Becoming Naked

Sep 24th, 2017
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  1. You stand there, feeling a bit overwhelmed. Things are happening fast.
  3. Laki ordered Herb to get naked, but she didn’t give him much time to do so before she just rips his clothes off of him. He shyly covers up a little, but as she takes a good, long, mouthy kiss, he forgets all about his modesty. Even in the dark you can see a shine off a small stray bit of saliva.
  5. “What should I do?” You ask the combined lump of Herb and Laki. Herb’s face is plastered with uncertainty, trying to just get his mind to catch up with what’s going on.
  7. Laki just waves a hand while keeping her mouth on Herb’s neck. “Whatever you want.”
  9. Oh gosh. Your mind floods with a thousand different possibilities as you watch Laki strip off her top, showing her huge knockers. She kicks off her bottoms, showing her entire naked body. At least, as much as you can see in the dark. You notice her eyes shoot to the lightswitch for a second. She seems satisfied that you’re not that close. You forget how other people get as conscious about their bodies as you. You wish you could tell her how good she looks. How the curves of her body, the hardness of her abs, the thickness of her ass, all of it makes you just gush. But even as you watch her rip Herb’s pants down, you listen to that voice that tells you not to let people know how big of a perv you are. Keep it contained.
  11. When you see his hard, throbbing dick slap her in the face as she pulls his boxers down, that voice gets a lot quieter.
  13. You slowly put your hand down your pants, biting your lip.
  15. Laki laughs for a moment at the dickslap before grabbing it. “Good. Hard.” She straddles him. “Ready?” She glances to you too, seeing if there are any objections. You hope you’re not slobbering. You feel incredibly embarrassed, and turned on, that she sees you touching yourself.
  17. “N-no.” He blurts out.
  19. Her strong shoulders slink.
  21. “Sorry.” He follows up.
  23. “Don’t be.” She adjusts her position, grinding slowly along the length of his shaft in an almost spitefully teasing manner. “You want Hana first, right?”
  25. “No.” He suddenly looks apologetically over to you. “I mean, it’s just, I’m not ready.”
  27. “You feel ready to me.” Laki gains back a little confidence and grinds him. “Hana, does he feel ready?”
  29. You take a second to act, but you pretty much leap to his dick to grab it. “Yeah.” Your voice has a heavy tone of lust you didn’t expect. “Very ready.”
  31. “That’s not what I mean.” Herb protests.
  33. “Yeah. I know.” Laki gives a maternalistic smile. “I just don’t get it.”
  35. “I want my first time to be...special. Romantic. For the right reasons. Abigail was just trying to provoke you and-”
  37. “Don’t say her name right now.”
  39. “Oh. Sorry.”
  41. “I guess I get it. But Soft Hands, that type of thinking just isn’t Loanah. There’s no formal right time for stuff. Nothing is a cleanly separate thing. I’ve gotten into that mindset where you treat everything like it has to be clean, pure, and for all the right reasons. It...it psyches you out. You think you tarnished it if you don’t act perfectly or let your mind wander. You choke.”
  43. Is she talking about pole vaulting? You guess when someone’s close to hopping on Herb’ rod, that makes sense.
  45. Gah. You shouldn’t think like that. She’s pouring her heart out here and you’re taking a nice moment and being lewd. It bothers you a second later when you realize that sort of thinking is what she’s talking about. Do you think like a mainlander? That sort of thing doesn't bother you, but shouldn’t it?
  47. “Laki. Do you want to talk?” Herb’s concern breaks you out of it.
  49. “Nah.” She shakes her head, getting that look again. “I think I want you to hum, though.”
  51. “Hum? I d-” Herb gets cut off as Laki sits on his face. She’s facing towards you, but her eyes quickly close and a happy sigh leaves her lips.
  53. “Tap my leg three times if you can’t breath.” She wistfully exhales. She then reaches for Herb’s dick, stroking it a few times. But she’s too distracted to keep it up and barely catches herself from falling over. “Hana...Hana. Do a thing.”
  55. “Okay!” You don’t hesitate this time. You find a comfy position on the bed, trying not to put too much weight on Herb’s legs. You can’t see Herb’s reaction when you start sucking, but you see Laki gasp, so he must be giving some sort of approval.
