FS19 County Line Readme

Jul 27th, 2019
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  1. County Line FS19 Seasons converted by KS Mapping
  3. Seasons update changes:
  5. YOU MUST START A NEW SAVE GAME. I can't offer support for trying to get old save games to work. Sorry. I give you permision to cheat money to get back to where you were, but not a dollar more! :)
  7. At the time of release, no GEOS are out, but obviously I recommend the Midwest GEO, when it's released, for proper climate in this region.
  9. -The train is working. The gates move up and down but they will not stop the AI traffic, so they will ghost through the train. The warning bell also only runs when the gates move. The script needs more work and hopefully I can update that in future versions
  10. -Water texture fixed
  11. -Foliage folder added under FS19_CountyLine_Seasons/maps/foliage. Feel free to use custom foliage and drop them in that folder.
  12. -Fixed bug when using Courseplay mode 2 (Combine unload) stutter when the combine calls the unload wagon.
  13. -READ: At the time of release, only the Hauer Snow pack from Realismus allows you to plow any unowned land. However if you would like to use different plow, you must buy the underlying roads in order to do so. I made it to where the roads cost $0 to buy.
  14. -Starter equipment on New Farmer mode
  15. -Paintable grass
  16. -Various small visual tweaks
  18. Original credit goes to blueweb, who made this amazing map for FS15 and FS17. Broncfan03 further worked on a Seasons conversion for FS17 called County Line Seasons, which was the base map I began working with to convert this map to FS19. I would also like to extend credit to the original authors that Blueweb credited in his original post, along with a few others:
  19. docElyoc
  20. Marhu
  21. Craigoryjameson
  22. LBJModding
  23. 812Farmer
  24. JohnDeere1952
  25. Igor29381
  26. blakealig1
  27. jb3pc4sale
  28. Fraser Cow
  29. Feterlj
  30. DeckerVII
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  32. RandomSparks
  33. ThompsonM06
  34. gamerhzs
  35. Danjelmc
  36. Petorious
  37. fqC_art
  38. Kastor
  39. Maurermatze/$nickers
  40. Dutch Agricultural Modelling
  41. JohnD7810
  42. Reaper9111
  43. OGF
  44. BernieSRC
  45. Pisty
  46. m chtegernbauer
  47. t2k-lsmodding(thoralf2002, PP);
  48. Manuel (LS2011 BGA Baukasten2);
  49. itisntworking
  50. srsmds
  51. LMBFarmer
  52. Caminokid
  53. Rafiki
  54. Giants GnG Modding
  55. Black Sheep Modding
  57. I'd also like to thank ShyWizard for his excellent YouTube tutorials that helped immensely on this conversion.
  59. This map was made to stay true to the original high standard County Line set since FS15. I left all the original buildings in the map, however, being a 4x map, there is plenty of room for additional farms and placeables. If there are any original objects in your way, feel free to open up the map in Giants Editor and remove what you deem fit.
  62. *
  63. *
  64. *
  66. NOTE: For any of the animal farms, silos, workshops, BGA to function, or plow snow, you MUST buy the underlying land.
  68. *
  69. *
  70. *
  73. For a brief tour, the starter farm is centered at the middle of the map. There are several sheds, a million liter grain bin complex, a sleep trigger in the front of the house, and a workshop. (See note must buy the underlying land for any of those to work!)
  75. There are four animal farms. Cows, Pigs, Sheep, and a Horse Ranch. Since the triggers may be hard to find, I'll list them out for you.
  77. Cow farm:
  78. Water: White shed near the silage bunkers has a water hose to fill your water trailers. The actual water fill trigger trough for the cows is near the red barn on the entrance road
  79. Food: In the middle of the cow shed. You must open the gate and drive into the shed with your mixer or shovel. Food spillage occurs outside at the rear of the shed.
  80. Straw: Just a little farther in the shed past the food fill trigger.
  81. Manure and Slurry are pretty self explanatory, next to the cow shed.
  82. Unload/Load trigger: At the cattle feed lot gates near the stave silos.
  84. Pig farm:
  85. Water: Theres a large water pond near the rear of the farm with a water fill trigger. To provide the water to your pigs, there is an unload hatch on the ground at the front of the pig enclosure.
