JMHX roasts Brink

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  1. [2016-12-10T17:15:39+0000] JMHX ( joined the channel
  2. [2016-12-10T17:15:40+0000] IvankaTrump sets mode +h JMHX
  3. [2016-12-10T17:15:59+0000] <%JMHX> Sing it
  4. [2016-12-10T17:16:37+0000] <%Music> scuse me?
  5. [2016-12-10T17:17:21+0000] <%JMHX> SING IT
  6. [2016-12-10T17:31:52+0000] <%Music> !musicweather
  7. [2016-12-10T17:31:54+0000] <&OTBot> Minneapolis, MN :: Overcast :: 9F/-13C | Saturday: Cloudy. Snow showers developing this afternoon. High 14F. Winds ESE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of snow 60%. Snow accumulations less than one inch. Saturday Night: Snow likely. Low 13F. Winds E at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of snow 90%. Snow accumulating 3 to 5 inches.
  8. [2016-12-10T17:31:54+0000] <&OTBot> Forecast: :: Sat: Snow Showers (14F/13F) | Sun: Snow (27F/6F) | Mon: Snow Showers (18F/-5F) | Tue: Clear (8F/-3F)
  9. [2016-12-10T17:35:05+0000] prete (xchat@347AA9E.FE3A3753.404C8EBA.IP) joined the channel
  10. [2016-12-10T17:42:17+0000] <+FancyRabbitt> Good morning JMHX, I liked those power ranking
  11. [2016-12-10T17:42:18+0000] <+FancyRabbitt> s
  12. [2016-12-10T17:42:52+0000] <%JMHX> Yes friend
  13. [2016-12-10T17:42:58+0000] <%JMHX> I posted over 300 lines in Silverfin without being combo broken
  14. [2016-12-10T17:43:02+0000] <%JMHX> Because no one uses it
  15. [2016-12-10T17:43:38+0000] <+FancyRabbitt> Lol it doesnt get much anymore
  16. [2016-12-10T17:43:40+0000] <+FancyRabbitt> I havent been around
  17. [2016-12-10T17:50:05+0000] mogo ( joined the channel
  18. [2016-12-10T17:50:05+0000] IvankaTrump sets mode +v mogo
  19. [2016-12-10T17:51:14+0000] <%muplah> sup
  20. [2016-12-10T17:51:59+0000] <%JMHX> muplah is a bot pls ban him
  21. [2016-12-10T17:52:07+0000] <%muplah> jmhx pls
  22. [2016-12-10T17:52:13+0000] <%JMHX> FancyRabbitt my boy my boy I was telling the folks in here some top news about the nature of living and intelligence
  23. [2016-12-10T17:52:29+0000] <%JMHX> ripley and akiman and Dick_Nachos weren't ready to receive the enlightenment
  24. [2016-12-10T17:52:31+0000] <+FancyRabbitt> Oh yeah?
  25. [2016-12-10T17:52:33+0000] <+FancyRabbitt> Sup fish
  26. [2016-12-10T17:57:07+0000] <%inWoDrya> the big butt theory
  27. [2016-12-10T18:00:00+0000] <%muplah> yo bugs
  28. [2016-12-10T18:00:36+0000] <%Yahoo> i dont remember anymore Brink
  29. [2016-12-10T18:00:50+0000] <%Yahoo> oh
  30. [2016-12-10T18:00:56+0000] <%Yahoo> i think i wanted to know if you saw my pizza
  31. [2016-12-10T18:02:39+0000] <%inWoDrya> show us your pizza
  32. [2016-12-10T18:02:47+0000] <%inWoDrya> show us your delicious pizza
  33. [2016-12-10T18:03:13+0000] <alienhippy> don't taze me bro
  34. [2016-12-10T18:03:44+0000] <%Yahoo> wasn't the best looking pizza but i got it to do what i wanted it to do
  35. [2016-12-10T18:03:45+0000] <%Yahoo>
  36. [2016-12-10T18:03:46+0000] <&OTBot> Title: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet (at
  37. [2016-12-10T18:04:56+0000] <%JMHX> !urb Brink is a giant pussy flap filled with expired cream cheese
  38. [2016-12-10T18:04:57+0000] <&OTBot> ERROR: 'Brink is a giant pussy flap filled with expired cream cheese' not defined on UrbanDictionary.
  39. [2016-12-10T18:08:26+0000] <ItalianKitty2> Yahoo: that looks great. How did it taste?
  40. [2016-12-10T18:08:31+0000] <%Yahoo> it tasted really good
  41. [2016-12-10T18:08:39+0000] <ItalianKitty2> Awesome!
  42. [2016-12-10T18:08:43+0000] <%Yahoo> the crust on the edges wasnt that good but the rest of it was great
  43. [2016-12-10T18:08:50+0000] <ItalianKitty2> Well done you.