  57. Oh damn. You’ve been thinking a lot about how the whole bedroom situation would go. You want to reach out and touch Laki, but is she okay with that? Is Herb? He wouldn’t mind, right? Laki’s been trying to do stuff with Valerie, but is that just because she’s blonde? You doubt she’d be attracted to you, but maybe she’s turned on enough that she’d let you touch her. Look at those tits! The way she squeezes them together with her arms as she rolls her eyes back. You’re not sure if you’re more jealous of her or Herb at the moment.
  59. You can’t take it. You let Herb slip out of your mouth. You don’t know if she’ll freak, or if it’s over the line, but as you watch her smooth, dark skin slowly collect perspiration, shake, and quiver while she sits on Herb’s face, you want to touch her so badly. You need to. Watching this with Herb’s knob in your mouth is making your head swim and your restraint fade away. You’ve always watched those huge tits, the way she used to try to hide them when you first saw her and how she’s been letting them try to burst out the more time passes. Those wide, sexy hips.
  61. “Hana?” You both suddenly realize how close you moved to her.
  63. You kiss her. It’s lewd, it’s hot, it’s sloppy and you accidentally put a lot of weight on Herb with one of your legs, but you completely flood your canoe from it when Laki doesn't throw you off. She even kisses back a little.
  65. “What are...” she gasps as Herb keeps working her from below. You feel his hardon poke you in the ass and feel a little guilt and regret for neglecting it. You thought you’d have a lot more chances to play with it since you started dating, and you don’t want to miss opportunities. But you’re taking a chance getting some Laki and so far, despite you being you, taking chances lately has been working.
  67. You slip your hand down her hard abs, her lower abdomen, and put a finger where Herb’s mouth is. He backs away a little as Laki instinctively raises up to give you access without thinking. You start vibrating. “Want me to stop?” She nearly falls over from the pleasure. You want to squeal in delight. You’re doing that! She continues to gasp and moan, leaning heavily on you. She tries to mumble something, but just can’t seem to get it out. You get a little worried she’s going to reject you. Did you go too far? “You didn’t answer me.”
  69. He eventually gets some control. “Don’t stop.” She sobers her lustful fog enough to say. Holy shit! Holy shit this is so happening! You really wish Herb wasn’t guarding his virginity right now, because that would make it perfect. Maybe you could convince him to start giving you two anal. But not tonight. No freaking way is that monster going in without some preparation.
  71. “Good girl” you hear yourself say, upping the speed. You had no idea you’d be the dominant one. You feel almost a little disappointed. “Now come over here and give Herb s-”
  73. She grabs your metalic hand and gives you a very scary smile. “No. I tell you what to do.”
  75. “Okay.” You gulp excitedly. You look to Herb, and he seems a little concerned. Well, his face does. His dick twitches.
  77. “If everyone isn’t comfortable, we can talk abo-”
  79. “No!” You and Laki say in unison. Your tones are very different. Yours is pleading not to stop things right now. Laki is demanding.
  81. Laki starts stroke Herb. “Unless, you want me to stop so we can talk.” She offers. Her voice has softened a lot. There’s still that tinge of smugness to it, but it’s tempered. She’s genuinely concerned.
  83. “I’m uh, I’m good.” He says, twitching slightly.
  85. Laki smiles, then turns to you. “Show me how to, I mean, how you, got him off in the closet so quickly.”
  87. Is she jealous? Does she think you’re better than her at this? You don’t hesitate while you ponder these questions. Instead, as Laki scoots Herb to his feet, you make sure to position yourself so that Laki has a good view of what you’re doing. You don’t make it too obvious, for fear of making it awkward, though.
  89. You look up into his blue shimmering eyes. He gives a nervous smile. It’s cute. It’s always been cute. But right now you want to turn that into an O-face. You want to rock his world and have Laki watch you do it. At first, you stop your hand from touching yourself in front of her. But then you think, why? She wants to see how you slut it up. What a dirty, lusty cumrag you are inside. So you grab him with your soft hand, lick up the shaft until you reach the head and get it in your mouth, and look up at Laki as you touch yourself.
  91. She looks surprised for a moment. Herb gasps and looks awkwardly between you and her. You guess he’s still a little shy and unsure. It’s adorable. You bob your head and do your best to avoid teeth. You feel a bit nervous yourself, being watched so closely. But also excited. Very, very excited. You never would have believed you’d get to be in a situation like this, where you’re with two people you feel relatively safe with. You’d have been satisfied with a life of being a wife who just got her understanding husband off and masturbated a lot in her downtime. This is...well, it’s something you’re grateful for. And you’re going to show that gratefulness by being the most enthusiastic damned cocksucker on the planet.
