Shade of Blue

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  1. SWR #1 – Shade of Blue
  2. Date with Emi request
  4. =====
  6. Don't be nervous. Don't be nervous.
  8. Well fuck it, I'm going to be nervous. It's been a while since graduation and the last time I saw Emi. We've both been busy. She's been trying to find her way in life and I've been paving my way through mine.
  10. And out of the blue, she just calls me.
  12. “Hisaaaaao!” She whines into the phone. Having not heard her voice in such a long time, I didn't even respond. “Are you there Hisao?” She asked. “Uh, yeah. Sorry, I was just a little surprised. We've been out of touch for a while.”
  14. “Then why didn't you call me?” I had missed how playful her voice is. And honestly, why didn't I? Maybe I didn't want to bother her or make her feel cramped. I figured after how exhausting our relationship had been throughout highschool, the fastest thing on no legs would want some running space.
  16. “I've been a little busy, sorry. Really been wanting to, though.” Half lie, half truth. I could get away with that. “Well are you busy tonight? I've missed you.” The directness with which she speaks pierces me and make my heart ache.
  18. “Not at all. What do you have in mind?” I could hear her smiling on the other line.
  20. So here I was, standing at the entrance of a fancy restaurant while I waited for my date who I hadn't seen in about two or three months.
  22. Emi told me reluctantly over the phone that she had made reservations a week in advance for today, but was feeling a bit nervous about being the one to ask me on the date. 'This is your job you know, Hisao.' I laughed and told her I'd remember that.
  24. In the reflection of my watch, I checked my appearance. Goofy, halfway tamed hair? Check. Tie straight and tucked nicely into my vest? Check. I was wearing a black collared shirt with some nice golden cufflinks my dad had lent to me. My vest was half and half, the front a darker green color and the back black like my collared shirt. My tie was a similar color to my vest.
  26. “You're early!” That one line brought me all the way back to highschool and put a goofy look on my face. It made me want to run a few laps, hearing that.
  28. “You're just late.” She pouts at me, balling her fists in front of her chest. “I am not! I'm ten minutes early, Hisao.” She puts on a smile as she draws closer to me. “I missed you, though. Glad you beat me here.” She smiles and I can't restrain my own.
  30. My eyes wander from her face to what she's wearing. A form fitting turquoise dress, white nylons over her prosthetics. Amusingly enough for her formal attire, she's wearing a pair of sneakers where her prosthetics become metallic ankles. I smirk, and she notices what I'm smirking at.
  32. “Hey! I can't wear heels with my legs, don't laugh.” She turns her face slightly away, only glancing at me from the side with her brilliant green eyes. I smile as I draw her face back towards mine. Her hair is down, framing her face and body marvelously. I can smell the familiar strawberry shampoo that she uses, my face so close to hers. I draw her into a kiss and I can tell her eyes shoot open in surprise, but she relaxes into it and throws her arms around me.
  34. I sigh as we break from our kiss and I tuck a lock of her blonde hair behind her ears.
  36. “You know, you look fantastic in blue.” She beams and kisses me this time as we take each other's hand and walk into the restaurant. For some reason, she's squeezing my hand tightly. Like she doesn't want to let go or see me go anywhere without her. She turns to me, a serene smile on her face. In her eyes, I can see that it's been hard for her not being in contact with me for so long.
  38. Well, don't worry Emi. I won't let that happen again.
  40. She opens her mouth a little, probably to respond to my complimenting her dress. She looks fantastic tonight.
  42. “And your hair still looks ridiculous.”
  44. “Hey!”
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