  44. [2016-12-10T18:08:58+0000] <ItalianKitty2> Why wasn't the crust good?
  45. [2016-12-10T18:09:01+0000] <%Yahoo> iono
  46. [2016-12-10T18:09:04+0000] <%Yahoo> maybe i was eating it werid lol
  47. [2016-12-10T18:09:08+0000] <%Yahoo> it just felt tough
  48. [2016-12-10T18:09:14+0000] <%Yahoo> like my teeth had trouble chewing through
  49. [2016-12-10T18:09:19+0000] <%Yahoo> well
  50. [2016-12-10T18:09:21+0000] <%Yahoo> actaully it was weird
  51. [2016-12-10T18:09:22+0000] <%Yahoo> it was soft
  52. [2016-12-10T18:09:28+0000] <%Yahoo> my teeth just kind of hurt lol
  53. [2016-12-10T18:09:45+0000] <ItalianKitty2> If you have crust left over, you can cut it in chunks, toast it, and use it a croutons in salads.
  54. [2016-12-10T18:10:31+0000] <ItalianKitty2> Or feed it to the ducks (")<
  55. [2016-12-10T18:10:56+0000] <%Yahoo> lol
  56. [2016-12-10T18:11:12+0000] <~Brink> yea i saw Yahoo
  57. [2016-12-10T18:11:14+0000] <~Brink> was it nice?
  58. [2016-12-10T18:11:18+0000] <%Yahoo> yeah it was pretty good
  59. [2016-12-10T18:11:22+0000] <ItalianKitty2> What cheese did you use?
  60. [2016-12-10T18:11:25+0000] <%Yahoo> mozarella
  61. [2016-12-10T18:11:37+0000] <%Yahoo> i ventured out into the snow for it too lol
  62. [2016-12-10T18:11:41+0000] <ItalianKitty2> Good call.
  63. [2016-12-10T18:11:44+0000] <%Yahoo> since i was almost done and then im like
  64. [2016-12-10T18:11:49+0000] <%Yahoo> shit i have no cheese
  65. [2016-12-10T18:11:55+0000] <%Yahoo> the brick of morzarella i bought months ago had green spots on it so...
  66. [2016-12-10T18:11:58+0000] <~Brink> hmm, the base looks quite more cooked than the top
  67. [2016-12-10T18:12:06+0000] <%Yahoo> yeah its interesting yeah?
  68. [2016-12-10T18:12:06+0000] <%Yahoo> llo
  69. [2016-12-10T18:12:10+0000] <%Yahoo> isnt whats supposed to happen? lol
  70. [2016-12-10T18:12:13+0000] <~Brink> can you change your oven to like, grill mode?
  71. [2016-12-10T18:12:17+0000] <%Yahoo> nope
  72. [2016-12-10T18:12:19+0000] <~Brink> so it heats from the top down
  73. [2016-12-10T18:12:20+0000] <~Brink> kk
  74. [2016-12-10T18:12:22+0000] <%Yahoo> ah kk
  75. [2016-12-10T18:12:23+0000] <%Yahoo> i see
  76. [2016-12-10T18:12:24+0000] <~Brink> thats what i do
  77. [2016-12-10T18:12:41+0000] <~Brink> once it is up to temp, then change it so its like a...
  78. [2016-12-10T18:12:45+0000] <~Brink> broiler i think you call it
  79. [2016-12-10T18:12:51+0000] <%Yahoo> my toaster oven has it
  80. [2016-12-10T18:12:54+0000] <~Brink> kk
  81. [2016-12-10T18:12:56+0000] <%Yahoo> but it's smaller
  82. [2016-12-10T18:12:59+0000] <%Yahoo> not sure if this'll fit in there
  83. [2016-12-10T18:13:08+0000] <~Brink> that way the top cooks as fast as the bottom
  84. [2016-12-10T18:13:15+0000] <~Brink> it looked better than your othr pizzas anyway
  85. [2016-12-10T18:13:15+0000] <%inWoDrya> never feed the ducks
  86. [2016-12-10T18:13:24+0000] • inWoDrya: cooks your bottom
  87. [2016-12-10T18:13:32+0000] <~Brink> also if it was tough,maybe let it rise a bit before you put it in the oven
  88. [2016-12-10T18:13:47+0000] <~Brink> i sometimes roll out the dough, then leave it for 10-20 mins under a towel
  89. [2016-12-10T18:13:57+0000] <~Brink> so it gets some air into it before the oven
  90. [2016-12-10T18:14:20+0000] <~Brink> you are about on your own soon Yahoo
  91. [2016-12-10T18:14:32+0000] <%Yahoo> kk
  92. [2016-12-10T18:14:33+0000] <%Yahoo> hmm
  93. [2016-12-10T18:14:37+0000] <~Brink> where you will just have to change it slightly each time, see if its nicer or worse
  94. [2016-12-10T18:14:49+0000] <CatBox360> >be Yahoo
  95. [2016-12-10T18:14:54+0000] <CatBox360> >show pics of pizza
  96. [2016-12-10T18:14:55+0000] <CatBox360> >not share
  97. [2016-12-10T18:14:55+0000] <CatBox360> :<
  98. [2016-12-10T18:14:56+0000] <%Yahoo> also couldnt find a way to make it a circle
