a tuft of black fur.
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