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  1. Zogmugot, Lady Lastbreath
  2. CE Goblin Hero-Goddess of Drowning, Flotsam, and Scavenging
  3. Domains: Chaos, Evil, Trickery, Water
  4. Subdomains: Demon, Flotsam, Thievery, Oceans
  5. Favored Weapon: Sickle
  6. Symbol: A seaweed-draped, dripping treasure chest
  7. Sacred Animal: Crab
  8. Sacred Colors: Blue, Brown
  9. Centers of Worship: Varisia, River Kingdoms, The Shackles, Mediogalti Island, The Sodden Lands
  10. Ethnicity: Goblin
  12. OBEDIENCE: Swim until you can't see land or until you are at the deepest point of the largest body of water you can find. Hold your breath underwater until you nearly fall unconscious. Gain a +4 profane bonus to swim checks and to fortitude saves made to hold your breath.
  13. ______________________________
  17. 1.I Make Anything!(Sp): Crafter's Fortune 3/day, Make Whole 2/day, Discovery Torch 1/day
  19. 2.My Traps Clever!(Ex): By using salvaged materials and clever tinkering you can create magical or mundane traps for only 1/4th the normal cost.
  21. 3.I Build Ship!(Sp): 1/day, you can cast Salvage as a spell-like ability.
  25. 1.I Control Water!(Sp): Air Bubble 3/day, Acute Senses 2/day, Hydraulic Torrent 1/day
  27. 2.Zogmugot Blesses Me!(Ex): You gain a +8 luck bonus to swim checks and perception checks to spot secrets and find valuables. In addition, you are treated as though affected by True Seeing for the purpose of discovering valuables and treasure only.
  29. 3.You Will Drown!(Su): Like Lady Lastbreath herself, you can summon up the sea directly into the lungs of your foes to drown them. As a standard action you can summon salty water into the lungs of a single target within 30ft. If the target can't breathe water, it's unable to hold it's breath and immediately begins to drown. At the start of it's next turn, the target must succeed at a Fortitude Save (DC 10+ half your HD+ your Wis modifier) to cough up the water or it falls unconscious and is brought to 0 hit points. On the next round, the target must save successfully again or drop to -1 hit point and start dying. On the third round it must save successfully again or die. This ability can affect outsiders, even though they normally do not have to breath. (At the GM's discretion, some outsiders may still be immune, such as those with swim speeds or aquatic natures.)
  33. 1.My Luck Is Mine!(Sp): Desperate Weapon 3/day, Create Treasure Map 2/day, Borrow Fortune 1/day
  35. 2.Everything Is Weapon!(Su): You gain the benefits of Gloves of Improvised Might with a +3 bonus as if you were always wearing a pair. If you have 16HD, this bonus increases to +5. The enhancement bonus granted by this ability is instead a Profane bonus.
  37. 3.Zogmugot Fights With Me!(Su): Zogmugot is impressed with your ability to make anything you get your hands on into a deadly tool and often takes to your side, filling your 'weapons' with her power. You gain the Magus' Arcane Pool ability treating your HD as your class level, but it can only be used to grant bonuses and properties to Improvised Weapons. Use your Charisma modifier instead of your Intelligence modifier for determining the size of your arcane pool. This ability does not stack with the Arcane Pool feature from the Magus Class itself.
  38. ______________________________
  41. Antipaladins of Zogmugot are creative, resourceful, and swift to changes of mood. They can turn anything into a weapon and especially delight in the acts of drowning. They're cruel treasure hunters going to any length to acquire their next big haul.
  42. The Antipaladin Code of Zogmugot contains the following adages.
  43.  - Gold and riches will be mine! I will allow nothing to keep me from treasure's glint.
  44.  - My crafts are dangerous, the best at killing! Everything I carry is useful somehow.
  45.  - The ocean holds the greatest secrets and treasures. I will ply the waterways of the world on my journey to collect treasure. None will be safe from my piracy and my thievery, not even my allies.
  46.  - Zogmugot is the best at swimming! Like her, I will let no goblin or longshank outswim me!