  93. “Jeez.” Laki mutters to herself. “Your jaw must be getting sore.”
  95. It is, but that’s okay. But you take his dick out and do your trick when that happens. You place your hand flatly at the top end of Herb’s monster and lick up and down the length of the bottom. Balls to tip. But when you find that one sensitive spot under it, you do as much as you can to concentrate on it.
  97. “Sensitive, spot, huh, Soft Hands?” Laki says.
  99. He nods. “Heh. Yeah.”
  101. Laki moves round behind Herb. She wraps her hands over his body and licks his ear, whispering something.
  103. “I don’t think Hana would like that.” He cautions.
  105. “I’ll like it.” You tell them. “Whatever it is.”
  107. Laki gives you a smug, evil look. From behind Herb, she places both hands on your head, and starts bobbing your head on his dick.
  109. Awesome! You try to look up and show your approval. Your eyes are tearing up a little from pressure on your nasal system. You never understood how sucking dick did that but it does. You don’t care. You give a noise of approval and touch yourself. It’s hard to coordinate all this at once though, and you’re forced to use the hand to steady yourself.
  111. Laki’s pulling you down a bit farther than you’re confident about, but you don’t oppose it. You want to get better. You want to be his personal relief. Laki isn’t being too forceful, either.
  113. “I’m gonna-” Herb starts blowing it. You push down hard, hoping Laki is watching. If she’s taking notes, this is the way to do it. Facials are overrated. You’re a swallower. And that’s exactly what you do, gulp after gulp. You slowly pull back, making sure it’s all done.
  115. “Wow.” He gasps. You feel warm inside.
  117. Laki seems to notice this. She looks a little jealous. It’s drowned out by a lot of other different things, but you think you see it. That’s not what you want.
  119. “May I?” You move on your knees to be under her.
  121. She laughs. “Not exactly the right hair colour I-”
  123. You start eating. It’s so unlike you. Not giving oral, that’s very like you. But imposing on others. Pushing and asking for forgiveness, instead of asking for permission. You never like imposing. You feel like enough of a burden on others as it is. But you’re diving in anyway.
  125. “Alright.” She laughs and gasps as she falls back onto the bed. “You keep on doing that.”
  126. “What should I do?” Herb asks. You can’t see him, but he sounds unsure.
  128. “You should be stuffing us with your pride until we can’t walk straight.” Laki gasps. “But until then, come here.”
  130. He goes over to her. You watch the two contrasting bodies embrace as she pulls him in for a breathy makeout session. This is so hot. She twitches as you eat her out and she embraces Herb with more passion as she gets more and more worked up. And before long, he’s already getting hard again. She stops kissing him to point it out.
  132. “I don’t...” Laki sighs. “I originally thought we’d take turns with you, Soft Hands. I didn’t know Hana would be so...good at this.”
  134. You’re ecstatic. You grab her ass and put your efforts to finding her clit. You’re going to make Laki cum so damn hard.
  136. “Oh ho ho yeah!” She runs her hands through your hair. “Oh! Ah!” Her smug tone is vanishing, and a distinctly feminine, high pitched, helpess tone is coming out. And you’re doing it. You deciding to pull out the big gun now. You keep licking at her clit, and you bring your vibrating hand up as well.
  138. She goes insane. Her body convulses so hard that you think she’s going to damage the bed. She grabs Herb’s arm with one hand and from the look on his face she might just break it. “AAH! AH! AH! AH!”
  140. It finally dies down and she leans back, giggling.
  142. “Are you okay?” Herb asks.
  144. “Yeah.” She smiles weakly. You could not feel more content with yourself on seeing how satisfied she looks. “Hana. You made a terrible mistake.”
  146. Uh oh. “W-what did I do?”
  148. “You did too well. I’m going to make you do that all the time.”
  150. Fucking awesome! “I’m...I’m okay with that...”
  152. She’s still smiling. “Maybe I’m just riding the high from the most intense orgasm of my life, but Soft Hands, are you sure you aren’t ready to go all the way? Hana earned a damn good dicking.”
  154. You almost tear up. Laki is the best. The best!
  156. “I umm...” He looks down. “I don’t know.”
  158. “It’s fine.” You tell him. “I think it’s sweet. But I think Laki should be first anyway.”