  86. Food: Near the two bins at the front of the pig enclosure
  87. Straw: Couldn't find a good place to realistically dump the straw so there is a shed at the rear of the pig enclosure that has a couple of bales next to it. Dump your straw here and then someone gets to shovel it into the pig building by hand :)
  88. Unload/Load trigger: Front of the pig enclosure.
  89. The blue Harvestore silos are functional and can hold anything the pigs eat in addition to bagged pig food.
  91. Sheep:
  92. Water: White shed with a hose just like the cow farm
  93. Food/Water: Both near the sheep barn. You have to open the door or gate to get access to it.
  95. Horse:
  96. There is a small riding trail in the fenced area but of course feel free to take the horses for a ride through the countryside!
  97. Water: Next to the windmill on the farm, there is a hose on the front of it. Water trough is along the fence between the horse stalls.
  98. Food: Trough along the fence between the horse stalls.
  99. Unload/Load: Gate in the middle of the mentioned fence.
  101. There is one additional million liter silo you can buy that is up near the potatoes sell point. You need to own the farmland in order for it to work. I was going to add more in various areas of the map but I figured I can leave those spots open for people to use their own custom placeables.
  104. Fill Triggers:
  106. Seed:
  107. There are a few seed fill triggers throughout the map next the model of the seed pallets. Moore & Burksville Co-op, County Line Grain, Tractor Supply Co, Hillside Potatoes, as well as the starter farm and cow farm have seed pallet fill triggers.
  109. Granular fertilizer:
  110. At the CPS near the vehicle shop (inside the building), Burksville Co-op, Tractor Supply Co, and the starter farm
  112. Liquid fertilizer:
  113. At CPS, Moore Co-op (Anhydrous Ammonia tanks), Tractor Supply Co (White Flexi-NS tanks) and the tanks in the red shed at the starter farm.
  115. Herbicide:
  116. At Tractor Supply Co in the white RoundUp tanks.
  118. Lime:
  119. CPS (outside of the building)
  121. Sawmill:
  122. There is an umarked woodchip sell trigger by the tractor to the left of the log sell trigger, with a refuling tank between the two sell points.
  124. Field sizes:
  125. Field 1: 14.929 ha/36.89 ac
  126. Field 2: 43.993 ha/108.7 ac
  127. Field 3: 55.876 ha/138.07 ac
  128. Field 4: 14.247 ha/35.21 ac
  129. Field 5: 11.236 ha/27.76 ac
  130. Field 6: 37.356 ha/92.31 ac
  131. Field 7: 12.022 ha/29.70 ac
  132. Field 8: 18.913 ha/46.73 ac
  133. Field 9: 47.537 ha/117.47 ac
  134. Field 10: 15.271 ha/37.73 ac
  135. Field 11: 5.477 ha/13.53 ac
  136. Field 12: 14.155 ha/34.98 ac
  137. Field 13: 25.638 ha/63.36 ac
  138. Field 14: 28.904 ha/71.41 ac
  139. Field 15: 45.501 ha/112.43 ac
  140. Field 16: 20.026 ha/49.49 ac
  141. Field 17: 62.365 ha/154.10 ac
  142. Field 18: 21.144 ha/52.25 ac
  143. Field 19: 20.236 ha/50.00 ac
  144. Field 20: 5.654 ha/13.96 ac
  145. Field 21: 25.539 ha/63.11 ac
  146. Field 22: 43.152 ha/106.63 ac
  147. Field 23: 49.417 ha/122.11 ac
  148. Field 24: 30.738 ha/75.96 ac
  149. Field 25: 48.420 ha/119.65 ac
  150. Field 26: 87.711 ha/216.73 ac
  151. Field 27: 27.236 ha/67.30 ac
  152. Field 28: 13.032 ha/32.20 ac
  153. Field 29: 33.389 ha/82.50 ac
  154. Field 30: 83.170 ha/205.52 ac
  155. Field 31: 51.130 ha/126.35 ac
  156. Field 32: 25.703 ha/63.51 ac
  157. Field 33: 11.687 ha/28.28 ac
  159. I hope you enjoy playing this map as much as I enjoyed converting it. Visit KS Mapping on Facebook, or American Eagle Modding for discussions or questions about the map.
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