Spurred to Separation Event Story Complete (Parts 1-16)

Jun 16th, 2018
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  1. Part 1:
  3. Momoko: Phew... that should be all the familiars around here cleaned up now.
  4. Momoko: But, how complex is this-...
  5. Momoko: Waaaah?!
  6. Momoko: Damn...! There're still familiars left...
  7. Momoko: Huh...?
  8. Momoko: You're...! A magical girl?!
  10. ???: That's right. I'm...
  12. Part 2:
  14. Yachiyo: Sigh... it's a problem big enough to make my head hurt.
  15. Mifuyu: It certainly is... it's a good thing that she didn't take any damage from the witch, but...
  17. (One year before Iroha arrived... order was kept in Kamihama City due to three magical girls.)
  18. (The first one... the peacekeeper of the East side who dealt with the magical girls living in the Daitou and Artisan Wards...)
  19. (Izumi Kanagi.)
  21. Eastside Magical Girl: ...Kanagi-san.
  22. Kanagi: ――?! Kanagi: Are you okay?!
  23. Kanagi: Those injuries look terrible... Could it have been... one of those Westsiders...?!
  24. Eastside Magical Girl: ...No, that wasn't it.
  25. Eastside Magical Girl: I'm very sorry to bother you at this time, but it's a dispute with another Eastside magical girl...
  26. Kanagi: ...Please give me all the details.
  27. Eastside Magical Girl: A neighboring team was about to go after a witch that appeared in our territory.
  28. Eastside Magical Girl: So then it turned into a dispute... may I respectfully ask you to mediate this?
  29. Kanagi: So that's what happened... be that so, then I shall lend you my power.
  30. Eastside Magical Girl: Thank you very much!
  32. (The second one... the peacekeeper of the West side who dealt with the magical girls living in the Mizuna, Sankyou, Shinsei and Sakae Wards...)
  33. (Nanami Yachiyo.)
  35. Westside Magical Girl: A-are you sure?!
  36. Yachiyo: Yes, our team has plenty of grief seeds stocked.
  37. Yachiyo: You don't have enough over there, do you?
  38. Westside Magical Girl: We don't... We're at the point where we're worrying about whether we should head all the way out to the Central Ward or not.
  39. Yachiyo: Then all the more reason...
  40. Yachiyo: Today you can also hunt witches in our territory if you like.
  41. Westside Magical Girl: Thank you very much!
  43. (And the last one... yet another peacekeeper who resided on the West side.)
  44. (Azusa Mifuyu.)
  46. Hinano: I may go to school in Minagi, but I'm a magical girl of the Central Ward.
  47. Mifuyu: Yes, I know.
  48. Hinano: Recently I've been seeing more magical girls from both the Westside and the Eastside appearing in the Central Ward.
  49. Hinano: ...the circumstances are how they are. I've warned the magical girls of the Central Ward as well.
  50. Hinano: I want you to promptly rein your side in, too.
  51. Mifuyu: Absolutely.
  52. Mifuyu: We have a pact between the West and the East.
  53. Mifuyu: We respect the territory of the Central Ward's magical girls.
  54. Mifuyu: We don't intend to break that promise.
  55. Hinano: ...I'll choose to believe those words.
  57. (When hunting witches, the Westside and the Eastside's community systems weren't just to complement each other's fighting styles and cover deficiencies.)
  58. (When grief seed supplies were low due to a decrease in witches, it was also a system that aimed to allow them to share witches in each other's territories.)
  59. (By doing this, the magical girls avoided unnecessary conflicts with each other and prevented causing injuries to each other.)
  60. (But... for Kamihama City, which had fallen into a severe witch shortage, this system was not able to be maintained, and the behind-the-scenes antagonism between the Westside and the Eastside was coming to a head.)
  62. Mifuyu: There's a problem in the Central Ward, too.
  63. Yachiyo: I understand their feelings. I'd like to win over the Central Ward to our side, too.
  64. Yachiyo: If we expand our territory, that means more grief seeds could be traded between us.
  65. Mifuyu: But...
  66. Mifuyu: "You both must respect the territory of the Central Ward magical girls as much as possible."
  67. Mifuyu: We must adhere to that pact.
  68. Yachiyo: I understand that, too...
  69. Yachiyo: I just thought, too, while we have their trust...
  71. (At that time, the Central Ward was not subject to either the Eastside or Westside's systems of cooperation.)
  72. (The Central Ward, which bordered each of the cooperation systems, became a neutral zone for the Eastside and Westside.)
  73. (In exchange for not following either system, each magical girl was guaranteed their own territory.)
  74. (But...)
  75. (Due to the witch shortage, securing grief seeds became more difficult, and magical girls from both the Eastside and the Westside began zeroing in on the Central Ward.)
  77. Central Ward Magical Girl: Thank you very much for helping me.
  78. Westside Magical Girl: It's fine, it's fine, don't worry about it! We helped each other, anyway.
  79. Westside Magical Girl: ...Ah, right! Can I come back again?
  80. Central Ward Magical Girl: Huh?
  81. Westside Magical Girl: Since I was happy that we got to fight together, I just thought it'd be nice if we could work together again.
  82. Central Ward Magical Girl: S-sure...!
  84. (There were girls who increased their grief seed supply by gaining goodwill with the Central Ward magical girls through cooperation...)
  86. Central Ward Magical Girl: T-this is my territory...!
  87. Eastside Magical Girl: Huh?! Don't think you can claim territory when you're not even strong enough to defend it!
  88. Central Ward Magical Girl: N-no way... but there's a pact!
  89. Eastside Magical Girl: ...Ahhh, so like... that's what I've been saying.
  90. Eastside Magical Girl: This area isn't anyone's territory, so it's not a violation of the pact.
  91. Central Ward Magical Girl: H-how mean! This has always been my territory, too...!
  92. Eastside Magical Girl: Quit whining! Just fucking go somewhere else!
  93. Central Ward Magical Girl: ...Uuu...
  95. (There were girls who increased their grief seed supply by coercing the Central Ward magical girls without any power out of their territory...)
  96. (They each had their own methods, but without the peacemakers of the cooperation systems knowing, magical girls who violated the neutral zone began to come in.)
  98. Yachiyo: I haven't heard anything about the Westside and Eastside clashing directly yet, but...
  99. Mifuyu: It might just be a matter of time...
  100. Yachiyo: Central Ward magical girls are losing their territory.
  101. Yachiyo: I sent Momoko and the others to confirm if there are locations that have been left void.
  102. Mifuyu: It's very probable that Eastside magical girls have been going there, too.
  103. Yachiyo: Yes, now's the time we should try and strike a bargain.
  104. Mifuyu: Yes, since we're all magical girls, we should be helping each other out, but...
  105. Yachiyo: It's complicated, isn't it.
  106. Yachiyo: Even if we may be able to get along as individuals, getting the Westside and the Eastside to become friendly...
  107. Yachiyo: That's a whole other conversation.
  108. Mifuyu: ......
  109. Mifuyu: ...Ah, what about trying to contact Kanagi-san?
  110. Yachiyo: Kanagi?
  111. Mifuyu: Since it's a matter of territory, going through the Eastside's peacekeeper would be logical.
  112. Yachiyo: ......Well, that's true.
  113. Mifuyu: And even though she is a quirky person, she does have reliable character.
  114. Yachiyo: ...True.
  115. Mifuyu: ...Could it be that you still hold a grudge from what happened the last time you met?
  116. Yachiyo: ...That's not true at all, though?
  117. Mifuyu: Fufu, Yacchan, you really hold grudges about weird things.
  118. Yachiyo: That's...!
  119. Momoko: Yachiyo-san...! Mifuyu-san!
  120. Mifuyu: Momoko-san?!
  121. Yachiyo: Those injuries...! What happened?!
  122. Yachiyo: ...No, first, sit down. I'll bring you some water.
  123. Yachiyo: Mifuyu, you take care of Momoko. We'll talk later.
  124. Mifuyu: O-okay...!
  126. ------
  128. Yachiyo: You were attacked by an Eastside magical girl while inside a witch's labyrinth in the Central Ward, huh...
  129. Yachiyo: Are you completely sure?
  130. Momoko: I'm sure. She said it herself.
  132. ???: That's right. I'm...
  133. ???: ...a magical girl from a ward that's against yours.
  135. Momoko: That's what she said!
  136. Yachiyo: Just to confirm...
  137. Yachiyo: The Central Ward magical girl who was supposed to be in that territory wasn't there, right?
  138. Momoko: Of course! I got involved since nobody was there.
  139. Momoko: I hesitated a little bit, but I wasn't about to let the witch get away.
  140. Mifuyu: This is also just to be sure, but was anyone there before you?
  141. Momoko: I don't think so. If they were, I would have left it to them.
  142. Yachiyo: ...Momoko didn't really do anything wrong.
  143. Mifuyu: Yes, if the Central Ward magical girl isn't in her territory, then it isn't against the pact. She can hunt witches at her own leisure.
