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Press Release #opSoaringEagle

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Nov 24th, 2014
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  1. Greetings
  3. The attacks on,,,,, and more are in pure retaliation for the crimes they have committed. The police have framed an innocent youth, and failed to investigate the crimes and furthermore, they have failed to provide any shred of solid proof.
  5. Is this what you want in a police force? A government? Do you trust your government? Your police? Open your eyes, and look, the truth is coming.
  7. The truth is that the police will cheat you, they will lie, they will do whatever it takes to make themselves look good. No, this will not work anymore, when the police releases something, or makes claims, they better have 100% proof to backup their claims, otherwise, you can expect us coming.
  9. Look at this, the FBI sent a case file to ottawa police and said something along the lines of "arrest him" and that's exactly what they did, without doing a proper investigation. The basis for arrest? A IP address.
  10. The police say that IP addresses cannot be faked, when infact, they can be faked, it's child's play. Anyone with a few minutes spare time can GOOGLE it and find out how to fake your IP address.
  12. In addition, we have found out, this is not the first person Demore has wrongly charged and arrested...
  14. "We always dream of having injustice being broadcasted and you have done it.
  15. A year ago detective Joe Demore did something similar to us.
  16. When my husband was assaulted by his former boss, detective demore told us that he
  17. would be charged.
  18. This invidual not only assaulted my husband but he also burnt our equipment down.
  19. Eventhough we gave the police/arson names of people that knew first hand what
  20. happened nothing was ever done and months after all charges were dropped.Needless to
  21. say we were fuming and sent him an email rigt away telling him how disgusted and
  22. dissapointed we were about his decision.
  23. At one point we even asked him if the guy was being used as an "informant" because
  24. of the many arson crimes he had gotten away with. We have since then suspected detective Demore of either foul play or not doing his
  25. job, were very happy to see his name plasted on the hacked police website. "
  27. I hope Jim Watson is feeling lucky tomorrow.
  29. Aerith
  30. New Twitter: @AerithXOR2
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