  160. Laki laughs. “We’ll figure it out when the day comes.” She’s still leaning back on the bed. You know that feeling. She probably feels like she weighs a million pounds. “Herb. Hana hasn’t gotten off yet. If you’re not going to dick her, do something else.”
  162. “Oh! Umm. Hana. What do you want me to uh...”
  164. He’s so cute. He’s such a paradox, too. Sometimes he’s the most solid, steadfast man you’ve ever seen. He takes stands on things, puts himself out there, and never flinches. In here, he’s timid, worried, reserved. You think that one day if that wall is broken down, he’ll be a sexual Tyranitar. “What do you want to do?” You being to feel very self-conscious about your body. Actually, now that you think about it, you’ve been naked for awhile, haven’t you? And you haven’t been worried about freaking them out or killing the mood. You guess having Laki there really helps. She never holds back, so you know she’s not just secretly grossed out and holding it back.
  166. “Give her a massage with a happy ending.” Laki says, raising a finger. She really does seem a little loopy right now.
  168. You and Herb exchange a look. Oh jeez. That’d really test the limits on grossing him out. He’s touched you before, but you guess you’re still not totally over it. But you want to be brave. “If you want to...”
  170. “Sure.” He grabs a bit of lotion. “Lay down. Close your eyes.”
  172. You do as he says. He seems to hesitate about where to start again. You feel the fear beginning to climb. It’s getting intense, fast. But if you’re going to do this, really do this, you’ve got to push it away. “Hold on.”
  174. You push yourself up, then detach a leg. Then the other. You feel very anxious as Herb helps move them off the bed. You could crawl to them and get them back on with some effort, but it’s still unnerving. You take off your arm now, and feel truly naked for the first time. You’re just a torso with an arm and head and some stumps. And when Herb massages you, he’ll run his hands over your weird scars.
  176. Oh fuck this was a mistake. Oh fuck what are you doing? Where do you get the nerve to make them feel sorry for you like this? You can almost hear their thoughts.
  178. “Shhh.” He kisses you on the forehead. “It’s okay. We can stop if you want.”
  180. You want to, but wouldn’t that just make it weirder for them? It’s not really your body that makes you anxious, it’s the thought of making everyone uncomfortable with the burden of being nice about it. You’d feel better if they just said out loud what a pain it was to deal with instead of make themselves that much less happy by putting on a facade that it’s not. “What? Nah, dawg.” Did you seriously just call Herb ‘dawg’? “Massage me up!”
  182. “Okay!” He smiles. You guess you put on a convincing enough act. His slightly oiled hands start on your one good arm. Oh. Hey. That’s nice. You forgot how good this was. You quickly start to relax. His magical hands do their thing, coming down to your chest. He’s still shy about touching your tits. You can feel him run along that one really big scar, but he doesn’t pretend it’s not there. Instead, he shifts the path of his fingers and traces along it. It’s a gesture that he doesn’t even know he’s making but that means the world to you. His honest curiosity about it. He’s not pretending it’s not there are getting all weird about it.
  184. You’re truly at ease now. Even when you’re flipped over and he works your back, all the concerns in the world melt away, and all you care about is how close his fingers get. Damn he’s good at this. He’s shifted it from relaxing to sexual so smoothly that even you didn’t notice it happen. His hand comes up the little bit of leg that makes up your inner thigh and find yourself pushing into it. You want it so badly.
  186. “Nice.” You hear Laki say. “Right?”
  188. “Mmm hmm.”
  190. “Herb, why don’t you...” She whispers the rest. You’re intensely curious. Your answer comes soon enough as you get gently flipped over. Laki’s hand massages your tit, playing with your nipple. Well alright. That’s good. But what really shocks you is Herb, naked, positioning himself over you. Omigosh is he going to...
  192. No. He presses his hard dick against you, and moves up. You had no idea how wet you were until you feel him pushing against you. He’s not doing it, but he’s sliding it along and dry humping your softly. Wait, is this dry humping if it’s naked? You should know this.
  194. Fuck it. You’re too turned on to care. You glance up to Laki. “I thought you weren’t really into touching me.”
  196. After what you just did? Oh no. I’m going to make you make the dumbest looking face. I was in control until you ruined it.”