  144. Yachiyo: ......
  145. Mifuyu: ......
  146. Mifuyu: ...Yacchan.
  147. Yachiyo: Yes... it's finally begun.
  148. Yachiyo: Momoko, did you tell this to anyone else?
  149. Momoko: No, just the two of you. I haven't told Rena or Kaede, either.
  150. Momoko:'s not like I want to aggravate things either.
  151. Momoko: Same with you two, right?
  152. Yachiyo: Sorry about this...
  153. Momoko: Please don't be so reserved. We're teammates, aren't we?
  154. Momoko: But saying that, it's good that I was the one who got attacked.
  155. Momoko: Since it's Yachiyo-san and Mifuyu-san, this should still be able to be settled in a good way, right?
  156. Mifuyu: ...Yes, that's our intention.
  158. Mifuyu: Yacchan...
  159. Mifuyu: Before this incident spreads, shall we try to settle it for the better?
  160. Mifuyu: In the worst case, either side could use this as a reason to start a big conflict...
  161. Yachiyo: ......
  162. Yachiyo: Before we start imagining the worst case, let's do what we can do.
  163. Mifuyu: Having a conversation with Kanagi-san, right?
  164. Yachiyo: Yes, and... you could call this a chance, too, in a way.
  165. Yachiyo: We've got a just cause. That could prove advatangeous to us in negotiations.
  166. Mifuyu: ......
  167. Yachiyo: Mifuyu, I'm going to steel myself for the worst. You should, too...
  168. Mifuyu: ...Okay. I'll be ready for anything, as well.
  170. ------
  172. Part 3:
  174. Yachiyo: Oh, you came here properly and didn't run away, did you?
  175. Kanagi: That's quite an attitude from the group that called me out here.
  176. Yachiyo: Seems you're being quite unpleasant as well.
  177. Yachiyo: Are you angry that things aren't going the way you want them to?
  178. Kanagi: What? I can say the exact same to you.
  179. Kanagi: Things aren't going the way you want to, either, and that's why you contacted me, isn't it?
  180. Mifuyu: Now now, we've gathered here to have a discussion with each other, so let's leave that here.
  181. Mifuyu: First of all, Kanagi-san.
  182. Mifuyu: Thank you for answering our request to meet.
  183. Kanagi: I am the Eastside's peacekeeper, after all. I have to think of the interests of the entire Eastside.
  184. Kanagi: I must clearly take responsibility for this.
  185. Mifuyu: Yes.
  186. Kanagi: So then, how shall I pay back this debt?
  187. Kanagi: I assume it won't be settled with an apology.
  188. Mifuyu: That's right.
  189. Mifuyu: The reasonable thing would be... an offering of grief seeds.
  190. Mifuyu: ...and also negotiating rights to the area known as the Central Ward, I would say?
  191. Kanagi: Ho ho, now this is getting big.
  192. Kanagi: Your side seems to think they can afford to ask for quite a lot.
  193. Yachiyo: That's right. At the very least, unlike your side...
  194. Yachiyo: ...we aren't desperate enough to start attacking magical girls from the opposing side in neutral territory.
  195. Kanagi: Wait. What do you mean by that?
  196. Yachiyo: What, you say...?
  197. Yachiyo: Momoko was attacked by an Eastside magical girl while in a witch's barrier in the Central Ward.
  198. Mifuyu: That incident was also a reason that we arranged this...
  199. Yachiyo: Perhaps you didn't know that?
  200. Yachiyo: I wonder if there was some incompetent supervision at work there.
  201. Kanagi: ......
  202. Kanagi: One of our magical girls was also attacked by a Westside magical girl.
  203. Yachiyo: Wha-?!
  204. Mifuyu: Huh?!
  205. Kanagi: ...By the looks on your faces, I'll assume that you didn't know that either.
  206. Kanagi: I wonder who exactly has the incompetent supervision?
  207. Yachiyo: I don't think that's something you should be saying.
  208. Kanagi: You either, right?
  209. Mifuyu: The two of you, please calm down.
  210. Mifuyu: Now that we've advanced the conversation to the point where we know about these attacks...
  211. Mifuyu: Let's take a moment to get things straight.
  213. ------
  215. Mifuyu: I see... so they were both attacks that happened in a witch's barrier in the Central Ward.
  216. Mifuyu: And the attacker called herself a magical girl of the Westside, right?
  217. Kanagi: Yes, that's what I was told.
  218. Yachiyo: It's the same as us. The magical girl that attacked Momoko also called herself...
  219. Yachiyo: "A magical girl from a ward that's against yours."
  220. Kanagi: ...The circumstances are incredibly similar.
  221. Yachiyo: If you doubt we're telling the truth, you can confirm it for yourself.
  222. Kanagi: Ohh?
  223. Yachiyo: We'll allow you to use your powers to read our hearts.
  224. Yachiyo: If it's necessary, I'll call Momoko here, too.
  225. Kanagi: I see, that's a good idea.
  227. ------
  229. Yachiyo: With that, you have proof, right?
  230. Kanagi: Yes, the two of you aren't lying.
  231. Kanagi: It's true that Togame was attacked by an unknown magical girl.
  232. Mifuyu: That you understand that is what's important.
  233. Yachiyo: So, how are you going to prove your story to us?
  234. Kanagi: Wh-?
  235. Yachiyo: Unlike you, we can't read your heart or anything.
  236. Yachiyo: How will you prove to us that the attack on your side actually happened?
  237. Kanagi: ...That's...
  238. Kanagi: ......
  239. Kanagi: ...I've been honest.
  240. Kanagi: That's the proof.
  241. Yachiyo: What is that supposed to mean?
  242. Kanagi: I could have just faked what I read in your hearts.
  243. Kanagi: Like "I read your hearts, and I know you're lying," or something.
  244. Kanagi: But I didn't do that.
  245. Yachiyo: ...You're saying that us believing you is connected to you believing us?
  246. Kanagi: Yes.
  247. Yachiyo: ...Mifuyu.
  248. Mifuyu: ...I think we can believe her.
  249. Yachiyo: ...All right, I wasn't planning on trying to take it that far anyway.
  250. Yachiyo: Fine, we believe you, Kanagi.
  251. Kanagi: ...Now we can continue with the discussion.
  252. Mifuyu: Yes, so we have a situation here that neither side fully understands.
  253. Mifuyu: If possible, I'd like to find a way to cooperate to...
  254. Momoko: Yachiyo-san! Mifuyu-san! There's a problem!
  255. Yachiyo: What is it? We were just about to reach a conclusion to this discussion.
  256. Momoko: ...Maybe I shouldn't have shouted that so loud.
  257. Mifuyu: It's an emergency, right? Kanagi-san, I apologize for this, but...
  258. Kanagi: ...Don't make me wait too long.
  259. Mifuyu: I'm very sorry.
  260. Momoko: More of our magical girls were attacked!
  261. Yachiyo: What?!
  262. Momoko: A team of magical girls were attacked in their territory in Sankyou Ward.
  263. Momoko: It's caused a bit of an uproar.
  264. Mifuyu: Oh no... can we get persuade them not to spread the story?
  265. Momoko: ...It's difficult.
  266. Momoko: It seems the story's already spread throughout the magical girls of Sankyou Ward.
  267. Momoko: Tsuruno's over in Sankyou Ward, but I'm not sure if she'll be able to stop things...
  268. Momoko: But, if it's someone like Yachiyo-san saying it, they may actually listen to you...
  269. Yachiyo: ...I'll go. Mifuyu, continue the discussion.
  270. Mifuyu: Understood.
  271. Yachiyo: Kanagi, it's rude of me, but...
  272. Kanagi: This is the end of the discussion.
  273. Yachiyo: Huh?!
  274. Kanagi: I just received word that another attack from the Westside has come.
  275. Mifuyu: ...I can tell you that it wasn't on our instruction.
  276. Kanagi: I know that, since I read your hearts before.
  277. Kanagi: But that's why I've concluded that this discussion is pointless.
  278. Yachiyo: What is this about?
  279. Kanagi: I don't think we can reach a conclusion when I'm negotiating with people who don't know what their side's magical girls are up to.
  280. Kanagi: Time is precious, so I'm going to have to leave it here.
  281. Mifuyu: P-please wait a moment!
  282. Yachiyo: ...It's no use. When she gets like that, she's not going to listen anymore.
  283. Yachiyo: Let's go to the Sankyou Ward and try to stop the situation from growing any worse.
  284. Mifuyu: ...Okay.
  286. -------
  288. Part 4:
  290. Westside Magical Girl 1: Yachiyo-san! Let us Westside girls enter the Central Ward, too!
  291. Westside Magical Girl 1: It's because we've been obedient that those Eastsiders have gone too far.
  292. Westside Magical Girl 2: If we don't give them a little taste of their own medicine, they won't learn!
  293. Westside Magical Girl 3: And besides, if we hand over the Central Ward to those girls who rampage through it doing whatever they wanted...
  294. Westside Magical Girl 3: ...wouldn't you feel bad for the Central Ward girls?
  295. Westside Magical Girl 3: Even now there are girls who are being oppressed.
  296. Westside Magical Girl 3: And also the girls who are being forced from their own territory!
  297. Mifuyu: ...Yes, we certainly can't forgive the invasion of territory.
  298. Westside Magical Girl 3: So then...!
  299. Yachiyo: But why do you girls know so much about this?
  300. Westside Magical Girl 2: Huh?
  301. Yachiyo: Have you been going to the Central Ward yourselves?
  302. Westside Magical Girl 1: ...Well, that's...
  303. Westside Magical Girl 3: My friend lives there, so...
  304. Westside Magical Girl 3: In the beginning, I thought we would just be on good terms and split up the witches, but...
  305. Westside Magical Girl 3: Now it's different...
  306. Westside Magical Girl 3: That girl doesn't have much experience, and she's not very strong, so I figured we need to protect her...