  49. Regarded as the most clever and observant of the barghest hero-gods, Zogmugot is also the easiest to distract. A scrounger at heart, she knows how to make any broken object useful (or even better, deadly) again. She is insatiably greedy and scavenges wealth from the most inhospitable of places.
  51. A traveler of the seas of the planes, Zogmugot scavenges wealth from even the most inhospitable places. She frequently scavenges shipwrecks, but usually her drive to find any scrap of wealth or useable junk leads to the deaths of any minions not as adept at swimming as the immortal barghest. She thinks of the ability to swim and hold one's breath as a virtue and typically punishes insubordination with drowning.
  53. As capricious as she is inventive, Zogmugot is frequently distracted by wealth and salvage. Though she answers prayers as often as any of the four, her blessings are inconsistent and fade frequently once her attention wanes. She rewards those who need her the least, showering luck and inspiration to those whom don't require her constantly looking after them.
  55. Zogmugot is regarded as the ugliest of the four. In her worg form she appears thin, malnourished, and her fur is perpetually matted with water. In barghest form she is scraggly, with her hair balding in patches and pockmarkings on her open skin. In goblinoid form she is lanky, blue-skinned, and with a rough-textured face reminescant of a crab's shell.
  56. Her favor is shown through finding 'treasures' on the beachside and her disfavor is shown through the glint of nonexistant treasures luring goblins into precarious situations.
  59. Followers of Zogmugot are scavengers first, inventors second, and sailors last. Taking well to lives of piracy or engineering, followers of Lady Lastbreath are capricious, independent, and try to find their own solutions to problems.
  60. Goblins think of Zogmugot as a patron of seafaring and scavenging, believing her to watch over their brave efforts of piracy and sprinkling flotsam into the waters or washing treasure to the shore for them to find. Every shiny bottle in a trash heap is a sign of her favor.
  61. Hobgoblins think of Zogmugot as a patron of engineering and alchemy, typically looking to her when in need of inspiration.
  62. Bugbears that follow her do so in veneration of her aspects of drowning to use as a means of murder.
  65. Temples to Zogmugot are often slapdash and ramshackle. A large hut upon a long pier over the water is common for goblin villages, while hobgoblins tend to make their temples into sturdy laboratories instead. Most goblinoids would think it idiotic not to bring a shrine to Zogmugot upon a seafaring vessel and often reserve an entire cabin for such a purpose. Shrines otherwise can be found in caverns or rooms that require underwater traversal to reach. These shrines are often little more than piles of junk and sewaeed surrounding the worshipper's collected treasure.
  68. As the closest thing to a patron of invention and creativity, her followers tend to be highly creative and most tribes have at least one member who pays her homage by creating tools, weapons, or clever deathtraps. They are capricious and often greedy, obsessively seeking material wealth to hoard and hide away. Priests of Zogmugot maintain keen eyes to spot treasure, salvage, and secrets and take it as a source of pride to be able to turn anything they find into something useful or dangerous.
  69. Priests of Zogmugot are also expected to ask Lady Lastbreath to help goblins on the water and to this end are often skilled sailors and naval navigators. It is common practice to give up treasure into the water in the hopes that Zogmugot will keep the waves calm for the voyage, though her capriciousness typically means one should bring a lot of treasure to keep her attention.
  70. Zogmugot's followers are especially skillful at swimming and practice the ability to hold their breath at any opportunity, all too aware that Lady Lastbreath's pranks frequently involve the risk of drowning.
  73. Faithful of Zogmugot take to adventure like a fish takes to water. Just as all goblins are naturally adventurous, her followers can easily walk (or swim) such a path of wandering. Adventurers of Zogmugot think of life as one great treasure hunt, moving from place to place in search of riches, plunder, and junk to collect and make their own. Most goblinoids are welcoming to a follower of Zogmugot as their creations bring astoundment and wonder to their lives. They're also quite useful on occassion too!
  74. Adventurous followers of Lady Lastbreath prefer travelling by water and boat, positing that treasure is most often found on the shore, in flotsam, or on other people's ships.
