King's SCP Playground

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  1. <align="center"><b><size=20>|King's SCP Playground Server Information|</size></b>
  2. IP:
  3. ------------------------------------------
  4. We welcome the community of SCP Secret Laboratory and hope you'll enjoy the stay while making some new friends.
  5. Veteran ranks are offered to members of King's who is usually always online and plays fair.
  6. -------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. FF:<color=#FF0000> OFF</color> | SCP-914 PLUGINS:<color=#FF0000> ON</color> | LATERJOIN:<color=#FF0000> ON </color>
  8. <color=#FF0000>Join our <u><link="">Discord!</link></u> (Click on Discord to open Invite)</color>
  9. ------------------------------------------
  10. <color=#f48042><size=20>-Rules-</size></align>
  11. 1. No micspam or music over the intercom/radio/spectator/SCP chat. Staff has discretion over what is considered micspam.
  12. 2. Don't overly delay rounds. (AKA, Sit in 914 forever)
  13. 3. Don't impersonate/disrespect server staff.
  14. 4. Cheating WILL result in a permanent ban. Exploits CAN result in a permanent ban. (EX: Camping on the lights outside at Chaos spawn repeatedly after being warned/kicked multiple times will result in a ban.)
  15. 5. Don't be toxic or use racist, sexist, or homophobic slurs. Staff has discretion over what is considered toxic behavior.
  16. 6. No ghosting/telling 939 where to attack from a call. This just ruins the atmosphere of the game.
  18. <align="center"><size=20>-Custom 914 Outcomes-</size></align>
  19. -D-boys and Scientist on ROUGH in 914 has a 60% chance of death and 40% chance of becoming a zombie!
  20. -Zombies on VERY FINE in 914 has a 60% chance of death, 20% chance of becoming a D-boy and 20% chance of becoming a Scientist!
  21. -Coin on VERY FINE has a chance to become MTF Lieutenant.
  22. -Coin on ONE_TO_ONE will become a janitor's keycard.
  23. -Coin on FINE will become Zone Manager's keycard.
  24. -Coin randomly spawns on D-boys</color>
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