Altera; The Scourge of Clean Diapers.

Mar 21st, 2019
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  1.                                     [Riyo really fucked up by not making Helena the top in their relationship.]
  3. Helena anxiously taps her foot as she eagerly awaits her Valentine's Day gift, flipping through the pages of a book with an annoyed look on her face. Tick, tock, the clock chimes, she can hear shuffling, grunts and struggles coming from behind the locked bathroom door. 'What could she be possibly struggling with?' going through her mind. Her instructions were simple, Helena now questioning the intelligence of the taller, slimmer girl; Altera, The Scourge of God - a powerful Saber-class Servant with an infamous legacy as the Destroyer of Civilizations, a good portion of Chaldea's Servants respected the Conqueror of Europe - especially as she wields her signature weapon; Photon Ray, a sword unlike any other.
  4. They first met as hostages kidnapped by the Kingdom of Children; a rogue group of children hoping to escape Chaldea and its sadistic ruler. Labelled 'Mother' and 'Father' by the kids, the two were forced into awkward, fruitless sex with a visionary idea to help populate the Kingdom with more youngsters.  
  5. Helena wasn't so excited about being the Mother, especially as Altera shows her naturally submissive side, but as their relationship grew and flourished, one haphazard promise made long ago would catch the Conqueror off-guard two nights beforehand, as they were falling asleep.
  6. <"A-Are you sure about... this..?"> The Saber cried, still hiding behind closed doors.
  7. <"Very!"> Her magenta eyes lit up with frustration.
  8. <"F-Fine, but you owe me for White Day..."> Altera mumbles under her breath, unlocking the door.
  10. The tanned Servant waddles into view, trying to cover the poofy white diaper wrapped around her waist with her translucent veil. Her pampers - white in colour with a tricoloured wetness indicator dyed to match the glow of her Photon Ray, with red leak guards, tapes, plastics - spread the girl's thighs enough to form a gap and hinder her graceful movement. Combat wasn't even an option - her opponents would drop with laughter than at the sight of her sword, what an embarrassment! A Servant without combat potential, pathetic! Pampers, nappies, diapers, during her childhood - if you could call it that, were only available as thin, loose cloth mothers would wash and reuse - Altera rubs and squeezes the back of her thick disposable padding, admiring the progress humanity's made since her times - feeling a bit jealous. Even the slightest of movements she makes causes her diaper to crinkle loudly, making sure there's no uncomfortable silence in the room.
  11. Awkwardly waddling towards Helena, who giggles and laughs as her girl grunts and sighs, Altera crouches down to remove her shiny red heels, slowly creeping towards before eventually locking lips with the other girl.
  12. Helena mentions something about Altera being bad in bed, something about diapers and fetishes and 'unknown pleasures' - her hopes that tonight would be different from their usual routine of boring sex and fake orgasms.
  14. They moved over to the bed, Altera laying down with her hands up next to her face with a looming, thirsty Helena pinning her down - a bit of drool hanging from her mouth. Such a shame to see Altera's toned, dark, exposed body being ruined by such a poofy, infantile diaper; but this contrast of colours was a thing of fantasy for the purple mage - she reaches down and handles Altera's thighs and spreads her legs, cooing and giggling as the other girl squirms in place. Helena continues by placing her small hand onto Altera's padded crotch, pushing the diaper until the white-haired Saber lets out a moan. Stroking up and down, Helena massages and caresses the middle and sensitive area, occasionally forcefully poking and circling with her two fingers. Up, down, up, down; Altera biting her lips as Helena manoeuvres over and presses her groin against the diaper - causing both to yelp at the sensation. A few tears roll down Helena's cheeks all while her hips begin to gyrate by their own will, the padding quickly warming up from the friction. Sweat pours from Altera's body, some of it dripping into the sheets of the bed and some absorbed by her thirsty diaper - they've only just begun when the girl suddenly moans and yelps, curling her toes and fingers, wiping away a few tears as she collapses to her side.
  16. <"W-What? We've only just started!"> Helena barks in response to Altera shaking her head, retreating. She's overestimated just how sensitive her girl was, but something in her little purple head clicked. This just made the Saber all that cuter, more innocent - she licked her lips hungrily at the unsuspecting Altera, who poked curiously at her damp diaper. In a flash, Helena's tongue was deep inside the Hun's mouth. It all happened so quickly for Altera, getting flipped around and still numb from her previous orgasm, she found herself bent over, on all fours. She blinked, confused - Helena was somewhere behind her pulling a pair of protective plastic goggles over her face.
