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  1. Cainhurst has joined the chat
  2. Cainhurst: What did you dress like back when you were Blockable?
  3. Stejnegeri: A white bitch.
  4. Cainhurst: Because your current look reminds me of Vellocet
  5. Cainhurst: Still have one of the outfits to jog my memory?
  6. Stejnegeri: Nah. I clear them out often.
  7. Cainhurst: So you didn't dress bdsm/dark you were a basic white bitch?
  8. Stejnegeri: I don't remember.
  9. Stejnegeri: I think it was sort of dark.
  10. Stejnegeri: But more white bitch.
  11. Cainhurst: Interesting
  12. Cainhurst: What room did we meet in?
  13. Cainhurst: Also she kicked yall both earlier
  14. Stejnegeri: You know we were just joking right
  15. Cainhurst: Yeah I knew
  16. Cainhurst: She just got out of an immensly toxic relationship, I was trying to be there for her and cheer her up but shes smashed to so many pieces, we were talking via texts so I really didnt see what either of you said much
  17. Stejnegeri: She didn't have a reason to boot us though.
  18. Cainhurst: I think she was just annoyed
  19. Cainhurst: So that the new bf?
  20. Stejnegeri: Nah.
  21. Stejnegeri: You make it sound like I'm a player.
  22. Cainhurst: Oh I didnt know, I thought maybe you spent 3 hours to make him look fuckable
  23. Stejnegeri: He did before.
  24. Stejnegeri: I just like dressing people up.
  25. Cainhurst: Ahh I see
  26. Cainhurst: Ever get around to making that swimsuit?
  27. Stejnegeri: Nah.
  28. Cainhurst has changed the room to: ST* Sauna
  29. Cainhurst: lame
  30. StejnegeriStejnegeri : Took her off your profile?
  31. Cainhurst: Mhm, shes hiatusing off imvu
  32. Cainhurst: I did what I could, its out of my hands
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