  307. Westside Magical Girl 1: A-and we're not exploiting them like those Eastsiders are!
  308. Westside Magical Girl 2: Sometimes she fights with us, too, so that girl is practically our ally already!
  309. Yachiyo: Allying with magical girls of the Central Ward...
  310. Yachiyo: ...strictly speaking, that's also a violation of the pact that the Westside and the Westside agreed to.
  311. Westside Magical Girl 1: ...That's...
  312. Westside Magical Girl 3: I was the one who originally did it, so I'll take the punishment.
  313. Yachiyo: ......
  314. Mifuyu: If you can promise to avoid making a further uproar about this...
  315. Mifuyu: Then we can close this matter here.
  316. Westside Magical Girl 3: ...Huh?
  317. Mifuyu: But I want the three of you to think hard on your actions.
  318. Mifuyu: And what happened as the result of those actions.
  319. Westside Magical Girl 3: ...Yes, I'm sorry.
  321. ------
  323. Momoko: I'm glad that things got settled somehow yesterday...
  324. Yachiyo: Yes, it's not like I didn't understand the feelings of those girls, though.
  325. Yachiyo: Wanting to help your friends if they're in trouble is a normal thing...
  326. Momoko: The discussions with Kanagi-san broke down as well, but...
  327. Momoko: Was there any movement toward having the Central Ward join the Westside?
  328. Momoko: If they're being tyrannized by the Eastside magical girls, wouldn't they want to join us?
  329. Yachiyo: ......
  330. Mifuyu: ...To be honest, I don't know.
  331. Momoko: Huh? Why's that?
  332. Mifuyu: ...We can't guarantee that the Westside magical girls won't do the same thing the Eastside magical girls are doing.
  333. Yachiyo: ...It's unfortunate, but they are.
  334. Yachiyo: People who are cornered and desperate can only think about themselves.
  335. Momoko: No way...
  336. Mifuyu: So our biggest problem now is that we don't exactly understand the current situation in the Central Ward.
  337. Mifuyu: If they're suspicious that we've had incompetent supervision, then there's really not much we could say in our defense...