  18. <"Eh? What's that for?"> Altera raises a brow, as Helena coldly and without response undoes two tapes on her left side, pulling the diaper to expose the Conqueror's bare butt, covered with baby powder. They briefly make eye contact, Altera breaking out into a cold sweat as Helena's gaze strikes right through her, an evil, deranged look in those pink eyes. Well, that's how it looks like through Altera's crimson eyes; In reality, Helena was disappointed and angry with both herself and the other girl - but that would change as she prepares a few anal suppositories, not wanting Altera's diaper to go to waste. It was anybody's guess as to how effective laxatives were for Servants, most of them don't even need to eat or drink, although it helps and comforts them - modern medicine couldn't compare to their regenerative abilities; impervious to both toxins and poisons and anything in between. But Helena guesstimated that around ten - no, twelve, would be strong enough to take effect. Thirteen, yes, one more for good measure, she prepared the fourteen little red pills before lubing the nozzle of a funnel menacingly - staring with wide eyes at the now pale Altera that's finally understood just how dire her situation would shortly become.
  19. Her cries and whimpers fell on deaf ears, she couldn't even struggle as Helena placed a warding spell beforehand, stretching a latex glove over her hand while the Saber squirms and struggles, frozen in place.
  20. <"Aww, don't be such a baby, it won't be that bad!"> She giggles to herself, poking at Altera's exposed hole - watching her recoil and yelp before finally forcing it a good inch into the other girl.
  21. Needless to say, Altera will be waddling sore tomorrow, with or without a diaper. Her crimson eyes widened with fear and discomfort at the unfamiliar sensation poking around her insides - nausea making her head spin; while the smaller occultist loads up the taller girl's butt pill by pill until all fifteen little pills settled. Now, just to wait - Helena runs her slender fingers over and tapes up Altera's diaper for her, removing the ward and funnel, watching her collapse as her bowels start rumbling menacingly.  
  23. Helena smiles warmly, rubbing her face against the Saber's that's begun tearing up - her pride crumbling with each painful groan coming from her insides as the pills dissolve.
  24. <"It'll all be over before you know it, just remember to tell me right before you go, so I can get into position!">
  25. She nods, sliding her hand over to the Conqueror's back; stroking and caressing her padded butt to encourage and groom Altera into feeling comfortable with releasing when needed. Get into position? What the hell did that mean? Pat, pat, the room tense with anticipation as the medicine slowly took its toll on the waste inside her, softening it up into a pliable mush that'll eventually fill up her custom pampers quite nicely. Clean up won't be a problem, Helena will just effortlessly animate a Golem to do her dirty work - a very depressing and short life for the pile of mud and arcane powder, but that's what they're made for.
  26. A watched pot never boils, her mother's catchphrase making her chuckle - Helena continuing to comfort the Saber with encouraging pats, pokes and pinches; watching her contort into an interesting pose when the other girl finally confesses;
  28. <"A-Ah... I don't think - "> If only the hordes of people she's lead could see her now; her hips high in the air with her crimson face pressed up against a pillow as her body takes the most comfortable position to pass out the waste. Not even a second passes and Helena slips under her, hands squeezing Altera's thighs as she prepares for a face full of the girl's diaper.
  29. It felt effortless, the stinky mess pushed out on its own, the crease drawn in the middle of her pampers quickly puffing out while Altera pants and groans, her body fighting the urge to push and convincing itself that it's somehow winning - even if the wetness indicator says otherwise; turning into three different shades of brown. The sudden pull by Helena catches her off-guard, her lumpy diaper suddenly pressed against the smaller girl's face as more of the mess escapes, slowly topping any free space left - and now thanks to Helena, it's spread and mushed out to the front as well. The previously light red, slightly translucent leak guards and ruffles turn opaque as more of her pampers gets packed; all while Helena giggles and moans under herm, bringing two fingers to her damp groin. Each push hurts and burns her bowels and hole, while the tapes barely do the difficult job of containing such a large mess while Helena lays speechless, only letting out a few muffled moans and yelps while her face gets buried under the stinky diaper.
  30. A few more grunts later, Altera finally finishes - her diaper's insides now completely coarsely plastered with two or three day's worth of waste; from back to front. Her body went numb again; only feeling the warmth of her crotch and the heavy sag of her smelly diaper as well as the burning sensation left by her laxatives; she sighs and collapses to her side, left horribly defeated by a bunch of mundane medicine. Not even the smaller Caster spoke a word - enjoying the lingering bliss that's completely stunned her.
  32. With what little strength the Saber has, she pulls herself over to the small occultist, pressing a small kiss against her lips - even if it is perhaps unsanitary. She embraces Helena, smiling to herself when she notices Helena's snoring - again dodging her responsibilities; aren't Mothers supposed to change dirty diapers? Well, Altera blinks, staying a bit longer in these wouldn't be such a tragedy - not like she can get a rash anyway. Besides, for the first time in what seemed like forever, Altera's dealing with a conflicted feeling; although the stink and the vile contents of her diaper disgust her, the pleasure she enjoyed from the sensation of a full, sagging diaper was addictive. The Saber mumbles about good and bad civilizations, bringing her hand over the back of her nasty diapers, pushing and spreading the mess even more. Next time, she'll pop two dozen pills inside Helena and force her into diapers, just to even the score. The Scourge adjusts and pulls up the diaper to combat the sagginess from dragging it down, before laying the small purple girl against her puffed front, combing through her hair, softly muttering embarrassing situations she'll force Helena into.
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