  99. [2016-12-10T18:15:25+0000] <~Brink> square is fine
  100. [2016-12-10T18:15:29+0000] <~Brink> just dont tell ItalianKitty
  101. [2016-12-10T18:15:32+0000] <%Yahoo> yeah i wanted a circle though
  102. [2016-12-10T18:15:32+0000] <%Yahoo> lol
  103. [2016-12-10T18:16:15+0000] <%mooncup> !aww
  104. [2016-12-10T18:16:15+0000] <&OTBot> ( dellort, ItalianKitty, Severus, blackarcher, cakewizard, mooncup, ripley
  105. [2016-12-10T18:20:22+0000] <%mooncup> speaking of good looking food though
  106. [2016-12-10T18:20:29+0000] <~Brink> the shaping vid i linked the other night shows how to i think
  107. [2016-12-10T18:20:35+0000] <%mooncup> I managed to cook an omlette this morning that was actually omlette shaped
  108. [2016-12-10T18:20:36+0000] <%mooncup> I was well impressed
  109. [2016-12-10T18:20:42+0000] <~Brink> nice mooncup
  110. [2016-12-10T18:20:52+0000] <~Brink> Yahoo made me put a frozen pizza on
  111. [2016-12-10T18:20:54+0000] <~Brink> the shame
  112. [2016-12-10T18:20:58+0000] kawasaki (a@8A255F0.38D88580.93DE5050.IP) left IRC (Quit: Leaving)
  113. [2016-12-10T18:21:02+0000] <ItalianKitty2> So cuuuuuute <3
  114. [2016-12-10T18:21:21+0000] <%mooncup>
  115. [2016-12-10T18:21:28+0000] <%bovice> how do you cook an omlette that isnt omlette shaped if its in a round pan
  116. [2016-12-10T18:21:30+0000] <~Brink> actually i must try making my own frozen pizzas
  117. [2016-12-10T18:21:39+0000] <%mooncup> normally they are just broken messes
  118. [2016-12-10T18:21:52+0000] <%bovice> overcooked mooncup
  119. [2016-12-10T18:21:59+0000] <%bovice> unacceptable
  120. [2016-12-10T18:22:02+0000] • inWoDrya: rubs up on your hot pizza
  121. [2016-12-10T18:22:03+0000] <%mooncup> :(
  122. [2016-12-10T18:22:32+0000] • mooncup: throws eggs at bovice
  123. [2016-12-10T18:22:38+0000] snowy ( left IRC (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
  124. [2016-12-10T18:22:50+0000] • bovice: bovice cooks a perfect omlette with them
  125. [2016-12-10T18:22:57+0000] <ItalianKitty2> Mooncup, that a delicious hybrid between omelette and frittata. Don't listen to the boviceses.
  126. [2016-12-10T18:23:13+0000] <~Brink> yea next on my list is to try and make a batch of frozen pizzas
  127. [2016-12-10T18:23:14+0000] <%bovice> I am the egg man
  128. [2016-12-10T18:23:22+0000] <%bovice> cu cu ca choo
  129. [2016-12-10T18:23:26+0000] <%mooncup> I AM THE WALRUS
  130. [2016-12-10T18:23:38+0000] <ItalianKitty2> I love eggs. How would you cook them for me, bovice.
  131. [2016-12-10T18:23:43+0000] <~Brink> just give the bases a quick blast to get some bubbles, then cool, add sauce and cheeze, freeze
  132. [2016-12-10T18:23:43+0000] <ItalianKitty2> ?
  133. [2016-12-10T18:23:49+0000] <%Yahoo> yeah its sad Brink
  134. [2016-12-10T18:23:51+0000] <%Yahoo> i still prefer frozen pizzas
  135. [2016-12-10T18:23:53+0000] <%bovice> any way you want is the correct answer
  136. [2016-12-10T18:23:53+0000] <%Yahoo> i need to get a lot better
  137. [2016-12-10T18:24:05+0000] <%Yahoo> no bovice you dictate how she wants it
  138. [2016-12-10T18:24:08+0000] <%mooncup> scrambled eggs on toast is the best way
  139. [2016-12-10T18:24:10+0000] <~Brink> it took a while till mine were nicer than frozen
  140. [2016-12-10T18:24:11+0000] <%Yahoo> and how she'll like it
  141. [2016-12-10T18:24:14+0000] <%Yahoo> yes mooncup
  142. [2016-12-10T18:24:16+0000] <%Yahoo> or between 2 slices ofb read
  143. [2016-12-10T18:24:17+0000] <~Brink> a lot of it is in the sauce Yahoo
  144. [2016-12-10T18:24:17+0000] <%Yahoo> with cream cheese
  145. [2016-12-10T18:24:21+0000] <%bovice> benedict is my favorite
  146. [2016-12-10T18:24:21+0000] <%Yahoo> ah k
  147. [2016-12-10T18:24:22+0000] <%Yahoo> that makes sense
  148. [2016-12-10T18:24:29+0000] <~Brink> the right sauce makes all the difference
  149. [2016-12-10T18:24:50+0000] <~Brink> was the mozerella cheeze nicer anyway?