  338. Yachiyo: I'm suspicious whether Kanagi fully grasps the situation or not...
  339. Yachiyo: In either case, it's a problem for me as a peacekeeper...
  340. Momoko: ......
  341. Yachiyo: So first, of all, we need to understand this situation as much as we can.
  342. Yachiyo: For the sake of resolving this situation as well.
  343. Momoko: That's right! If there's something you need help with, you can ask me for anything.
  344. Yachiyo: Thank you.
  345. Yachiyo: There's also the cases of these attacks, so I think we should go to the Central Ward to investigate.
  346. Yachiyo: I'd at least like to confirm with my own eyes the reality of the situation there.
  347. Mifuyu: I've certainly had my fill of hearsay...
  348. Mifuyu: For this, Yacchan and I will...
  349. Meru: I'm going, too!
  350. Meru: I'd feel ashamed if I just left this alone!
  351. Mifuyu: Hya?! W-when did you...
  352. Tsuruno: I'm here, too!
  353. Yachiyo: Ah, you've come.
  354. Tsuruno: If it's problem-solving, then leave it to Yui Tsuruno, the strongest magical girl!
  355. Momoko: If you're looking for the barrier where I was attacked, you're going to need me there, too, huh?
  356. Yachiyo: ...I suppose so.
  357. Yachiyo: There's a battle with the witch we need to think about, too. Shall we all go, then?
  359. ------
  361. Part 5:
  363. Tsuruno: .......How should I say it...
  364. Momoko: The atmosphere...
  365. Meru: tense.
  366. Central Ward Magical Girl 1: .......
  367. Central Ward Magical Girl 2: .......
  368. Yachiyo: ...Hm? We're being watched. By those girls, perhaps...?
  369. Mifuyu: Yacchan, those two are probably magical girls, wouldn't you say?
  370. Yachiyo: Seems so. Central Ward magical girls, maybe?
  371. Yachiyo: ...Let's go talk to them.
  372. Yachiyo: It's a good chance to hear the opinions of Central Ward magical girls directly.
  373. Mifuyu: Momoko-san and everyone else, please wait here.
  374. Mifuyu: We don't want to spook them by surrounding them with a big group.
  375. Momoko: Understood.
  376. Mifuyu: I apologize for asking so abruptly, but you're magical girls of the Central Ward, aren't you?
  377. Central Ward Magical Girl 1: ......Er, what should we do...?
  378. Central Ward Magical Girl 2: ...I-I'm sorry, but we're in a hurry, so...
  379. Yachiyo: That's odd, because you were watching us pretty closely?
  380. Central Ward Magical Girl 1: ...That's, well...
  381. Mifuyu: We're not upset or anything.
  382. Mifuyu: We just want to hear from you about the state of the Central Ward right now.
  383. Central Ward Magical Girl 1: .......
  384. Central Ward Magical Girl 2: .......
  385. Mifuyu: It'll be short, so could we please have a moment of your time?
  386. Central Ward Magical Girl 2: .......
  387. Central Ward Magical Girl 2: ...Y-you're bothering us!
  388. Mifuyu: Huh...?
  389. Central Ward Magical Girl 2: You're the peacekeepers of the Westside, Azusa-san and Nanami-san, right?
  390. Central Ward Magical Girl 2: If someone from the Eastside sees us talking to you, then...
  391. Central Ward Magical Girl 2: ...they'll think we're backing your side up... and then we'll catch their attention...
  392. Central Ward Magical Girl 1: U-um...! It's not like we're with the Eastside, either...
  393. Central Ward Magical Girl 1: We're not part of either, so... this is a bother...
  394. Central Ward Magical Girl 1: That's why... um...
  395. Central Ward Magical Girl 2: Please, don't get us involved in this...!
  396. Central Ward Magical Girl 2: I beg you, please go away...
  397. Yachiyo: ...Shall we head out, then? I apologize for disturbing you.
  398. Mifuyu: Yes. Pardon us...
  399. Central Ward Magical Girl 2: ......
  400. Central Ward Magical Girl 2: The West and the East are the same.
  401. Central Ward Magical Girl 2: All they want is to get hold of grief seeds for themselves...
  402. Central Ward Magical Girl 1: ...Yeah, they only think about themselves...
  403. Central Ward Magical Girl 1: They don't think about the magical girls of the Central Ward one bit...
  404. Central Ward Magical Girl 2: I mean, we require grief seeds, too, you know...
  405. Central Ward Magical Girl 2: It doesn't matter which, both of them just want to exploit us...
  406. Central Ward Magical Girl 1: ...Hey, don't you think we should go talk to Miyako-san about this...?
  407. Central Ward Magical Girl 2: Yes, you're right, the two of them coming here is something to tell her about...
  409. ------
  411. Meru: How'd it go?
  412. Yachiyo: ...No good, they were too guarded. I don't think they trusted us.
  413. Mifuyu: I thought we'd be able to talk to them at least a little bit...
  414. Tsuruno: ...I see.
  415. Tsuruno: Then do you think we should look for the barrier where Momoko got attacked?
  416. Yachiyo: I do. If we start trying to ask random people, their impression of us will just get worse...
  417. Mifuyu: ...Yes. Let's do what we can do for now...
  418. Momoko: I remember the magic signature, so I'll take care of the navigation.
  420. ------
  422. Part 6:
  424. Momoko: Found it! It's definitely this barrier.
  425. Yachiyo: ......
  426. Mifuyu: What's wrong, Yacchan?
  427. Yachiyo: I can't really put it into words, but... this barrier... something's different.
  428. Momoko: What?!
  429. Momoko: ...Yeah, now that you say that, I get that feeling, too...
  430. Meru: What could it be? Shall I try a fortune?
  431. Yachiyo: Please don't... why would you want to add more trouble to this situation?
  432. Meru: Whaaa...?!
  433. Meru: That's a rude way to say it!
  434. Tsuruno: Hmmm... what is this? It feels like... it's paused, or something?
  435. Mifuyu: ...Paused... it really does feel that way. There's no indications that it's going to attack.
  436. Yachiyo: ...We won't learn anything by just thinking about it, will we? Let's go on in.
  437. Mifuyu: ...Okay, let's proceed with extreme caution.
  438. Yachiyo: Yes, we have no idea what could be there. Be mindful that we stay together and don't get separated.
  440. ------
  442. Mifuyu: ...Tsuruno-san and Meru-san aren't here...!
  443. Yachiyo: ...I even told them not to get separated...
  444. Momoko: And they went and got themselves lost quite nicely...
  445. Mifuyu: What trouble... I think they're probably okay, but...
  446. Yachiyo: ...Let's at least hope that they stayed together.
  447. Familiar: ......
  448. Mifuyu: A familiar...!
  449. Yachiyo: First we'll deal with this.
  450. Momoko: All right! Let's clean up here and then go meet up with them!
  451. Mifuyu: Yes!
  453. ------
  455. Part 7:
  457. Mifuyu: I've got your back! Yah!
  458. Familiar: ......
  459. Mifuyu: (I'm not doing anything to it...!)
  460. Mifuyu: Once more! Yah!
  461. Familiar: ......?!
  462. Yachiyo: Momoko! Follow up!
  463. Momoko: Leave it to me! Haaaah!!
  464. Yachiyo: Reach!
  465. Familiar: ......?!?!
  466. Yachiyo: Phew...
  467. Momoko: Now we can take a moment.
  468. Mifuyu: ...Haaaa... this is a harder fight than normal, huh?
  469. Yachiyo: You think so?
  470. Mifuyu: Yes, like I couldn't use as much magic as I thought or something...
  471. Yachiyo: It felt the same as always for me, though.
  472. Momoko: Yeah... that one wasn't really any different than what we normally fight, was it?
  473. Mifuyu: Huh...?
  474. Mifuyu: (I felt like I couldn't use the magical power that I normally do...)
  475. Mifuyu: (But that was only me?)
  476. Yachiyo: Now then, let's investigate this barrier and go collect Tsuruno and Meru.
  477. Tsuruno: Ah, there they are! Yachiyo-shishou! Mifuyu! Momoko!
  478. Meru: Geez! How terrible of you to get separated from us!
  479. Momoko: No, no, you were the ones who got separated!
  480. Yachiyo: Seriously...
  481. Mifuyu: Hehe, in any case, I'm glad we were able to meet back up.
  482. Yachiyo: We didn't find anything worthwhile. What about you?
  483. Meru: ...Nothing here, either.
  484. Tsuruno: This barrier is way too complex. We couldn't even find the inner sanctum...
  485. Tsuruno: It's almost like it's a whole world of reflecting mirrors.
  486. Yachiyo: As I thought...
  487. Mifuyu: What's up? Shall we exit for now?
  488. Yachiyo: ...Yes, we couldn't get anything out of here, anyway. Let's exit.
  490. ------
  492. Part 8:
  494. (A few days passed after Mifuyu and Yachiyo's group went and investigated the Central Ward.)
  495. (In that time, the story that Westside magical girls under Mifuyu and Yachiyo's group and Eastside magical girls had fought in the Central Ward continued to spread.)
  496. Yachiyo: ......
  497. Mifuyu: ...You seem annoyed, Yacchan.
  498. Yachiyo: I'm not ann-...
  499. Yachiyo: ...No, you're right. This deadlock has me irritated.
  500. Mifuyu: I'm not surprised. There's also the matter of yesterday.
  501. Yachiyo: ......
  503. ------
  505. Mifuyu: How was it?
  506. Yachiyo: Not good. Everyone's becoming desperate to get a hold of grief seeds.
  507. Yachiyo: There aren't many teams feeling like they can afford to give up witches to other teams.
  508. Mifuyu: And the team I met with was the same.
  509. Yachiyo: ...This is a bad situation.
  510. Mifuyu: Yes, if it's like this, there's not even a point to having a cooperation system...
  511. ???: Shut up! I don't need a reason to bother you anyway!
  512. Mifuyu: --?! I-is it a fight?
  513. Yachiyo: ...I don't like the sound of this. Let's go take a look.
  515. ------
  517. Westside Magical Girl 2: If you need a reason for me to bother you, I have one.
  518. Westside Magical Girl 2: It's because you guys are going to the Central Ward.
  519. Westside Magical Girl 2: Do you realize that you're causing trouble for everyone on the Westside by doing that?
  520. Westside Magical Girl 1: That's...b-but...!
  521. Westside Magical Girl 2: No buts! It's a rule.
  522. Westside Magical Girl 1: ...But I...!
  523. Westside Magical Girl 2: ...Sigh, you don't seem to understand what happens when you break the rules, do you?
  524. Westside Magical Girl 2: You were warned about this before, too, weren't you? I wonder if you even know what the phrase "reflecting on your actions" means?
  525. Westside Magical Girl 1: W-what's with your attitude! Are you making fun of me?!
  526. Yachiyo: As I thought, they're magical girls.
  527. Mifuyu: I recognize them, too. They're from Sankyou Ward and Sakae Ward.
  528. Yachiyo: Let's stop them.
  529. Mifuyu: Okay!
  530. Westside Magical Girl 1: Enough! If you obstruct me any more, I'll have to resort to force!
  531. Westside Magical Girl 2: ...That's fine with me. That's easier to understand, anyway!
  532. Yachiyo: Stop!
  533. Mifuyu: If you still want to pick a fight, you'll have to do it with us.
  534. Westside Magical Girl 1: Stay out of our business!
  535. Westside Magical Girl 2: That's right! Don't get in our way!
  536. Yachiyo: ...Then we're out of options. Mifuyu, cover me.
  537. Mifuyu: All right, let's be careful to avoid getting hurt.
  539. ------
  541. Westside Magical Girl 2: Haa... haa... S-so strong...
  542. Westside Magical Girl 1: Haa... fuu... I couldn't do any damage at all...
  543. Yachiyo: Have you calmed down a bit now?
  544. Mifuyu: ...Please tell us what the reason for your fight was.
  545. Westside Magical Girl 2: ......
  546. Westside Magical Girl 1: ......
  547. Yachiyo: You... if I remember right, we gave you a warning last time.
  548. Westside Magical Girl 1: ...Y-you did, but since then, nothing's changed at all, has it!
  549. Westside Magical Girl 1: You won't even say if the Central Ward will join the Westside...!
  550. Yachiyo: ...That's...
  551. Westside Magical Girl 2: Since I've got the chance, I'd like to tell you something as well.
  552. Westside Magical Girl 2: I've got a problem with your leadership, Yachiyo-san, since you can't even decide on a clear plan.
  553. Westside Magical Girl 2: It's making me wonder whether you're still fit to handle this?
  554. Yachiyo: ......
  555. Mifuyu: ......
  557. ------
  559. Yachiyo: I understand that.
  560. Yachiyo: That we need to hurry up and think of a plan.
  561. Mifuyu: And yesterday, too, our objective was to gather information from each team.
  562. Mifuyu: ...The results were disappointing, though...
  563. Yachiyo: Yes... whatever we do plan to do, I'm sure someone will come out with objections to it.
  564. Yachiyo: At this rate, it's possible the Westside could just collapse from the inside.
  565. Mifuyu: ...I agree; there aren't any defectors right now, but...
  566. Yachiyo: It might just be a matter of time...
  567. Yachiyo: Since that case of the attack in the witch barrier happened...
  568. Yachiyo: Even the girls who were hesitant to fight before are starting to get into it.
  569. Mifuyu: They think that the Central Ward should become part of the Westside.
  570. Mifuyu: Saying "Don't let those Eastsiders who are cowardly enough to pull a sneak attack into the Central Ward!"
  571. Yachiyo: ...Hypothetically, if we did what they asked and incorporated the Central Ward into the Westside...
  572. Yachiyo: Those girls would settle down, I imagine.
  573. Yachiyo: You could say that incorporating the Central Ward would be useful in a way just to suppress those girls, but...
  574. Mifuyu: The Eastside definitely wouldn't stay quiet would it... would they?
  575. Yachiyo: Yes, it's inevitable that it would cause an even bigger conflict than we have on our hands now.
  576. Yachiyo: And then, the site of that battle... would no doubt become the Central Ward.
  577. Mifuyu: And if that happened, the magical girls of the Central Ward would lose further trust in us...
  578. Yachiyo: Right, and the result would be just adding more fuel to the fire.
  579. Yachiyo: I can't say that it would be a good move to make.
  580. Yachiyo: Having said that, standing by doing nothing while the Eastside swarms the Central Ward is harsh.
  581. Yachiyo: ...It's a stalemale.
  582. Mifuyu: Shouldn't we try talking to Kanagi-san again?
  583. Mifuyu: We should at least try to cooperate so that magical girls aren't hurting each other.
  584. Yachiyo: Talking to Kanagi... won't work.
  585. Yachiyo: If we knew the identity of the original attacker, we could negotiate, but...
  586. Yachiyo: Talking to her as it as now would just mean a pointless argument.
  587. Mifuyu: ...Can't we cooperate with her?
  588. Yachiyo: I also don't want to have to humble myself before her any more than necessary.
  589. Yachiyo: Because I'm the peacekeeper for our cooperation system, I've got to think about what's best for everyone.
  590. Yachiyo: At the least, it'd be different if we had an official reason to contact her...
  591. Yachiyo: But just saying I want to cooperate with her would be impossible...
  592. Mifuyu: ...Then let's at least get out the warning to the Westside magical girls...
  593. Mifuyu: ...and tell them not to go to the Central Ward.
  594. Yachiyo: ...Yes, I don't expect it to be effective, but let's at least convey it as a policy of the Westside.
  595. Mifuyu: Okay. I hope with this, at least, fewer magical girls will get hurt.
  597. (However, Mifuyu's wish was fruitless...)
  598. (The situation continued to worsen from this point on...)
  600. ------
  602. Part 9:
  604. Mifuyu: ...Let's get out the warning to the Westside magical girls and tell them not to go to the Central Ward.
  606. (A few days had passed since Mifuyu and Yachiyo had given the warning "not to go to the Central Ward"...)
  608. Eastside Magical Girl: Get out of here before you get hurt, you sheltered little prisses!
  609. Westside Magical Girl: You're the one who'd better get out of here.
  610. Westside Magical Girl: This area is controlled by our team now!
  611. Eastside Magical Girl: Don't think you can just decide that for yourselves!!
  612. Eastside Magical Girl: Oraa!!
  613. Westside Magical Girl: Ow! Don't think we're just gonna stand by and take this!! Haaaa!!
  615. (However, the magical girls causing conflicts in the Central Ward ignored the warning...)
  616. (And the conflicts between the Westside Magical Girls and the Eastside Magical Girls grew more and more violent by the day...)
  618. Tsuruno: This is big trouble! There's been another casualty!
  619. Tsuruno: Not just on our side, but on the Eastside as well! And I heard the Central Ward girls are getting involved, too!
