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  1. What If…
  3.     Patton realized late in the war that the United States fought the wrong country. Patton felt the US should have sided with Germany to destroy Jewish Bolshevik/Communist USSR. This information comes from Patton’s diary entries, letters he wrote to his wife, and comments he made to military officers and staff.
  4.     World War II was incredibly complex. However, in the final analysis, WWII was essentially a war between two competing ideologies: Nationalism -vs- Jewish Internationalism/globalism. Adolf Hitler and his allies fought to preserve the concept of nationalism–not just for Germans, but for all peoples. Nationalism means the sovereignty of an ethnic people and the right thereof–within their own bordered country–to self-determination. What is meant by self-determination? An ethnic people preserving their unique culture & heritage and pursuing their collective goals as a unique people. This applies to any ethnic peoples: Nigerians, Germans, Swedes, Vietnamese, Mexicans, Tibetans, etc.
  5.     On the other side of WWII was Jewish (Bolshevik) Internationalism (known today as globalism). In the 1920s, ’30s, and during WWII, powerful Jewish Internationalists were fervently advancing the Jewish worldview of eventually eliminating all nations… except for a Jewish homeland… (what became Israel after WWII in 1948). Today we see that nothing has changed; Jewish Internationalism/globalism still works toward gradually “merging” all peoples of the world (particularly in the Western World) into one globalist system with a global government, global laws, global culture, global bank, global currency, etc. In short, Jewish globalism (i.e., the weakening and eventual elimination of all nations) is the ideological opposite of Nationalism (i.e., a world composed of nations–specifically, ethnically homogenous and bordered nations). The Allied powers of WWII (led by Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin, et. al.) were tools of International Jewry and thus de facto fighting for the Jewish globalist worldview. After the Allies won WWII in 1945, International Jewish forces were then free to exercise a Jewish ‘Sphere of Influence’ over the greater Western world (and, as we see today, increasingly over the rest of the world).
  6.     If Hitler had won World War II and then exercised a Nationalist ‘Sphere of Influence’ over the greater Western world, we’d have a more just, fair, and moral Western world today. The rest of the world would have similarly benefited had the Germans been victorious, since German influence would have surely spread elsewhere (ideas such as non-usurious banking and strong family oriented culture would likely have spread globally).
  7.     Had Hitler won World War II, what would be different in the postwar world? Here are a few examples:
  9. 1. No USSR (the Soviet government murdered roughly 30 million of its own people during its 70 year reign–to study this topic, read the writings of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn; Hitler would have liberated the constituent republics of the USSR from communism, setting up buffer states in the Baltic, Ukraine (Germany would annex Crimea), and Belarus regions.
  11. 2. No Cold War (because there would be no USSR).
  13. 3. No communist Eastern Europe/Iron Curtain (when WWII ended, Eastern Europe fell to communism–this was part of Stalin’s spoils of war).
  15. 4. No Red China and Mao’s subsequent killing of 40-60 million Chinese (the USSR created favorable conditions for Mao’s communists, ultimately leading to Mao’s victory over Chiang Kai-shek’s Nationalists in 1949. Without a USSR, Mao probably would not have won).
  17. 5. No communist North Vietnam (both the Soviet Union and Red China aided Ho Chi Minh).
  19. 6. No communist Cambodia and Pol Pot’s slaughter of 2 million Cambodians (Red China aided Pol Pot).
  21. 7. No Korean division and no Korean War (the Allies split Korea after WWII ended, North Korea became communist–another of Stalin’s spoils of war).
  23. 8. No communist Cuba (given the previous, what support would Castro have had in the 1950s?).
  25. 9. No communism anywhere (Hitler was the world’s most fervent anti-Communist).
  27. 10. Liberalism & multiculturalism wouldn’t dominate Western ethos (both are Jewish creations and both have always been heavily promoted/advanced by Jews. Without Jewish influence, no liberalism and no multiculturalism–at least certainly to nowhere near the degree we see today).
  29. 11. No Cultural Marxism and no political correctness (these are social engineering tools which came out of the Jewish think tank known as the Frankfurt School).
  31. 12. No third world immigration into Western nations (Jews wouldn’t be in positions of power to craft and illegally enforce liberal immigration laws. Jews are responsible for each and every Western nation’s immigration policy/laws, as all were orchestrated by a consortium consisting of the World Jewish Congress, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, and B’nai B’rith).
  33. 13. No depraved filth on TV, in movies, etc. (because Jews wouldn’t run Hollywood).