  150. [2016-12-10T18:25:11+0000] snowy ( joined the channel
  151. [2016-12-10T18:25:12+0000] <ItalianKitty2> I like all eggy things, but I have a soft spot for running yolks.
  152. [2016-12-10T18:25:15+0000] <%bovice> do you eat crab ItalianKitty2?
  153. [2016-12-10T18:25:23+0000] <ItalianKitty2> I don't.
  154. [2016-12-10T18:25:23+0000] <%mooncup> oh yeah ItalianKitty2
  155. [2016-12-10T18:25:27+0000] <%mooncup> runny egg on a pizza
  156. [2016-12-10T18:25:28+0000] <%mooncup> is the best
  157. [2016-12-10T18:25:30+0000] <~Brink> ItalianKitty i could cook you an epic fried egg then
  158. [2016-12-10T18:25:34+0000] <%mooncup> though that's more of a french thing
  159. [2016-12-10T18:25:50+0000] <~Brink> 100% solid white, 95% runny yoke
  160. [2016-12-10T18:25:55+0000] <ItalianKitty2> I like eggs on a spinach pizza.
  161. [2016-12-10T18:26:01+0000] <%mooncup> just on any pizza
  162. [2016-12-10T18:26:08+0000] <%mooncup> so fuckn tasty
  163. [2016-12-10T18:26:17+0000] <%bovice> eggs on anything is tasty
  164. [2016-12-10T18:26:17+0000] <ItalianKitty2> Brink: that sounds lovely.
  165. [2016-12-10T18:26:37+0000] ouik ( joined the channel
  166. [2016-12-10T18:26:42+0000] <~Brink> i made a mashup meal when i was drunk once mooncup
  167. [2016-12-10T18:26:44+0000] <~Brink> it was awesome
  168. [2016-12-10T18:26:51+0000] <%Yahoo> yeah Brink
  169. [2016-12-10T18:26:53+0000] <%Yahoo> the mozarella was a lot nicer
  170. [2016-12-10T18:26:53+0000] <~Brink> half a pizza and chips
  171. [2016-12-10T18:26:55+0000] <%Yahoo> and i put a shitton on too
  172. [2016-12-10T18:26:59+0000] <~Brink> with most of a full breakfast
  173. [2016-12-10T18:27:07+0000] <%mooncup> lol
  174. [2016-12-10T18:27:07+0000] <%mooncup> nice
  175. [2016-12-10T18:27:15+0000] <%mooncup> I went to a pub in london that did a kebab and chip pizza
  176. [2016-12-10T18:27:19+0000] <~Brink> throwing chips and rashers onto the pizza, dipping it in egg
  177. [2016-12-10T18:27:19+0000] <%mooncup> that was great
  178. [2016-12-10T18:27:21+0000] <%mooncup> but I was really drunk
  179. [2016-12-10T18:27:28+0000] <%mooncup> so I don't know if it was actually great
  180. [2016-12-10T18:27:33+0000] <~Brink> lol
  181. [2016-12-10T18:27:35+0000] <%mooncup> your sounds awesome tho
  182. [2016-12-10T18:27:36+0000] ouik ( left IRC (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
  183. [2016-12-10T18:27:54+0000] <~Brink> skinny chips too
  184. [2016-12-10T18:28:11+0000] <~Brink> i must have been stoned as well
  185. [2016-12-10T18:28:11+0000] <%mooncup> I prefer fat chips
  186. [2016-12-10T18:28:12+0000] <%Yahoo>
  187. [2016-12-10T18:28:13+0000] <&OTBot> Title: Pizzeria Tuscan Chicken Pizza | DiGiorno (at
  188. [2016-12-10T18:28:14+0000] <%mooncup> except maccys obvs
  189. [2016-12-10T18:28:18+0000] <%Yahoo> time to figure out how to make this Brink
  190. [2016-12-10T18:28:35+0000] <%bovice> I would make you a eggs florentine ItalianKitty2
  191. [2016-12-10T18:28:35+0000] <~Brink> lol
  192. [2016-12-10T18:29:02+0000] <~Brink> looks simple enough Yahoo, just add the toppings to the pizza
  193. [2016-12-10T18:29:34+0000] <~Brink> they have their list of ingrediants there too
  194. [2016-12-10T18:29:46+0000] <%JMHX> !urb Brink's house should burn down
  195. [2016-12-10T18:29:46+0000] <&OTBot> ERROR: 'Brink's house should burn down' not defined on UrbanDictionary.