  620. Yachiyo: Again?!
  621. (Thud!)
  622. Tsuruno: Wah!
  623. Yachiyo: What is it this time?! Even though we warned them so much not to go to the Central Ward...!
  624. Mifuyu: Yacchan, calm down. We've got to stay composed.
  625. Yachiyo: ......
  626. Yachiyo: I'm sorry. I'm going to go cool off for a bit.
  627. Mifuyu: Yes, I think that's smart.
  628. Tsuruno: ...I've never seen Yachiyo so upset like that before... is there a hole in the desk?
  629. Mifuyu: The desk is fine. I'm more worried about Yacchan's hand.
  630. Tsuruno: Oh...
  631. Mifuyu: ...I understand Yacchan's feelings.
  632. Mifuyu: There's nothing we can do...
  633. Mifuyu: Even I didn't think they'd ignore our warning so completely...
  634. Tsuruno: ...Say, would it really be so hard to cooperate with Kanagi?
  635. Mifuyu: Yes... we don't have anything to negotiate with...
  636. Mifuyu: It'd be good if we at least knew who perpetrated the original attack...
  637. Tsuruno: ...The original attacker, huh?
  638. Tsuruno: If that attack hadn't happened, this conflict wouldn't have gotten out of control as fast as it did.
  639. Tsuruno: Which means it could be someone who stands to benefit from fanning the flames like this.
  640. Mifuyu: Someone who stands to benefit...? From magical girls hurting each other?
  641. Tsuruno: Or from deepening the conflict so that both the West and East collapse, maybe?
  642. Tsuruno: We keep thinking about someone from the inside...
  643. Tsuruno: But could it be someone not from Kamihama City? Like someone who wants to have Kamihama!
  644. Tsuruno: Maybe that, or... it could be the doing or a witch or something!
  645. Tsuruno: Well? Well? Isn't that an incredible deduction?
  646. Mifuyu: ......
  647. Mifuyu: ...Heh heh, you're right.
  648. Tsuruno: Mifuyu, I think it's better if you smile.
  649. Tsuruno: ...Though with this situation, that's probably something I shouldn't be saying.
  650. Mifuyu: That's right, though. I can't let my spirits sink.
  651. Mifuyu: ...Tsuruno-san, I'm going to head out, so I want you to take care of Yacchan.
  652. Mifuyu: Please listen to her.
  653. Tsuruno: Wha-! Where are you going?
  654. Mifuyu: To the Central Ward, because I've been called out by a certain person.
  655. Tsuruno: ...Will you be okay going alone?
  656. Mifuyu: Yes, she's a reasonable person, so it's not going to turn into some sort of showdown or anything.
  658. ------
  660. Mifuyu: ...Huh?
  661. Mifuyu: T-that's...!
  662. Central Ward Magical Girl: ......
  663. Mifuyu: Are you okay?! Keep it together!
  664. Central Ward Magical Girl: ...Uuu...
  665. Mifuyu: (She's unconscious, but she's still breathing...)
  666. Mifuyu: (What terrible wounds... and her soul gem is so dirty...)
  667. Mifuyu: (She needs to be tended to and purified...)
  668. Mifuyu: ...Haa, now she just needs to regain consciousness...
  669. Mifuyu: (I haven't seen her around, so that means she's either an Eastsider... or a Central Ward girl.)
  670. Mifuyu: (...What's happened...? I hate to say it, but...)
  671. Central Ward Magical Girl: ...Uuu... I-I...
  672. Mifuyu: Thank goodness. You're awake.
  673. Central Ward Magical Girl: Kyaaaa?! A-Azusa Mifuyu?!
  674. Mifuyu: Huh? P-please take a moment to calm down!
  675. Central Ward Magical Girl: I-it really is...!
  676. Central Ward Magical Girl: The Westside really is coming to drive the Central Ward magical girls out!
  677. Mifuyu: ......
  678. Mifuyu: Please calm down. I didn't come here to add to your problems.
  679. Central Ward Magical Girl: Liar! I was just attacked by a Westside girl...!
  680. Central Ward Magical Girl: I'd just found that territory, too, and I was driven out of it...
  681. Central Ward Magical Girl: I hate this... I've had enough of this... nobody is honoring their pacts!
  682. Central Ward Magical Girl: Why does all of this have to happen to me...?!
  683. Mifuyu: (So Westside magical girls really are breaking the pact and doing this to the Central Ward girls...)
  684. Mifuyu: (Even though I came here to have a discussion, I've got another problem big enough to give me a headache here...)
  685. Mifuyu: (No, first I've got to calm this down girl and get her to go back home.)
  687. ------
  689. Hinano: ...So you've come.
  690. Mifuyu: I apologize for being late. I ran into a bit of trouble...
  691. Mifuyu: I'm glad you decided to meet with me again, Hinano-san.
  692. Hinano: ...I didn't want to meet you like this.
  693. Mifuyu: ...It's about the Central Ward, isn't it?
  694. Hinano: Yeah, when we met before, you said...
  695. Hinano: "We respect the territory of the Central Ward magical girls," didn't you?
  696. Mifuyu: ...Yes.
  697. Hinano: I believed what you said. I believed you!
  698. Hinano: But what's the situation now?
  699. Hinano: We've got people injured after being caught up in battles, and we've got people driven out of their territories, as well!
  700. Hinano: Where's the respect you talked about...?!
  702. ------
  704. Central Ward Magical Girl: I'd just found that territory, too, and I was driven out of it...
  705. Central Ward Magical Girl: I hate this... I've had enough of this... nobody is honoring their pacts!
  707. ------
  709. Mifuyu: (There's nothing I can say in response...)
  710. Hinano: Here in the Central Ward right now, there are many on both the Westside and the Eastside...
  711. Hinano: ...thinking only about how they can exploit the Central Ward.
  712. Hinano: Everyone can't stand being caught up in the battles between the West and the East.
  713. Hinano: At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if there were people willing to start going kamikaze...
