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  1. Visual effects for Brazen/Vantage skills and other HP dependent incombat effects to show you're now in HP range of the skills instead of having to do the math
  3. Special lines for AoE specials (a la Duo effects) and defensive specials and specials coming after proccing Vantage (or other similar skills to gain attack priority)
  5. Battle themed Concert Hall to be available to use in the AR Defense and let you choose the battle theme for your Map. However, if the opponent destroys the structure, they continue to play through the battle without any background music.
  7. I had an ATK/-DEF Lilina from launch week. Then I merged her into my Lilina try out a +SPD asset. Then I went back to an ATK asset. Functionally, she's the same, but I no longer see her at the top of my obtained list. Can we get an item to fix this, where I can ressurect a unit that was previously merged? This is my biggest mistake of all of my time playing Heroes.
  9. Can we have a way to photo or immortalize our winning team upon completion of the final map in Hall of Forms? Hall of Forms was an incredibly fun mode, best PvE mode of the game in fact, that I had to drop because I could not bear to change my team's build after I beat it. I would have continued on tinkering and merging if I could immortalize what I used to accomplish it. A screenshot of the final blast on the final stage where I could check the stats, or even a replay a la Aether Raids would suffice. Or, if you want to be cheaper, you can use the UI of AR to choose between your current team and the team that beat the map the first time around.
  11. I use Feh's present list in the home screen as a way to save orbs. When logging my current true count, I have to switch between multiple pages to add them up. A way to sum up all the items in all pages held at the present list would be fantastic.
  13. Miscellaneous suggestions:
  15. Change Chain Challenges so that beating a map allows you to gain the rewards of the lower difficulty maps and consider them complete. They're incredibly tedious to play through.
  17. Shorten the 10th Stratum emblem missions (complete with exclusive Armor team, Flier team, etc) in the Training Tower to 5 instead of 15. They're too tedious to play through over and over.
  19. Raise Aether Resort's flower harvest, 5 is barely anything and planting 2 types of flower is not at all worth it.
  21. I would like clarification that the revival banners are on permanent rotation. I haven't spent orbs in months but once I reach my target, I will be ready to spend again.
  23. Please increase the amount of bonus slots in AR and Arena
  25. Please also increase the amount of daily feathers a day. 15 feathers a day, for an entire year translates to 5475 feathers, about a quarter of a price for a single merge. I could try harder in another mode and make that in a month.
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