  196. [2016-12-10T18:29:53+0000] <%JMHX> Damn I am just not good with searches
  197. [2016-12-10T18:30:21+0000] <%Yahoo> did JMHX break after hillary lost
  198. [2016-12-10T18:30:42+0000] <%JMHX> nah
  199. [2016-12-10T18:30:48+0000] <%JMHX> You win some you lose some
  200. [2016-12-10T18:31:27+0000] <%JMHX> Brink though fills me with sadness
  201. [2016-12-10T18:31:52+0000] <ItalianKitty2> bovice: as it happens, I adore eggs florentine
  202. [2016-12-10T18:32:18+0000] <%Yahoo> oh mmm
  203. [2016-12-10T18:32:18+0000] <%Yahoo> that looks good
  204. [2016-12-10T18:32:34+0000] <%Yahoo> breakfast food is not always for me since i cant eat bacon/ham/sausage/ and all hte other common meats
  205. [2016-12-10T18:33:57+0000] <ItalianKitty2> JMHX: could you please stop what you are doing?
  206. [2016-12-10T18:34:44+0000] <%JMHX> I wish
  207. [2016-12-10T18:35:20+0000] <%mooncup> Yahoo: do you not consider the fact that forbidding the eating of pork was more of a health thing at the time?
  208. [2016-12-10T18:35:31+0000] <%mooncup> it made sense to forbid it because it often made you ill
  209. [2016-12-10T18:35:32+0000] <%Yahoo> i do
  210. [2016-12-10T18:35:48+0000] <%mooncup> I guess you can't just pick and chose though
  211. [2016-12-10T18:35:57+0000] <%Yahoo> religion is a werid thing to me right now
  212. [2016-12-10T18:36:00+0000] <snowy> u will take my bacon from my cold dead hands
  213. [2016-12-10T18:36:04+0000] <%Yahoo> i dont know anything anymore
  214. [2016-12-10T18:36:13+0000] <%Yahoo> since i started drinking which i didnt do before
  215. [2016-12-10T18:36:14+0000] <ItalianKitty2> Maybe they knew how intelligent pigs were, so they forbade their consumption on humanitarian grounds.
  216. [2016-12-10T18:36:29+0000] <%Yahoo> and im essentially already picking and choosing
  217. [2016-12-10T18:36:37+0000] <%mooncup> yeah ItalianKitty2
  218. [2016-12-10T18:36:44+0000] <%JMHX> Another person descending into substance abuse
  219. [2016-12-10T18:36:49+0000] <%Yahoo> its not abuse
  220. [2016-12-10T18:36:50+0000] <%mooncup> cuz that book is full of humanitarian acts
  221. [2016-12-10T18:36:53+0000] <%Yahoo> just went from never drinking
  222. [2016-12-10T18:36:55+0000] <%Yahoo> to sometimes drinking
  223. [2016-12-10T18:37:01+0000] <ItalianKitty2> mooncup: lol
  224. [2016-12-10T18:37:10+0000] <%Yahoo> lol mooncup
  225. [2016-12-10T18:37:45+0000] Krakozhian_ (Krakozhian@2DD9AA5E.C5C3C44.A59E5373.IP) joined the channel
  226. [2016-12-10T18:38:01+0000] Krakozhian (Krakozhian@2DD9AA5E.C5C3C44.A59E5373.IP) left IRC (Read error)
  227. [2016-12-10T18:38:53+0000] <%Snuggles> #brink4prez
  228. [2016-12-10T18:39:23+0000] <~Brink> \o/
  229. [2016-12-10T18:39:56+0000] <~Brink> someone needs to change their name to Hindsight
  230. [2016-12-10T18:40:00+0000] <~Brink> and run in 2020
  231. [2016-12-10T18:40:05+0000] <%Snuggles> lol
  232. [2016-12-10T18:40:08+0000] <~Brink> because Hindsight IS 2020!
  233. [2016-12-10T18:40:17+0000] <%mooncup> 19:40 <~Brink> because Hindsight IS 2020!
