SlashTV announces major brand shift

Aug 2nd, 2018
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  1. DIURNA, RIVLAND - "This is a completely new Slash for a completely new generation.", stated Lloyd White, CEO of Metropolitan Television Commission as he announced the new look for SlashTV to come in August.
  3. "First things first, we're getting rid of the 'TV' from the name.", he continued. "This is for a MULTITUDE of reasons - people watch more TV content on non-TV devices, 'Slash' is a cleaner name, it seemed redundant; a vast number of reasons which I do not need to go into right now."
  5. He also told reporters that it would also entail some changes behind the scenes; the structure of Metropolitan Television Commission finalized in 2005 with the sale of Orbitel's Rivlandian businesses - a controller for each channel they owned - would be streamlined; now, instead of 5 controllers, they'd whittle that down to 3 - SlashTV's controller, SlashTwo's controller, and a controller for the Orbitel-licensed channels as a whole. "It's better for me personally, because it means I no longer get so confused as to who I'm meant to be yelling at", quipped White.
  7. And finally, the conference was topped off with an announcement about SlashTwo and Metropolitan Television Commission. SlashTwo would finally settle for using a numeral in it's name, becoming Slash2. As for MTVC? "We haven't used the word 'Metropolitan' in our branding for around 5 years at this point. It's a good time to let it go.", he said as he announced the new name for MTVC; Slash Television Group.
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