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  1. [Sneakem]: nice sploit .. till now u didn't saw me in sneak .. now u see me ? :)))
  2. To [Sneakem]: Wasnt even me that seen you?
  3. [Sneakem]: anyway .. nice sploit
  4. To [Sneakem]: There isnt any exploit in play
  5. [Sneakem]: u sure ?
  6. To [Sneakem]: Nice duoble fail on MR though
  7. [Sneakem]: no mr btw
  8. [Sneakem]: I didn't even got mr perked
  9. To [Sneakem]: You dont perk me without it plus I seen your NCU when you first attacked
  10. [Sneakem]: I don't have mr dude
  11. To [Sneakem]: + you cant perk me at all after your first attack
  12. [Sneakem]: coha conc and made perked
  13. [Sneakem]: I don't need perks to kill u
  14. To [Sneakem]: Even if you dont you will never kill me with or without it so
  15. To [Sneakem]: You cant even kill me
  16. [Sneakem]: I can kill u only with AS
  17. To [Sneakem]: Not once did you kill me
  18. To [Sneakem]: No you cant and that was already proven
  19. [Sneakem]: come duel .. and we will se
  20. [Sneakem]: see*
  21. To [Sneakem]: Did you just ask someone who stands in towerfields afk mostly to duel?
  22. To [Sneakem]: Oh dear god I wish Qta were around to slap you or something
  23. [Sneakem]: dude .. atlast I don't use sploits to see agents in sneak
  24. To [Sneakem]: I dont either
  25. To [Sneakem]: Why would I care abotu agents
  26. To [Sneakem]: You literally got killed by a perc agent
  27. To [Sneakem]: I only attacked after you were basically dead
  28. [Sneakem]: perc agent ? :)))))
  29. To [Sneakem]: Yeah Meliz he has one
  30. [Sneakem]: atat means he have more then 4k conceal :)))
  31. To [Sneakem]: Is how he repeatively kills agents in bore
  32. To [Sneakem]: Over and over
  33. To [Sneakem]: Adv and whatnot for perc ftw
  34. [Sneakem]: dude .. stop exploting
  35. To [Sneakem]: Im not
  36. [Sneakem]: u did 1st shot who got me out of sneak
  37. To [Sneakem]: Since you cant read I will explain this to you
  38. [Sneakem]: your fa got me out of sneak
  39. To [Sneakem]: I didnt attack you til you were dead already
  40. To [Sneakem]: No it didnt
  41. [Sneakem]: 7,4k FA in 22k HP ?
  42. [Sneakem]: don't think
  43. To [Sneakem]: I didnt even see you til your bar was over halfway gone
  44. To [Sneakem]: More hp higher specials will hit you for
  45. To [Sneakem]: Kill that 200 agent I killed
  46. [Sneakem]: that 200 agent is me :)))
  47. To [Sneakem]: Yeah I know
  48. [Sneakem]: Guldan :)
  49. To [Sneakem]: And he fails just as bad as your 220
  50. [Sneakem]: hahahahaha
  51. [Sneakem]: sploiter
  52. To [Sneakem]: You killed Meliz's 170 then died to me then rage logged your 220 and failed miserbly at killing the fixer who killed you
  53. To [Sneakem]: Then died to meliz's 220 agent
  54. [Sneakem]: better play fair then sploit like u and meliz
  55. To [Sneakem]: I havent exploited
  56. To [Sneakem]: You should read your damage log
  57. [Sneakem]: yeah sure
  58. To [Sneakem]: You were already dead before I eevn attacked
  59. [Sneakem]: I belive it
  60. To [Sneakem]: Good because its true
  61. [Sneakem]: yeah sure
  62. To [Sneakem]: As I said read your damage log
  63. To [Sneakem]: Btw why do you have energize on a agent
  64. [Sneakem]: becouse I want so
  65. [Sneakem]: that your problem why ?
  66. To [Sneakem]: Because coming to pvp expecting to kill anyone with energize on a agent is deplorable
  67. [Sneakem]: this was for pvm
  68. To [Sneakem]: Then dont come to towers when the only thign you are going to do is fail at killing repeatively
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