  198. You can’t help but feel proud about that. But that pride runs away at the flood of hormones and lust. You wish you could just wrap legs around Herb and force him inside you. This is cruel His hot, throbbing dick rubs against you, Laki tweaks your nipples, and all you want is his load in you. Does Laki know how you feel? Judging from that wicked grin, she has to. That cruel, teasing monster! That’s so hot!
  200. She whispers into your ear. “I get you’re aching to have him inside, aren’t you.” It’s still loud enough for Herb to hear.
  202. “Y-yes.” You’re so embarrassed you want to die, but that embarrassment is making you edge on orgasm already.
  204. “Soft Hands. Come here.” She pulls his face forward. “Look in her eyes while she cums.”
  206. She’s a master. Hearing her say that is what makes you finally go over the edge. You flail your stump in confusion. You’re so used to using your vibrating arm to get off that you developed a muscle memory for it. Your other hand grabs Herb and pulls yourself up. You lift yourself off the bed and up against Herb as you grind into him like an animal. There’s a danger of slipping him inside of you with how little control you have, but you just don't care right now. It’s so good. So good you want to cry. If you had your robotic parts you’d be crushing him right now. Hell, if you had three more regular limbs you’d still be crushing him. You ride the orgasm out for all it’s worth. Thanks to years of practice getting yourself off, you’re good at that.
  208. You slowly remove your arm and fall limp onto the bed. “Are you okay?” You ask him.
  210. “Yeah. I’ll be fine.” He holds the back of his neck. You probably bruised it a little. “You?”
  212. “Better than I’ve ever been.” You say wistfully. “Thank you.” you pull yourself up and kiss him. Then after, you pull up and kiss Laki too.
  214. “Hey. Don’t get all mushy on me.” She laughs. “Come on. It’s embarrassing. You’re just riding that post orgasm high.”
  216. You fall back again. You’re too relaxed to feel self conscious.
  218. “What now?” You yawn.
  220. Laki flips Herb onto his back like it’s nothing. “Soft Hands, you’ve got a boner again.”
  222. “Oh. Yeah. Sorry.”
  224. You and Laki look at each other and laugh. His reaction was priceless. But Laki gets a bit greedy and starts working it. “You’re lucky you react so cute.” She says before taking him in her mouth. She’s not wrong. His gasp makes you want to get him off.
  226. You can’t really do much from here. You slink off the bed and get your legs and arm back on. As the post-orgasm giddiness fades you just want them back to feel safe less naked again. Once that’s done, you come up next to Laki on the bed.
  228. “Mine.” She says aggressively, but with a playful hint in her voice. She takes him back in her mouth.
  230. You back off on instinct, but then come back and she takes him out to rest her jaw for a moment. “Mine too!” you protest and take the initiative.
  232. She laughs a little again. “Don’t make me shoot you with this thing.” She aims his dick at you as she strokes it.
  234. Apparently Herb really likes the show, because he almost immediately blows his load on both of you. You both throw up your hands in surprise, laughing. When it’s all over, you’ve got a big mess.
  236. “Soft Hands!” Laki says, hold out her hands. “What are we going to do with this mess.”
  238. You lick her fingers, trying to get it all. It’s just something you do. You lick the bit off her tit, wipe some off of her face and get that too, and hum contently as you finish your own fingers. But you stop when you realize they’re both staring at you. “Heh. I umm, well it’s got to go somewhere, right?”
  240. The three of you crawl into bed. Everyone’s exhausted. You can already feel your abs and how sore they’ll be tomorrow. You still worry a bit about scaring them off tomorrow when the heat of the moment wears off, but maybe that’s just you being overly anxious. You did a lot today, and so far nothing has gone wrong.
  242. You stay up for a few hours with that thought. You’re way overdue for things to go terribly wrong. This is too perfect. Too nice. You look at his sleeping face, then Laki’s and you can’t even imagine what you’re doing in this situation with those pretty people.
  244. You sigh and roll over. You’re going to be tired tomorrow. And all your mind can bounce between is night time anxiety and watching Herb’s sleep boner stand tall under the blanket. At least, as you’re learning, you and Laki won’t have to worry about rationing that. You still worry about splitting other things, like his affections, time, and attention, but it's like an unlimited boner supply here.
  246. You sigh again. You've got problems, Hana.
  248. Laki shifts positions, putting her arm out over Herb, and yourself. You know it's not a conscious move, but it's comforting. You pull it over the both of you and cuddle in close. Maybe things will work out after all.
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