  234. [2016-12-10T18:40:21+0000] <%mooncup> ohhhhhh
  235. [2016-12-10T18:40:22+0000] <%mooncup> I get it now
  236. [2016-12-10T18:40:35+0000] <%Snuggles> wow mooncup
  237. [2016-12-10T18:40:35+0000] <%Snuggles> LOL
  238. [2016-12-10T18:40:48+0000] <ItalianKitty2> lol
  239. [2016-12-10T18:41:40+0000] <~Brink>
  240. [2016-12-10T18:41:40+0000] <&LinkBot> YouTube: Southpark - Captain Hindsight | Uploader: Akis Palamidis | Views: 43,588 views | +104 | -3
  241. [2016-12-10T18:46:05+0000] <clazlol> hmm, apollo went p2l sooner than I expected ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  242. [2016-12-10T18:46:40+0000] <%JMHX> I'm making an online newspaper dedicated to rooting out the sources of Brink's autism
  243. [2016-12-10T18:46:51+0000] <%JMHX> It's going to be funded by a few venture investors interested in reporting the truth
  244. [2016-12-10T18:47:57+0000] <%JMHX> We're going to call it The Daily Brinksperg
  245. [2016-12-10T18:48:10+0000] <%JMHX> Soft paywall on content
  246. [2016-12-10T18:48:40+0000] <%mooncup> 19:46 < clazlol> hmm, apollo went p2l sooner than I expected ¯\_(?)_/¯
  247. [2016-12-10T18:48:42+0000] <%mooncup> lol I called it
  248. [2016-12-10T18:48:44+0000] <%mooncup> what did they do?
  249. [2016-12-10T18:48:56+0000] <clazlol> for every $5 donated, you get 1 FL token
  250. [2016-12-10T18:49:11+0000] <%mooncup> lol that's not even worth it
  251. [2016-12-10T18:49:15+0000] <ItalianKitty2> Expensive.
  252. [2016-12-10T18:49:21+0000] <%mooncup> I wouldn't call that p2l
  253. [2016-12-10T18:49:27+0000] <clazlol> 1 invite for every $10
  254. [2016-12-10T18:49:43+0000] <clazlol> expensive or not, still p2l
  255. [2016-12-10T18:49:49+0000] <%mooncup> btn used to give invites for donations
  256. [2016-12-10T18:49:54+0000] <%mooncup> it's not unheard of
  257. [2016-12-10T18:49:59+0000] <%mooncup> I was expecting more ipt style shit
  258. [2016-12-10T18:50:02+0000] <%JMHX> Our top story today Brink living in a hovel of sadness and nacho cheese as the world continues its collapse.
  259. [2016-12-10T18:50:03+0000] <%mooncup> but maybe that will come when it's bigger
  260. [2016-12-10T18:50:12+0000] Poseidon ( left IRC (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
  261. [2016-12-10T18:50:14+0000] <%JMHX> This is JMHX reporting live from Brinksperg News Headquarters
  262. [2016-12-10T18:53:55+0000] <clazlol> mooncup: It could be a lot worse, I agree. Soon they will probably give sitewide FL like SCC :>
  263. [2016-12-10T18:53:57+0000] <%JMHX> BREAKING NEWS: Brinksperg News hit with layoffs in declining media environment
  264. [2016-12-10T18:54:08+0000] <ItalianKitty2> Who's behind Apollo? Anybody we know?
  265. [2016-12-10T18:54:47+0000] <snowy> Martin Shkreli
  266. [2016-12-10T18:54:56+0000] <ItalianKitty2> heh
  267. [2016-12-10T18:55:10+0000] <snowy> why not?
  268. [2016-12-10T18:56:05+0000] <clazlol> All I know is that they are supposedly endorsed by SCC and have an invite thread on SCC forums.
  269. [2016-12-10T18:56:20+0000] <%dellort> didn't they pull that
  270. [2016-12-10T18:56:41+0000] <clazlol> dunno, the thread is still there. No idea if it's still valid
  271. [2016-12-10T18:57:21+0000] <clazlol> Updated 2 hours ago. They are still inviting Captain+ on SCC.
  272. [2016-12-10T18:57:51+0000] <%dellort> Class Scene Sergeant
  273. [2016-12-10T18:57:54+0000] <%dellort> hmm
  274. [2016-12-10T18:58:09+0000] <%JMHX> As the CEO of Brinksperg News I am sad to report that due to the shifting media environment and ever increasing pressures to move towards a digital advertising framework that curates content specialized to the individual reader, we must shutter Brinksperg News after 2 issues
  275. [2016-12-10T18:58:29+0000] <%JMHX> The hunt for Brink's autism will continue, but we at Brinksperg News will be finding new ways to create and manage content around the search for Brink's true problems
  276. [2016-12-10T18:58:33+0000] <clazlol> You're not on apollo, dellort?