  35. 14. No widespread pornography (Jewish lawyers and Jewish activists were the main challengers of anti-obscenity laws under the guise of “freedom of speech”).
  37. 15. There would still be prayer in public schools (Jewish lawyers were instrumental in banning prayer to Jesus in public schools under the guise of so-called “separation of church and state,” something that appears nowhere in the US Constitution).
  39. 16. No man-hating radical feminist movement (Jews such as Betty Friedan, Sonia Pressman, and Gloria Steinem, among others, were the key drivers of radical feminism).
  41. 17. No Israel and all the problems it has brought the USA and the immeasurable misery it has wrought the Palestinians.
  43. 18. Jews would be living in Madagascar (perhaps) and would be carefully monitored (Madagascar was one place Hitler considered as a Jewish homeland).
  45.     Many reading this will ask, “But what about the Holocaust?” The Holocaust has been grossly exaggerated by organized Jewry in order to create sympathy for Jews worldwide and thus help advance the Jewish agenda (i.e., people seen as victims tend to get their way). It is also used as a political weapon to justify Israeli militarism against the Palestinians. Hitler’s Final Solution (rebranded in the early 1970s as the “Holocaust”) was a plan to remove Jews from Europe, not to kill them. Before WWII, Hitler brokered deals with the Jews of Germany and her expanding lands that allowed them to export all of their possessions from Germany to the British Mandate of Palestine, safely and efficiently, to colonize what the Jews had claimed as a homeland. During WWII, just as the US felt it couldn’t trust Japanese Americans, causing FDR to round many of them up and place them in concentration camps, Hitler felt Germany couldn’t trust Jews. Many Jews were partisans sympathetic to the USSR and aided the USSR in various subversive, anti-German activities. Every single leader of the 1921 German Communist Revolution–which had bankrupted Germany and caused the collapse of the Weimar Republic and hyperinflation–had been a Jew. Therefore the Nazis rounded up Jews and placed them in concentration camps.
  46.     Just under 300,000 Jews died in the camps during WWII (not six million), mostly due to disease and starvation in the final months of the war. Heavy Allied bombing of Germany and parts of German-occupied Europe destroyed many roads, rail lines, and bridges, making it impossible for Germany to adequately supply the camps with food and medicine. Even still, Germany rerouted food from their own army to the camps to keep conditions somewhat livable. Still, many Jews died of starvation and disease; and of course many non-Jews also died of the same (again, due to a massive Allied bombing campaign and its destruction of German transportation infrastructure). Lastly, there were no “gas chambers.” Much has been written about this. To study the “gas chamber” subject, read the research papers published by Germar Rudolf & Carlo Mattogno (there are many others, as well). To get a broad overview of the Holocaust, read my article, What Was The Holocaust... What Actually Happened?
  47.     It should also be noted that Hitler never wanted to “conquer the world.” He simply wanted to safeguard Europe and the greater Western World from nefarious Jewish influence and, more broadly, safeguard the world from, 1) usurious Jewish banking and, 2) Jewish-driven cultural degradation.
  48.     As previously stated, the Allied heads of State (Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin, et. al.) were puppets of International Jewry; each sold his soul for power and prestige. Again, World War II was a war between two competing ideologies: Nationalism -vs- Jewish Bolshevik Internationalism/globalism–unfortunately International Jewry won.
  49.     Was World War II “the good war” as is often claimed? No, it was exactly the opposite. The Allied victory marked the beginning of the end of Western Civilization.
  51. ~:~
  53.     So many still accept the “good war” myth without the skepticism we have justly applied to every other conflict the US has been involved in ever since. The Poland that German troops invaded was, among other things, the German land of East Prussia, Westphalia, and Danzig–territory seized from Germany after her armed forces accepted the 1918 Armistice, whose promises of a just peace and self-determination were never kept. Modern Poland came into existence in 1919, having been a Russian province since 1795. Allied strategy was to contain a territorially reduced and disarmed Germany within a ring of hostile militarized states. Poland grew into a military dictatorship, run by a junta of Colonels, who controlled the fourth largest army in Europe. The terms offered by National Socialist Germany to resolve their border dispute were far more conciliatory than any proposed by the Weimar Republic, but Britain and the US encouraged the Poles to reject them. In the summer of 1939, the Polish General Staff had drawn up invasion plans that they believed would see them in possession of Berlin in four weeks.
  54.     Polish cavalry units crossed into Germany and attacked civilians, Polish artillery fired on Lufthansa airliners, and anti-German (and anti-Jewish) pogroms killed hundreds. In the first month of the invasion, Germany offered twice to withdraw her forces, pay indemnifications for the damage, and return to the negotiating table–offers that were rejected at British insistence and are completely lost down the memory hole today.
