Nasseau - Special Delivery

Apr 22nd, 2015
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  4. Derpy Hooves was incredibly dedicated to her job. The Equestrian postal service approached religious-levels of devotion to duty and professionalism. Things like snow, rain, cold, wind, heat, sickness, tiredness could not stop the bubble mare from delivering the mail. It turns out being 11 months pregnant didn't impact her devotion one bit either.
  6. Waddling on the country road with all the gracefulness of a drunk seal, Derpy Hooves valiantly ventured forth. She had lost the gift of flight months ago. It was impossible for any pegasus to fly carrying the weight of a foal and a mailbag.
  8. She was already tired after barely a quarter of her shift. Devotion meant squat when one was carrying a heavy foal in her belly. The ditzy mare sat down on the side of the road and ate her 5 muffin of the day. The foal inside of her tummy kicked furiously, an universal sign of ''stop working so hard''. Derpy being Derpy of course simply giggled. It tickled a bit. Oh if she had her way she would spend the whole day caressing her pregnant tummy and closing her eyes. She lamented the fact that soon, the foal would be out and she wouldn't be able to do that anymore. It was about to happen soon anyway, a week at most. Already she could feel her tummy tightening periodically. This was her last day of work before the birth, but she needed to see it through.
  10. Filled with vigor, courage and muffins and her tiredness tended to, Derpy clumsily got on her hooves and picked up her mail bag, continuing her road.
  12. She had gone two mailbox further down the road when her tummy tightened even stronger than before, so much that she was taken by surprise. She let out a little gasp and grabbed the mailbox for support, temporarly phased out by the force of the contraction. It was then that Derpy made a staggering realization, she wouldn't give birth in a week, she would give birth in one day at best.
  14. She tried to reassure herself ''Heh... I can hold her in... there's not that much work left to do. Come on Derpy... just another 103 mailboxes... unf...''
  16. As if some greater force wanted to demoralize her and make her job even harder, another contraction, the strongest one so far, rolled over her belly. Derpy stopped right in her tracks and moaned from sheer pain and surprise. She felt the baby kick, it's head pressing against her cervix. Hurrying was criticial: a few more contractions like these and her cervix would be dilated completely, her water would break and the foal would engage in her birth canal.
  18. Time was of the essence now. She probably wouldn't even be able to make it to the hospital. She could ditch her bag and try to run as fast as she could back home... but then she would probably lose her job thanks to gross unprofessionalism. Besides, Derpy wasn't one to abandon her duty, and if she did, all those poor ponies wouldn't have their mail!
  20. Sweat rolled down the bubbly pregnant's mare face. She had one choice, soldier on, hold the baby in as long as she can and hope she could arrive to Ponyville quick enough.
  22. She only managed 5 mailboxes before the inveitable happened. Another contraction came and Derpy found herself bearing down, desperate for something that would soothe the discomfort.
  24. This proved to be her undoing when the pressure from the contraction, combined with the pressure from her foal's head, tore open her bag of water. Derpy felt a little something give inside her, a little pop that was more felt than heard. Water trickled out of her rump, and for a second she thought she had peed herself, until the horrifying truth dawned on her.
  26. ''Oh... oh no muffin! Please don't come out now!'' she begged to her baby.
  28. Her best bet now was to keep walking with determination. She clenced her rump and tried to keep her legs closed as long as she could, like a pony doing a potty dance. The sheer desperation made her cry with fear, pain and humiliation, but she was a though mare and she would see this through.
  30. With contractions stronger by the minute, the rate at which her cervix dilated increased exponentially. Already it was fully dilated. The head now slid down slightly into her birth canal, and Derpy froze, as if someone had poured a bucket of ice cold water in her veins. This couldn't be happening! Labor was coming too fast.
  32. The poor muffin mare gritted her teeth and did her best not to push, hoping she could keep the foal inside just... a... little... longer.
  34. An almighty contraction came, taking Derpy by surprise. For a split second, her determination was overwhelmed by her primal, desperate urge to push. She bore down, and gasped in horror as she felt the foal slide further out of her, feeling it slowly overcome the resistance of her vagina. Another push like this and the foal would crown.
  36. Poor Derpy Hooves felt like crying from the sheer injustice and pain of it all. There was no use anymore. She could barely walk anymore.
  38. ''Can... can somepony help me!?'' she shouted as loud as she could. Silence was her only answer. She was truly alone in her moment of need. Maternal instincts overcame professionalism and she ditched her bag of letters. The hardest part was yet ot come for her. She decided to lie down in a comfortable position, against a tree on the side of the road, and she spread her legs as wide as she could, the foal's legs were already peeking out of her labia.
  40. Derpy bore down as hard as she could, sweat rolling down her forehead. She panted and moaned in a desperate attempt to do something about the pain. The foal engaged in her vagina squirmed and kicked madly. ''At least he's healthy'' tought Derpy. Yet despite all her efforts, the enormous baby could not overcome the resistance of her flesh. What little centimeters the baby gained every time she pushed would be all for nought as she felt it retreat inside her.
  42. ''OW OW OW OW! Muffin! You... you're hurting mommy!'' she shouted. An horrifying thought came to her: what if she was too tight to push the baby out? What if the baby was too big for her vagina to push through? The baby would die between her legs before it even had a chance to live, and Derpy would die too! The muffin mare did her best to chase these dark thoughts from her mind. She had already given birth before to her unicorn daughter, she could do it again.
  44. With force borne out of desperation and unconditional maternal love, Derpy gave the strongest push of her life. Her efforts paid off, as the forelegs fully came out, then the head followed as well. The sudden feeling of the baby stretching her vulva open gave her so much pain that she opened her mouth and eyes as wide as she could, desperate to scream, yet nothing came out of her mouth. It took her only 5 seconds to come back to her sense, but those 5 seconds had been an eternity of pain for the poor labouring mare. This was the final lap of the race. She bore down one last time, freeing the shoulders of the foal. The little one was now free and slid out of its mother's body, feeling for the first time in his life the crisp cold air and the warm sun of the outside world.
  46. Derpy gave a moan of relief, then felt pure, undescribable joy as the cries of the baby reached her ears. She struggled to rise up despite her wobbling hooves and admired the baby she just birthed. A pegasus colt. With her muzzle, she gently coaxed it into walking upright, taking its first steps. The baby, still attached to his mother by the umbilical cord, instinctively reached out for his mothers crotchboobs to take its first meal.
  48. Derpy's teats had been sore and filled with milk for the past months. It was pure relief to finally feel the little foal's lips on her nipple, sucking and draining all the precious white liquid from inside her breasts.
  50. All her celebration however was cut short by a startling discovery. Her belly was still large and hard to the touch, and most importantly, there was something hard in there, something kicking and churning. There was another one in her tummy, and from instinct she knew this one would be much bigger than his brother. She sighed, resigned to her fate, and took back her birthing position, spreading her legs as wide as she could and pushing as hard as possible to free the little brother from her belly...
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