  277. [2016-12-10T18:58:52+0000] <%dellort> no
  278. [2016-12-10T18:58:57+0000] <%dellort> I'm on pth tho
  279. [2016-12-10T18:59:08+0000] <%dellort> i just didn't know scc had useful classes
  280. [2016-12-10T18:59:16+0000] <clazlol> useful classes, lol
  281. [2016-12-10T18:59:43+0000] <clazlol> they are pretty stupid imo
  282. [2016-12-10T19:01:57+0000] <ItalianKitty2> !aww omgomgomg bunny
  283. [2016-12-10T19:01:58+0000] <&OTBot> (omgomgomg bunny dellort, ItalianKitty, Severus, blackarcher, cakewizard, mooncup, ripley
  284. [2016-12-10T19:04:50+0000] <%mooncup> declining media environment
  285. [2016-12-10T19:04:51+0000] <%mooncup> 19:54 < ItalianKitty2> Who's behind Apollo? Anybody we know?
  286. [2016-12-10T19:04:53+0000] <%mooncup> probably scc
  287. [2016-12-10T19:05:04+0000] <%Snuggles> !aww
  288. [2016-12-10T19:05:04+0000] <&OTBot> ( dellort, ItalianKitty, Severus, blackarcher, cakewizard, mooncup, ripley
  289. [2016-12-10T19:05:07+0000] <ItalianKitty2> oic, thank you
  290. [2016-12-10T19:06:46+0000] <ItalianKitty2> Snuggles: that's amazing
  291. [2016-12-10T19:07:22+0000] <%mooncup> lol awesome
  292. [2016-12-10T19:11:04+0000] <~Brink> 5300 people in this eve battle now
  293. [2016-12-10T19:11:07+0000] <~Brink> and growing
  294. [2016-12-10T19:11:19+0000] <~Brink> coasty is in it lol
  295. [2016-12-10T19:11:22+0000] <~Brink> ill join in in a few hours when it settles down
  296. [2016-12-10T19:11:45+0000] <~Brink> it might turn into the biggest MMO battle in history again
  297. [2016-12-10T19:11:48+0000] <ItalianKitty2> Please blow up his spaceship :)
  298. [2016-12-10T19:12:22+0000] <~Brink>
  299. [2016-12-10T19:12:37+0000] <&OTBot> Title: Bloodbath of B-R5RB - Wikipedia (at
  300. [2016-12-10T19:12:57+0000] <~Brink> lol i wont be able to find him
  301. [2016-12-10T19:13:05+0000] <~Brink> "The in-game cost of the losses totalled over 11 trillion InterStellar Kredit (ISK), an estimated theoretical real-world value of $300,000 to $330,000 USD."
  302. [2016-12-10T19:13:15+0000] <ItalianKitty2> Just follow the scent of his Eau de Chauviniste
  303. [2016-12-10T19:14:02+0000] <~Brink> this is it anyway
  304. [2016-12-10T19:14:04+0000] <&OTBot> Title: Twitch (at
  305. [2016-12-10T19:14:09+0000] <~Brink> try and spot him lol
  306. [2016-12-10T19:14:45+0000] tehlarsie is now known as tehlarsie|afk
  307. [2016-12-10T19:14:46+0000] <ItalianKitty2> First I need to go and fetch some water. That'll take me just a few hours.
  308. [2016-12-10T19:15:07+0000] <~Brink> gamespeed has been turned down because of so many people
  309. [2016-12-10T19:19:12+0000] <&RSSBot> [TF] Alleged KickassTorrents Owner Leaves Prison for Hospital (
  310. [2016-12-10T19:22:50+0000] <prete> "Records provided by Apple showed that conducted an iTunes transaction using IP Address on or about July 31, 2015. The same IP Address was used on the same day to login into the KAT Facebook"
  311. [2016-12-10T19:22:51+0000] <prete> never forget
  312. [2016-12-10T19:25:02+0000] <%JMHX> Brink is a bot designed to socialize people to autism
  313. [2016-12-10T19:25:04+0000] <%JMHX> Don't buy into the memes
  314. [2016-12-10T19:31:36+0000] <ItalianKitty2> I have water \o/
  315. [2016-12-10T19:32:04+0000] <ItalianKitty2> Brink: how long did it take me to get water? (web client has no time stamps)
  316. [2016-12-10T19:32:16+0000] <ItalianKitty2> Or anybody else.
  317. [2016-12-10T19:37:10+0000] <prete> why are you always with that issue ItalianKitty?
  318. [2016-12-10T19:37:20+0000] <ItalianKitty2> What issue, prete?