  714. Mifuyu: That's...!
  715. Mifuyu: That's terrible!
  716. Mifuyu: To have become so desperate that they'd consider such a thing...
  717. Hinano: ...We're expecting it at this point.
  718. Hinano: Those who have been cornered...
  719. Hinano: If they're going to keep being tyrannized like this, then they may be thinking...
  720. Hinano: might be preferable.
  721. Mifuyu: Hinano-san, we'll definitely reach a resolution to this situation.
  722. Mifuyu: So please wait just a little bit longer!
  723. Hinano: And what do you accomplish by telling me that? I'm not the one who can't wait.
  724. Mifuyu: ...Ah...
  725. Hinano: ...Besides, I have no proof that I can just believe you.
  726. Hinano: ...Mifuyu-san, you've got more experience than I do.
  727. Hinano: I know well that you're someone who understands the pain of others.
  728. Hinano: But you've got no way to settle this, do you?
  729. Hinano: So no matter how much we wait, this situation won't get resolved.
  730. Hinano: Am I wrong?
  731. Mifuyu: (I've got nothing I can say to her pointing that out... but...)
  732. Hinano: Frankly, I'm tired of waiting. I told myself if it's Mifuyu-san, it'll work...
  733. Hinano: When your team came to the Central Ward and asked to talk...
  734. Hinano: I honestly expected to hear you ask us to join your cooperation system.
  735. Hinano: Speaking personally, that it was coming from the West...
  736. Hinano: I was confident...
  737. Hinano: That you'd treat the magical girls of the Central Ward as equals.
  738. Hinano: ...And yet this is the result!
  739. Hinano: Even though I don't rely on anyone...
  740. Hinano: I... as a veteran, I should have been more reliable!
  741. Hinano: ...... ...I apologize for speaking carelessly.
  742. Hinano: ...It's not like there's anything I can do about it either...
  743. Mifuyu: (Hinano-san... I've ended up betraying your trust...)
  744. Mifuyu: (...Whether or not I win back your trust, I've got to take responsibility for this.)
  745. Mifuyu: (...I can't depend on the good graces of others; I'm a peacekeeper after all...)
  746. Mifuyu: ...We will handle this situation.
  747. Mifuyu: We will definitely do it... before anything happens that can't be undone...
  748. Hinano: ...... ...You've got no basis for that belief, don't you?
  749. Mifuyu: I don't.
  750. Mifuyu: But I...
  751. Mifuyu: ...As a peacekeeper of the Westside, it's something that I've got to do.
  752. Hinano: ......
  753. Mifuyu: I don't blame you if you can't believe what I'm about to say.
  754. Mifuyu: But please lend me your assistance.
  755. Hinano: ......
  756. Mifuyu: Please stop the Central Ward magical girls from going berserk.
  757. Mifuyu: The end of this will come soon, so please handle it until then.
  758. Mifuyu: Please stop the Central Ward girls from ruining themselves.
  759. Hinano: ...That was always my plan.
  760. Hinano: I'm not a peacekeeper or anything, so I don't know how much I'll be able to do.
  761. Hinano: But I'm a magical girl of the Central Ward. I'll do what I can do.
  762. Hinano: That's something I've got to do as well.
  763. Mifuyu: Thank you very much.
  764. Hinano: ...Please give me actions instead of words.
  765. Hinano: Because... that's what I'll be doing, too.
  766. Mifuyu: Yes, definitely.
  767. Mifuyu: (As a peacekeeper of the Westside, my top priority should be the welfare of the Westside.)
  768. Mifuyu: (Yacchan, I understand that.)
  769. Mifuyu: (But before that, I am a magical girl of Kamihama.)
  770. Mifuyu: (A magical girl of Kamihama must think of the welfare of all of the magical girls of Kamihama.)
  771. Mifuyu: (I just pray that there are no more injuries from these pointless battles...)
  772. Mifuyu: (As a veteran and as someone with power, I can't let myself depend on others.)
  773. Mifuyu: ...Kanagi-san's cooperation will be essential.
  774. Mifuyu: (This is a problem that both the Westside and the Eastside have in common, after all...)
  775. Mifuyu: (This isn't the time for the people at the top to be quarreling.)
  776. Mifuyu: (I'll discuss this with Yacchan, and we'll try to find a path toward being able to cooperate.)
  778. ------
  780. Part 10:
  782. Yachiyo: ...I see. So Miyako-san said that...
  783. Mifuyu: Yes, and we don't have a moment to lose.
  784. Mifuyu: We need to get the Central Ward in order at least before any more casualties happen.
  785. Yachiyo: And, to do that...
  786. Mifuyu: Yes. Cooperating with Kanagi-san will be essential.
  787. Meru: Nanami-senpai! Mifuyu-san! Listen!
  788. Yachiyo: Meru! You're here early... we're in the middle of a very important conversation right now and...
  789. Meru: But! Kanagi-san is being awful!
  790. Meru: She wouldn't believe me! She said I attacked someone!
  791. Yachiyo: What?
  792. Mifuyu: ...Can you please tell us the story from the beginning?
  794. ------
  796. Kanagi: Anna, may I have a moment?
  797. Meru: Er, will it take long?
  798. Meru: I want to go over to Nanami-senpai's today.
  799. Kanagi: Did you go to the Central Ward yesterday?
  800. Meru: The Central Ward? No, I didn't.
  801. Meru: I had supplemental lessons yesterday, so I couldn't leave Daitou Ward.
  802. Meru: And really, it's awful!
  803. Meru: Just because I missed a few days of school means I have to spend all my time after school in supplementary lessons.
  804. Kanagi: ...Is there someone that can verify that?
  805. Meru: You could ask the teacher, and he'll tell you.
  806. Meru: He was standing guard over me the whooooooole time so I wouldn't run away.
  807. Kanagi: ...Come with me.
  808. Meru: Wha-?! What is this about?!
  809. Kanagi: We're going to the teachers' office.
  810. Meru: I wanna go to Nanami-senpai's!
  812. ------
  814. Kanagi: ...So it was true.
  815. Meru: Um, I'd really like an explanation for this about now...
  816. Kanagi: Hm?
  817. Kanagi: Ahh, right...
  818. Kanagi: There's a magical girl that says you attacked her in the Central Ward yesterday, Anna.
  819. Meru: Whaaa-?! I-it wasn't me!
  820. Kanagi: I know that.
  821. Kanagi: It's just that the girl who was attacked...
  822. Kanagi: ..said she saw you and you said "I'm your enemy!"
  823. Meru: It wasn't me!
  824. Kanagi: I know!
  825. Kanagi: If it was, I'd be punishing you right now.
  826. Meru: Err! W-who was it?! Who was this coward who used my name!
  827. Kanagi: If I knew that I wouldn't have a problem.
  828. Kanagi: ...Really though, this situation has become way more complex than I thought...
  830. ------
  832. Part 11:
  834. Mifuyu: ("Your enemy"...)
  835. Mifuyu: (It could have just been a roundabout way to say it, but...)
  836. Mifuyu: After hearing that story, I've realized something.
  837. ???: Is Anna Meru here?!
  838. Yachiyo & Mifuyu: --?!
  839. Meru: Huh?!
  840. Meru: Me...? W-what do they want?!
  841. Mifuyu: She's definitely not quiet about it...
  842. Yachiyo: I don't think having her see Meru would be a good idea...
  843. Mifuyu: I'll talk to her. There's something that's bugging me about this, anyway.
  844. Yachiyo: ...You're quite popular today.
  845. Meru: I'm not happy about that...
  847. Mifuyu: So you were attacked by someone who looked like Meru-san.
  848. Mifuyu: And she called herself "a magical girl from the ward you hate," right?
  849. Westside Magical Girl: Yes! That girl has to be a spy for the Eastside after all!
  850. Mifuyu: ......
  851. *flashback*
  852. Kanagi: But the girl said the attacker looked like Anna and called herself "your enemy."
  853. *flashforward*
  854. Mifuyu: ("A magical girl from the ward you hate." ...I thought so.)
  855. Mifuyu: (I thought it was just a joke to cheer me up, but...)
  856. Mifuyu: (Tsuruno-san might just have hit the nail on the head.)
  857. Westside Magical Girl: Mifuyu-san? What's the matter?
  858. Mifuyu: ...Nothing. Thank you for this valuable information.
  859. Mifuyu: Now I know that something is trying to fan the flames between the Westside and the Eastside...
  860. Mifuyu: ...and aiming to destroy both. The evidence points that way.
  861. Mifuyu: Now we can finally deal with it.
  862. Westside Magical Girl: Huh...?
  863. Mifuyu: Ah! I was just talking to myself... this is still a secret, so...
  864. Mifuyu: Please keep this conversation between the two of us.
  865. Mifuyu: Now then, I've got to get going.
  866. Westside Magical Girl: ...There's something trying to fan the flames of this conflict?
  867. Westside Magical Girl: And by fighting we're playing right into their hands?
  868. Westside Magical Girl: ...I know she said to keep it a secret, but I've got to tell this to my team...
  870. Mifuyu: ...Bad news travels fast.
  871. Mifuyu: What an apt phrase.
  872. Mifuyu: If this spreads enough to stop some of this fighting, that would be wonderful...
  873. Mifuyu: ...But now I've got to gather evidence with Yacchan and everyone else.
  875. ------
  877. Yachiyo: It was just as you thought, Mifuyu. Well done.
  878. Mifuyu: Heh heh, it was thanks to Tsuruno-san as well, but I'm feeling a little bashful.
  879. Yachiyo: Let's contact Kanagi, shall we? I think we have plenty to negotiate with now.
  880. Mifuyu: Yes, the sooner we talk to her the better.
  881. Mifuyu: If it's possible to meet with her tomorrow, it'd be nice if we can deal with it all then.
  882. Yachiyo: Indeed, and we have things to investigate to that end.
  883. Mifuyu: In all the ambushes up to now, they were "inside a barrier"...
  884. Mifuyu: ...and introduced themselves with suggestive wording such as "a magical girl from an opposing ward."
  885. Momoko: What are we going to do?
  886. Yachiyo: You, Tsuruno, and Meru will be waiting on standby. We're going to most likely need you at a moment's notice tomorrow.
  887. Momoko: Okay! We'll be ready to roll.
  888. Tsuruno: You can count on me, the strongest magical girl, Yui Tsuruno!
  889. Meru: I'm going to make them regret framing me!
  890. Yachiyo: And I'll want you with me, please, Mifuyu.
  891. Mifuyu: Yes, let's settle this, shall we?
  893. ------
  895. Part 12:
  897. Kanagi: I investigated what you asked me to.
  898. Kanagi: Everyone who was attacked in the early days of this confirmed it...
  899. Kanagi: It was "in a barrier in the Central Ward" and by something that called themselves...
  900. Kanagi: ..."a magical girl of the opposing ward."
  901. Kanagi: And after that, with the exception of Meru's case, nobody knew who their attacker was.
  902. Mifuyu: As I thought...
  903. Yachiyo: It's a perfect fit...
  904. Kanagi: ...What have you learned?
  905. Mifuyu: None of these attackers have said they're "Westside" or "Eastside" at all.
  906. Mifuyu: We've just been assuming on our own that they're from the opposite side.
  907. Kanagi: --?!
  908. Kanagi: We're being manipulated!
  909. Kanagi: How cowardly! Who's behind this?!
  910. Yachiyo: ...We don't have confirmation yet, but...
  911. Yachiyo: When you think that it's happening inside a barrier, it makes you think that it's the act of a witch.
  912. Kanagi: You mean that a witch is manipulating them to attack?
  913. Mifuyu: I don't think that's a very likely possibility.
  914. Mifuyu: Because Meru-san wasn't even in the Central Ward.
  915. Kanagi: That's certainly true...
  916. Mifuyu: When Momoko-san was attacked...
  917. Mifuyu: ...we went to investigate the barrier of the witch we now think is behind all of this.
  918. Mifuyu: This time, we intend to go there to solve this problem.
  919. Kanagi: ...You were the ones who discovered this first. If you tell us not to get involved, we'll stay out of it.
  920. Yachiyo: ...No, in fact, we'd like your assistance for this.
  921. Kanagi: What?
  922. Yachiyo: Frankly, when we went last time, we weren't any match fo rit.
  923. Yachiyo: The barrier is so incredibly complex that we couldn't even make it to the witch...
  924. Mifuyu: And also there's one more reason.
  925. Mifuyu: It's so that we don't make the magical girls of the Central Ward even more nervous.
  926. Mifuyu: If our side goes alone, it may cause more misunderstandings...
  927. Mifuyu: But, if you were with us, Kanagi-san, they'd know it wasn't about territorial battles, but...
  928. Mifuyu: We'd be calling attention to the fact that we're here to resolve a problem.
  929. Yachiyo: Would we be able to get your help for this?
  930. Kanagi: ......
  931. Kanagi: ...If you're going that far, I'd lose face were I to refuse you here.
  932. Kanagi: Besides, this isn't just a problem of yours anymore.
  933. Kanagi: This is a problem of magical girls from both the Eastside and the Westside.
  934. Kanagi: I ask you as well to please fight alongside me until we resolve this problem.
  935. Yachiyo: We will...!
  936. Mifuyu: Thank you very much!
  937. Kanagi: Well then, let's not delay in facing it.
  938. Yachiyo: Wait, let me call Momoko and the rest.
  939. Yachiyo: Do you have any magical girls you'd want to call for reinforcements as well?
  940. Kanagi: ......
  941. Kanagi: ...I have some good magical girls at my disposal, but I think getting their cooperation in this current situation would be difficult.