  55.     The Nuremberg trials were based on the state mock-trials of Germans held in Soviet zones. The main Judge was Nikitchenko, who had presided over Stalin’s show trials of 1936 to 1938 in the Soviet Union. At Nuremberg, the German defense counsel, Otto Kransbuehler, argued that in launching and continuing total war against Germany, Britain and her allies deliberately and systematically ignored the rules of the Hague Convention, which had been adapted in 1922 to establish laws for conducting land warfare. In consequence of her enemies’ lawlessness, Germany, he said, was relieved of the Convention’s obligations regarding the conduct of war. This defense was, not surprisingly, rejected. That RAF nighttime bombing raids on German civilian targets began in May 1940, the day after Churchill became Prime Minister, and continued every night for the next five years, was ruled to be inadmissible evidence for the German defense.
  56.     The Chief Justice of the United States Harlan Fiske Stone called the Nuremberg trials a fraud. He said, “Chief US prosecutor Jackson is away conducting his high-grade lynching party in Nuremberg. I don’t mind what he does to the Nazis, but I hate to see the pretense that he is running a Court and proceeding according to common law. This is a little too sanctimonious a fraud to meet my old-fashioned ideas.” The fascist nations were based in authoritarian socialism, which implicitly committed heresy against America’s primary political illusion, that capitalism and democracy are compatible. Whether we like it or not, fascism did devise a practical method of assuring the greatest good for the greatest number, and this was intolerable to those who have used the illusions of democracy to such great personal profit. It is scarcely surprising that the capitalist imperialist West found common cause with the totalitarian Communist East in the discrediting and annihilation of the German revolution.
  57.     World War II was not “the good war”; it was the model of lawlessness and disregard for the democratic process that all of America’s foreign “wars of avarice and ambition,” to use John Quincy Adams’ memorable phrase, have followed, covertly or overtly, since that fateful year of 1940, when FDR’s America ceased being a nation of laws.
  59. ~:~
  61.     Even though the Axis lost, it wasn’t in vain. If they had not fought, the world would have been conquered by the time the ‘50s rolled around–not by warfare, but by strangulation. The Axis inflicted such a mortal wound on the Allies that to this day they have been unable to establish their New World Order that they were busy trying to establish back right after World War I ended.
  62.     The mortal wound inflicted was so bad that one half of the pre-New World Order, the Communist bloc, collapsed in the early 1990s. The other half, the capitalist plutocratic block, is in a 2nd Great Depression, massively overextended, and is rapidly falling apart and risks total collapse. Simultaneously, in a crazy twist of fate, what used to be the worst countries in the world have now turned into our last, best hope. Meaning Russia and all of its allies are now run by good men and women who came in and filled the power vacuum left by the collapse of the Communist bloc that, try as the elite might, they just could not stop because it had become unsustainable.
  63.     Plus, the Axis forced the Allies to discard their masks. In order to subdue the Axis, they had to commit such horrendous atrocities, spend so much money and blood, ruin so many lands, and cripple so many peoples that it is impossible to hide who was truly the evil side if one so much as just spends a day or two really studying history. Given the miracle of the Internet, anyone has access to this information rather than having to pour through libraries and such.
  64.     The Allies won the war, just barely–and a pyrrhic victory at that–but they lost the peace.
  65.     “National Socialism has tackled the Jewish problem by action and not by words. It has risen in opposition to the Jewish determination to dominate the world; it has attacked them everywhere and in every sphere of activity; it has flung them out of positions they have usurped: it has pursued them in every direction. For us, this has been an essential process of disinfection, which we have prosecuted to the ultimate limit and without which we ourselves should have been asphyxiated and destroyed.
  66.     With the success of the operation in Germany, there was a good chance of extending it further afield. This was, in fact, inevitable, for good health normally triumphs over disease. Quick to realize the danger, the Jews decided to stake their all in the life and death struggle which they launched against us. National Socialism had to be destroyed, whatever the cost and even if the whole world were destroyed in the process. Never before had there been a war so typically and at the same time so exclusively Jewish.
  67. I have at least compelled them to discard their masks. And even if our endeavors should end in failure, it will only be a temporary failure. For I have opened the eyes of the whole world to the Jewish peril.”
  68.     “It is necessary that I should die for my people, but my spirit will rise from the grave, and the world will know that I was right.”
  69.     – Adolf Hitler
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