  77. Attire of Zogmugot's faithful is typically cobbled together in whatever fashion is aesthetically or practically pleasing to the individual. Outfits with a great deal of pockets and space for carrying scavenged goods are preferred when on land. When at sea or in the water, Zogmugot's followers prefer to dress lightly, often aschewing shirts or shoes to feel the sun at their back and the water caress their skin.
  80. As a goblinoid faith, Zogmugot has no traditional holy writings. Hobgoblins would think of such a thing as a waste of time, while goblins are superstitious of writing. Instead Zogmugot's faith is an oral tradition taught through a series of shanties and songs.
  82. Sea Songs! - This collection of bardic tales and sea shanties sing praises to Lady Lastbreath andspeak of her gifts to goblinkind, but usually they pertain to matters of piracy and how goblins are good at it instead. Faithful of Zogmugot believe that a goblin holding their head under the waves can learn the words as the water crashes around them.
  85. Often eager to show off their creativity, followersw of Zogmugot will organize tribes frequently to show off this or that invention to (hopefully) recieve accolades and appreciation.
  87. Boat Day - For coastal and seafaring tribes, it is an auspicious occassion when a  great vessel is captured or constructed. The day before the boat is set to launch, the goblins dance and cavort into the night, eating and playing creative games.
  90. Goblinoids that follow Zogmugot are often capricious and have a lot to say as their opinions frequently change with the world and it's actions.
  92. Do It Yourself! - Just as Zogmugot rewards those who find their own solutions to problems, her faithful have little tolerance for those goblinoids that are completely and hopelessly lost without their guidance. It's a sink or swim world and if you can't do things for yourself, you're not worth the effort to help.
  94. Making Scrabbles! - Natural tinkerers, inventors, and scroungers, goblins refer to the act of invention and toolmaking as 'scrabbling'. It is commonly advised not to distract a Zogmugot worshipper when they're "Making Scrabbles" as they could wholly forget what their project was meant to be and no one will get to find out what fun or use the object could have produced.
  97. Though loyal to Lamashtu, Zogmugot rarely thinks to aid the Mother of Monsters in any direct way. She doesn't get along very well with the other barghest hero-gods, a fact that suits her just fine as she can justify stealing from them frequently. She despises Venkelvore whom she thinks of as whorish and full of herself. She rarely interacts with Zarongel whom would prefer to avoid her for her aspects of water. She loathes Hadregash whom makes it no secret how disgusted he is to look at her scraggly form.
  98. Gozreh seems impartial to her existance and she largely leaves the nature god alone. She holds a strange companionship with Hanspur, however, and thinks of the River Rat as a fellow on the waterways.
  99. In particular, Zogmugot has a tenuous relationship with the Nascent Demon Lord Ovonovo. On the one hand, Ovonovo's predeliction to create and thrive in shipwrecks is of use to Zogmugot, but the Gluttontide's proclivity to attack and destroy Zogmugot's own ships leaves her wary of the Nascant Demon Lord.
  101. REALM
  102. Within the blasted realm of Basalfeyst is a massive lagoon of salty ocean water known as the "Drowning Sea". In the center of this lagoon is an island said to be made entirely of stuck together trash and gold. Ships and vessels launched from the aptly named "Isle of the Last Breath" are said to be able to travel to any waterway in the multiverse, but getting back is a much harder proposition. Zogmugot frequently uses this planar waterway to travel the seas of existance, plying them in piracy and treasure-hunting.
  105. Zogmugot is served by barghests and fiendish grindylows within her realm. Her crew is otherwise comprised of goblin petitioners eager to follow their patron across the seas.
  107. Artadroord (Unique Greater Barghest) - Zogmugot's first mate and the closest thing she has to a herald, Artadroord is a strange amalgamation of barghest and crab with thick chitin in place of fur and a giant crab's claw replacing one arm. It's said that Artadroord can spot valuables through any material, no matter how clouded or dense it may be. Some goblins rumour that Artadroord is Zogmugot's son, but Zogmugot drowns any who dare speak such a thing aloud.
  108. Artadroord prefers offerings of live crabs and treasure.
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