  942. Kanagi: Due to that, please rely on me for your assistance.
  943. Mifuyu: Yes, we'll be counting on your help.
  945. ------
  947. Part 13:
  949. Momoko: The barrier's... here, but...
  950. Meru: It's gotten quite a lot bigger, hasn't it...!
  951. Kanagi: ...Just by that it means that a lot of people have been taken by it...
  952. Mifuyu: While we've all been fighting...
  953. Yachiyo: ...While we've only been concerned with what's happening to us...
  954. Yachiyo: As magical girls, no... as people, we've forgotten what's truly important.
  955. Tsuruno: ...Hmm... wait! Wait! Everyone, don't get so depressed!
  956. Mifuyu: But this is something we really should reflect on.
  957. Tsuruno: True, this definitely wasn't the time for territory battles or anything...
  958. Tsuruno: But, the reason this barrier's gotten bigger...
  959. Tsuruno: ...and this is just a maybe, but it's because of the magical girls that have been fighting each other.
  960. Mifuyu: Huh?
  961. Tsuruno: The victims of the misfortune that the witch spread...
  962. Tsuruno: This time, it was us magical girls.
  963. Tsuruno: In other words, we were its food.
  964. Kanagi: ...And that's why it wanted us to fight?
  965. Tsuruno: Yeah.
  966. Kanagi: ...Then that means we've been nothing but fools.
  967. Yachiyo: There's nothing I can say to that when it's had us dancing in the palm of its hand...
  968. Kanagi: Aye... but we'll have our payback.
  969. Mifuyu: There's so much we should reflect on.
  970. Mifuyu: But before that, we've got to do what we came here to do.
  971. Mifuyu: Yacchan!
  972. Yachiyo: Yes, let's go! Everybody stay sharp!
  974. ------
  976. Mifuyu: (That was careless...)
  977. Mifuyu: (Now that I remember last time we came, some of us got separated.)
  978. Mifuyu: (That should have been so easy to predict...)
  979. Mifuyu: But now I'm all alone... Yacchan...
  980. ???: Oh hoho, could you be a teeny bit scaaaared?
  981. Mifuyu: Huh... that voice?
  982. Mifuyu?: Ohhhhh, of couuuuurse. Because you're losing your powers, duh.
  983. Mifuyu: It's me?! Why...? What are you saying...?!
  984. Mifuyu?: Mifuyu, y'know...
  985. Mifuyu?: It ain't good that you can't use the powers you did before because of your magical power dropping.
  986. Mifuyu?: At this rate, you're just gonna be a burden on everyone, aren't ya?
  987. Mifuyu: T-that's... not true! Don't say such arbitrary things!
  988. Mifuyu?: It was so, so painful, but...
  989. Mifuyu?: To think that in the end, you'll drag down your friends and kill them!
  990. Mifuyu: Stop...! That's not true...! I...
  991. Mifuyu?: Poor Yacchan! To be killed by Mifuyu, who she trusted so much!
  992. Mifuyu: No... that's not true...! My powers aren't failing me!
  993. Mifuyu?: Buuuut, y'knoooow... that's reaaaally what it seems like~
  994. Mifuyu: Enough!!
  995. Mifuyu?: Mifuyu will kill Mifuyu for Mifuyu, k?
  997. ------
  999. Mifuyu: Haa... haa... I won... I was able to beat her...
  1000. Mifuyu: It's fine... my powers aren't failing... it's fine...
  1001. Mifuyu: And what's more, with that I now understand the enemy's method.
  1002. Mifuyu: Fake versions of us...
  1003. Mifuyu: I've got to tell Yacchan that they're something like a copy of us.
  1004. Kanagi's voice: Gu... aaaaa!! What are you trying to do, Nanami?!
  1005. Mifuyu: That voice is...!
  1006. Yachiyo?: What, you say... what is it... I dunno...
  1007. Kanagi: Guh... was this a trap?
  1008. Kanagi: Were you all planning to eliminate me from the start...?
  1009. Yachiyo?: Won't you fight back...? This is boring... I'm so bored...
  1010. Kanagi: ...No, you're very weird. Are you being manipulated?
  1011. Yachiyo?: Let's do something... painful!
  1012. Kanagi: Grr... this is tricky!
  1013. Mifuyu's voice: That's enough!
  1014. Mifuyu: Haa!
  1015. Yachiyo?: Kyah!
  1016. Mifuyu: Kanagi-san, are you okay?
  1017. Kanagi: ..Azusa.
  1018. Mifuyu: You're not okay, are you... you've got some pretty rough injuries, and your magical power...
  1019. Kanagi: ...No, it was an embarrasing defeat, but it's nothing serious.
  1020. Mifuyu: Please use this.
  1021. Kanagi: --?!
  1022. Kanagi: Grief seeds are so precious, though. Are you sure?
  1023. Mifuyu: It may only be temporary, but right now we're teammates fighting together.
  1024. Mifuyu: It's an obvious thing to help my teammate in trouble.
  1025. Kanagi: ...It is a help. I'll definitely pay you back for this.
  1026. Mifuyu: Heh heh. Please don't worry about it so much.
  1027. Mifuyu: More importantly, let's exterminate this fake Yacchan.
  1028. Kanagi: Fake?
  1029. Fake Yachiyo: ...It hurts... it really hurts... heh... heh heh... it hurts so good!
  1030. Kanagi: ...No, you can explain it afterwards.
  1031. Mifuyu: Yes, let's beat what we need to beat first.
  1032. Fake Yachiyo: Hey... hey... let's do more... painful things...
  1033. Kanagi: ...What a tasteless person. I'll make you pay dearly for that surprise attack.
  1034. Kanagi: Azusa, you said we were teammates, right? Watch my back!
  1035. Mifuyu: Yes, leave the cover to me.
  1037. ------
  1039. Part 14:
  1041. Kanagi: ...I see, I understand your story.
  1042. Kanagi: In short, that tasteless Nanami from before was merely a copy and not the real thing.
  1043. Mifuyu: Yes.
  1044. Mifuyu: I met a copy of myself as well. I think there are copies of everyone here.
  1045. Kanagi: ...and we learn the true colors of the attack perpetrators, now.
  1046. Mifuyu: That's one more piece of info for us. This explains the source of the attacks.
  1047. Kanagi: I think while we try to link back up with Nanami and the others, we should try to find the inner sanctum at the same time.
  1048. Kanagi: What do you think?
  1049. Mifuyu: I think that's a good idea. Yacchan and others are probably also doing the same thing, too.
  1051. ------
  1053. Momoko?: ......
  1054. Yachiyo?: ...How about that? Is that enough to convince you that we're the real ones?
  1055. Kanagi: ...Aye, I can safely say you're the real Nanami and Togame.
  1056. Yachiyo: As long as you understand that, good.
  1057. Mifuyu: Haa... thank goodness... we were finally able to meet up with the real ones...
  1058. Momoko: Your magic comes in very handy, Kanagi-san. I wish we'd met up with you quicker.
  1059. Kanagi: It's hard to read someone when they're resisting it, though.
  1060. Mifuyu: Now all we need to find are Tusruno-san and Meru-san.
  1061. Yachiyo: ...Seriously, this is the same thing that happened the last time we were here...
  1062. Kanagi: Shall we continue to look for the inner sanctum while we're searching for those two?
  1063. Mifuyu: Yes, but let's be careful not to get separated...
  1064. ???: Please stop! S-somebodyyyy!!
  1065. Mifuyu: That voice... Meru-san?!
  1066. Kanagi: Is she being attacked...?!
  1067. Yachiyo: Let's go!
  1068. Kanagi: Aye!
  1070. ------
  1072. Tsuruno?: You're so stubborn... hurry up and die!
  1073. Meru?: Please stop, Tsuruno-san! What's gotten into you?!
  1074. Yachiyo: Meru!
  1075. Meru?: Please help me, Yachiyo-senpai! Tusurno-san's acting very strange!
  1076. Mifuyu: ...Huh?
  1077. Yachiyo: That Tsuruno is a fake! We'll help you now!
  1078. Yachiyo: Everyone, don't hold back just because it looks like Tsuruno!
  1079. Momoko: It's a bit difficult... but I understand.
  1080. Mifuyu: (Something's strange...)
  1081. Kanagi: Are you okay, Azusa? If it's too difficult for you, you can fall back.
  1082. Mifuyu: ...No, that's not it. Something's... making me uncomfortable about this...
  1083. Kanagi: Uncomfortable?
  1084. Fake Tsuruno: Ha! More people who are gonna let me see what their blood looks like have shown up... this is fucking great!