  319. [2016-12-10T19:37:21+0000] <%dellort> !btnstatus
  320. [2016-12-10T19:37:22+0000] <&LinkBot> Website is Online
  321. [2016-12-10T19:37:22+0000] <&LinkBot> TrackerHTTP is Online
  322. [2016-12-10T19:37:22+0000] <&LinkBot> TrackerHTTPS is Online
  323. [2016-12-10T19:37:22+0000] <&LinkBot> IRC is Online
  324. [2016-12-10T19:37:22+0000] <&LinkBot> Barney is Online
  325. [2016-12-10T19:37:22+0000] <&LinkBot> CableGuy is Online
  326. [2016-12-10T19:37:27+0000] <prete> the water thing
  327. [2016-12-10T19:38:13+0000] <ItalianKitty2> I'm not sure I understand. I need water on a regular basis,
  328. [2016-12-10T19:38:23+0000] seaKL (seaKL@FFFB55F1.CA195005.62C5B0EC.IP) left IRC (Quit: Leaving)
  329. [2016-12-10T19:38:56+0000] dd_ ( left IRC (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
  330. [2016-12-10T19:39:52+0000] <snowy> it took you 16mins
  331. [2016-12-10T19:40:00+0000] <prete> we all need it
  332. [2016-12-10T19:40:04+0000] <ItalianKitty2> \o/
  333. [2016-12-10T19:40:13+0000] <ItalianKitty2> That's excellent. Thank you, snowy <3
  334. [2016-12-10T19:40:25+0000] <prete> is a region issue or just you, where you live
  335. [2016-12-10T19:40:36+0000] <snowy> next time i will use my special stopwatch if u like ;l)
  336. [2016-12-10T19:40:44+0000] <ItalianKitty2> yes :D
  337. [2016-12-10T19:41:02+0000] <%JMHX> We are ignoring an international conspiracy here about Brink's autism and its effect on the conversational style of this channel
  338. [2016-12-10T19:41:09+0000] <%JMHX> And we ignore at our own peril the danger we face
  339. [2016-12-10T19:42:15+0000] <ItalianKitty2> prete: no, it's not as dramatic as that. I don't drive well my crutches, so the journey from my bed to the nearest water tap (the bathroom) is fraught with danger. But it has been 1.5 days since my last fall, so things are looking good.
  340. [2016-12-10T19:43:58+0000] <prete> :)
  341. [2016-12-10T19:44:06+0000] <ItalianKitty2> :)
  342. [2016-12-10T19:48:15+0000] <ItalianKitty2> !imdb Escape from New York 1981
  343. [2016-12-10T19:48:15+0000] <~Brink> idk ItalianKitty
  344. [2016-12-10T19:48:15+0000] <&OTBot> IMDb
  345. [2016-12-10T19:48:15+0000] <&OTBot> Escape from New York (1981) [7.2/10]
  346. [2016-12-10T19:48:15+0000] <&OTBot> Description / In 1997, when the U.S. president crashes into Manhattan, now a giant maximum security prison, a convicted bank robber is sent in to rescue him.
  347. [2016-12-10T19:48:15+0000] <&OTBot> Director / John Carpenter Stars / Kurt Russell, Lee Van Cleef, Ernest Borgnine, Donald Pleasence
  348. [2016-12-10T19:48:15+0000] <&OTBot> Runtime / 99 min Genres / Action, Sci-Fi Language / English
  349. [2016-12-10T19:48:18+0000] <~Brink> ive no times
  350. [2016-12-10T19:48:28+0000] <~Brink> but ive fleeted u
  351. [2016-12-10T19:48:30+0000] <~Brink> up
  352. [2016-12-10T19:48:33+0000] <~Brink> im about to join the fight
  353. [2016-12-10T19:48:36+0000] <ItalianKitty2> What fight?
  354. [2016-12-10T19:48:40+0000] <~Brink> in cheap ships first, we are gonna have a look then die
  355. [2016-12-10T19:48:49+0000] <~Brink> then come back in good ships
  356. [2016-12-10T19:49:03+0000] <ItalianKitty2> Oh, yes yes yes, Eve.
  357. [2016-12-10T19:49:26+0000] <ItalianKitty2> Go Brink \o/
  358. [2016-12-10T19:50:08+0000] <ItalianKitty2> Bring me back so space cucumbers, if you see any.
  359. [2016-12-10T19:50:17+0000] <%JMHX> Horrifying
  360. [2016-12-10T19:50:29+0000] <ItalianKitty2> (I've run out of cucumbers :( )
  361. [2016-12-10T19:50:31+0000] <%JMHX> Willful blindness from OT about the caliber of disaster here
  362. [2016-12-10T19:51:45+0000] <%mooncup> hey Brink can you gimme ops pls
  363. [2016-12-10T19:53:13+0000] <~Brink> i can ofc
  364. [2016-12-10T19:53:17+0000] <~Brink> ~access add mooncup 5
  365. [2016-12-10T19:53:17+0000] IvankaTrump sets mode +o mooncup
  366. [2016-12-10T19:53:23+0000] <@mooncup> fuck yeah
  367. [2016-12-10T19:53:29+0000] mooncup sets mode +b *!*
  368. [2016-12-10T19:53:29+0000] mooncup kicked JMHX from the channel (mooncup)
  369. [2016-12-10T19:53:35+0000] <ItalianKitty2> lol
  370. [2016-12-10T19:53:37+0000] <~Brink> lol
  371. [2016-12-10T19:54:10+0000] mooncup sets mode -o mooncup
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