  1085. Yachiyo: Mifuyu, Kanagi! Quit spacing out! She's coming!
  1087. ------
  1089. Fake Tsuruno: Damn...
  1090. Yachiyo: ...I'm putting an end to......
  1091. Kanagi: I'll put her out of her misery.
  1092. Kanagi: Even if her personality is completely different than the original, she still looks like your teammate, so...
  1093. Yachiyo: ...I appreciate it.
  1094. Kanagi: Haa!
  1095. Fake Tsuruno: Guaaaaah...!
  1096. Mifuyu: (Something... something... is still making me uncomfortable...)
  1097. Kanagi: Anna, are you okay?
  1098. Meru?: Yes! ...Huh? My legs gave out...
  1099. Kanagi: ...Nothing for it, give me your hand.
  1100. Meru?: Thank you very much! "I" (watashi) am grateful for the help.
  1101. Mifuyu: --?!
  1102. Mifuyu: Look out! Kanagi-san!
  1103. Fake Meru: And for letting me deceive you.
  1104. Kanagi: You...
  1105. Fake Meru: Aha! You can't get away from me at this distance.
  1107. (tl note: The real Meru uses "boku" to refer to herself instead of "watashi".)
  1109. ------
  1111. Part 15:
  1113. Meru?: Thank you very much! "I" (watashi) am grateful for the help.
  1114. Mifuyu: --?!
  1115. Mifuyu: Look out! Kanagi-san!
  1116. Fake Meru: And for letting me deceive you.
  1117. Kanagi: You...
  1118. Fake Meru: Aha! You can't get away from me at this distance.
  1119. Kanagi: That goes for you, too, fake.
  1120. Kanagi: Haaa!
  1121. Fake Meru: Ah... uuu... w-why... did you know...
  1122. Kanagi: Because Azusa said she "felt uncomfortable", I was being observant.
  1123. Kanagi: I didn't even have to read your heart to know.
  1124. Kanagi: Anna doesn't say "I" (watashi), she says "I" (boku).
  1125. Fake Meru: Aha!... Tooo baaad...
  1126. Mifuyu: Thank goodness...! For a moment I thought you were in trouble...
  1127. Kanagi: If it weren't for your words, Azusa, I may have been.
  1128. Kanagi: You've helped me out once again.
  1129. Yachiyo: I wasn't prepared... since she was being attacked, I thought she was the real one...
  1130. Momoko: Me too... I didn't question it at all...
  1131. Tsuruno?: There! They're over there! Meru, over there!
  1132. Meru?: Everyone, are you okay? We're totally worn out...
  1133. Momoko: Meru and Tsuruno again?!
  1134. Yachiyo: ...Do you think these two are fakes as well?
  1135. Tsuruno?: Oh, could it be that you're doubting us?
  1136. Meru?: How rude! I'm the real Meru!
  1137. Meru?: Ah! Since you say that, how do we know you're not the fakes?!
  1138. Momoko: ...They seem real.
  1139. Yachiyo: ...They sure do.
  1140. Kanagi: I'll read their hearts. That'll be a lot faster.
  1141. Meru: Like I told you, I'm real!
  1142. Kanagi: Don't get all huffy. This is just to make sure.
  1143. Meru: No! I'm mad! I *am* huffy!
  1144. Yachiyo: ..For being so exhausted she's quite full of energy, wouldn't you say? Even though we're in a barrier...
  1145. Momoko: When you think how Meru acts, this is definitely how Meru acts...
  1146. Tsuruno: She was really the tense the whole time we were looking for you...
  1147. Tsuruno: So I'm sure she's very relieved!
  1148. Kanagi: More important, what shall we do now?
  1149. Yachiyo: Meaning should we continue or should we withdraw, right?
  1150. Mifuyu: I... think we should withdraw.
  1151. Mifuyu: Everyone's exhausted, after all.
  1152. Mifuyu: And more than anything, we haven't found any clues how to get to the witch.
  1153. Mifuyu: Since we've learned the source of the attacks, so I think we should end our investigation here.
  1154. Kanagi: ...Mmm, if we overpursue, none of this will matter if we're defeated.
  1155. Yachiyo: ...That's right. Let's evacuate.
  1157. ------
  1159. Part 16:
  1161. Meru: We're out! It's completely dark, but it's somehow really refreshing!
  1162. Tsuruno: Haaa, it's like the air has a nice flavor to it, doesn't it!
  1163. Mifuyu: Heh heh, it does, huh?
  1164. Momoko: But still, not even being able to reach the witch with a lineup like we had...
  1165. Momoko: That's pretty bad.
  1166. Yachiyo: ...It's just going to take a ton of time to explore this barrier.
  1167. Yachiyo: Fortunately, it seems to be pretty benign if nobody goes inside, at least.
  1168. Mifuyu: We've got a new issue, but we've achieved the main goal we had.
  1169. Kanagi: That's right. We've clearly discovered that the culprit of the attacks was a witch.
  1170. Kanagi: It'll be quite tricky to get the magical girls to accept that as fact, though...
  1171. Mifuyu: True... but let's be patient and persistent about it.
  1172. Yachiyo: Yes... but a basic settlement will still be difficult.
  1173. Yachiyo: There's nothing we can do about the fact that there aren't enough witches... aren't enough grief seeds.
  1174. Yachiyo: If we're unable to figure that out, we won't even be able to hold our own sides together...
  1175. Kanagi: There's unrest in the Westside, eh?
  1176. Yachiyo: ...It's the same on your side, isn't it?
  1177. Kanagi: ...I can't deny it.
  1178. Mifuyu: But at this rate...
  1179. Mifuyu: More magical girls will try to take over territory in the Central Ward.
  1180. Mifuyu: I can't accept any more being done against the magical girls of the Central Ward.
  1181. Kanagi: That's certainly true...
  1182. Yachiyo: But if all we do is prohibit it, there'll be more girls who just break that prohibition...
  1183. Kanagi: ...What about putting some kind of condition on it?
  1184. Mifuyu: Condition?
  1185. Kanagi: To negotiate with the Central Ward.
  1186. Kanagi: But something difficult enough that not just anyone could waltz in and do it.
  1187. Mifuyu: ...If that's the case, what about defeating the witch that was the cause of all this?
  1188. Yachiyo: Defeating that witch?
  1189. Yachiyo: ...That certainly wouldn't be easy.
  1190. Mifuyu: Yes, and it's also "the source of this current conflict."
  1191. Kanagi: ...Mmm, whoever takes out the source of the problem gets the rights to negotiate here.
  1192. Kanagi: It makes perfect sense.
  1193. Mifuyu: We also will need to get the people of the Central Ward to accept it...
  1194. Kanagi: To be clear, it's the right to negotiate, not the right to control.
  1195. Yachiyo: I think all we'll need to do to get them to concede that is to talk to them.
  1196. Mifuyu: ...Indeed. And also, until the witch has been exterminated...
  1197. Mifuyu: We should guarantee the security of the Central Ward magical girls.
  1198. Mifuyu: And we will also need to decide how to pay reparations for damage that was done during this.
  1199. Mifuyu: And also... we will need to come up with an agreement to clearly define punishments...
  1200. Mifuyu: ...for anyone who breaks the pact regarding the rights of the Central Ward.
  1201. Yachiyo: ...You're being awfully proactive about this, Mifuyu.
  1202. Mifuyu: I'm trying to make it up with my actions to someone whose trust I betrayed.
  1203. Kanagi: ...I have no objections. We have a deal.
  1204. Yachiyo: All right. We'll leave the details to another day.
  1205. Yachiyo: Since we're going to need to hear and consider the opinion of the Central Ward, as well.
  1206. Mifuyu: ...We should also all think about one more thing.
  1207. Mifuyu: How we can prevent something like this from happening again.
  1208. Mifuyu: By deciding, as magical girls, what we ought to be...
  1209. Yachiyo: ...You're right.
  1210. Kanagi: ...Aye, let's learn from our mistakes on this.
  1212. ------
  1214. (Later, the witch behind all this was led to an abandoned building on the Eastside using its nature of being attracted to mirrors.)
  1215. (A supervisory role was created to keep regular people from getting too close.)
  1216. (By doing this... while people still had gripes over various things, it ended this series of uprisings.)
  1218. Kanagi: Azusa, may I have a moment?
  1219. Mifuyu: What is it?
  1220. Kanagi: You really helped me out inside that barrier.
  1221. Kanagi: First off, I'd like to restate my gratitude to you for that.
  1222. Mifuyu: Please, don't worry about it so much.
  1223. Kanagi: Obligation is obligation. Leaving it unpaid isn't in my nature.
  1224. Kanagi: Is there any specific way you want me to repay you for your help?
  1225. Mifuyu: Eh... you really don't have to go that far...
  1226. Mifuyu: ...No, that's the kind of person you are.
  1227. Kanagi: Aye. I told you I'd definitely pay you back, didn't I?
  1228. Mifuyu: ......
  1229. Mifuyu: Then, if... if there's a time I'm no longer around...
  1230. Mifuyu: I want you to help Yacchan if she's ever in trouble.
  1231. Kanagi: Help Nanami?
  1232. Mifuyu: Yes. Please and thank you.
  1233. Kanagi: ...I understand. It's a promise.
  1234. Mifuyu: ......
  1235. (I don't want to acknowledge it, but... my powers may be weakening.)
  1236. (If, in the future, I no longer am able to fight, if I am no longer able to be by Yacchan's side...)
  1237. (...If there's someone who will be able to lend her powers to Yacchan, then...)
  1239. END
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