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  1. xKARMAx: does she not date here
  2. xKRAVEx: that girl never did say thank for stopping by
  3. xKARMAx: haha
  4. xKRAVEx: she has but she avoids it now
  5. xKARMAx: most do now i guess
  6. xKRAVEx: she was dating a guy a several months ago, and they were planning their wedding
  7. xKRAVEx: and right before the wedding he did or said something to her in regards to his religion
  8. xKRAVEx: and he went all control freak on her, and she told him to fk off
  9. xKARMAx: o.0
  10. xKRAVEx: she's a hard ass, nobody controls her, she can control herself.
  11. xKRAVEx: but it was something to do with him wanting the wedding done according to his real life religion (which he doesn't even practice)
  12. xKARMAx: like you
  13. xKRAVEx: lmaoo noooo
  14. xKARMAx: lol
  15. xKRAVEx: i like the control you have
  16. xKRAVEx: (:
  17. xKARMAx: ?)
  18. xKRAVEx: i just dont take shit off other guys
  19. xKRAVEx: ?
  20. xKARMAx: ?
  21. xKARMAx: oh
  22. xKARMAx: lool
  23. xKARMAx: typo
  24. xKARMAx: :)
  25. xKRAVEx: you gots a question
  26. xKRAVEx: oh lol
  27. xKRAVEx: (:
  28. xKRAVEx: Angel dated this girl I only know her name is Karma, and Karma had surgery and nearly died, well she and Angel were still together when it all happened, and one morning Angel woke up, and Karma had deleted and blocked her.
  29. xKARMAx: a girl
  30. xKARMAx: i didnt know she was lez
  31. xKRAVEx: she's bi-
  32. xKARMAx: no wonder she dances with you
  33. xKRAVEx: we dont dance anymore i dance by myself
  34. xKARMAx: mhm
  35. xKARMAx: sure sure
  36. xKRAVEx: she only did it once or twice when the room was full
  37. xKARMAx: shes all about dat ass
  38. xKRAVEx: lmfao
  39. xKRAVEx: s
  40. xKARMAx: once or twice that is not wat ya said last time
  41. xKARMAx: you said you two dance all the time
  42. xKARMAx: i didnt know she was lez
  43. xKRAVEx: i said i only dance with her and candi
  44. xKRAVEx: she's not lez, she bi, and that has no bearing on me
  45. xKARMAx: smh
  46. xKARMAx: bi is lez
  47. xKRAVEx: no it's not it means like goes either
  48. xKRAVEx: not strictly
  49. xKARMAx: yeah i know
  50. xKARMAx: but also lez
  51. xKARMAx: wow,
  52. xKARMAx: so thats a thing
  53. xKRAVEx: wtf
  54. xKARMAx: i wasnt aware of
  55. xKARMAx: awesome
  56. xKRAVEx: "so thats a thing" wat
  57. xKARMAx: you dancing with her.... just damn
  58. xKARMAx: i had no uidea she swang that way till now
  59. xKARMAx: and you ok with dancing with her cause she BI
  60. xKARMAx: fk that
  61. xKRAVEx: have not danced with her in a long time
  62. xKARMAx: smh
  63. xKARMAx: since its a long time it makes it ok
  64. xKRAVEx: her sexuality has nothing to do with me
  65. xKARMAx: but it does with her
  66. xKARMAx: she looks at you like i do
  67. xKARMAx: and never did you mention she was BI
  68. xKARMAx: or lez
  69. xKARMAx: or intrested in girls
  70. xKRAVEx: she does not
  71. xKARMAx: or anything
  72. xKARMAx: wow,
  73. xKRAVEx: she has never once said anything to me out of line
  74. xKARMAx: i didnt say she has
  75. xKRAVEx: and she wouldn't
  76. xKARMAx: not one word like taht came out of my mouth
  77. xKRAVEx: well you said she looks at me like you do
  78. xKARMAx: well yeah
  79. xKARMAx: shes BI
  80. xKRAVEx: she doesn't
  81. xKARMAx: and your easy to look at
  82. xKARMAx: so why wouldnt she
  83. xKRAVEx: bc she has respect for the fact that i am straight
  84. xKARMAx: your sexy af and if she swings that way shes all about dancing on that ass, and making it seem like its nothing
  85. xKRAVEx: and she wouldnt do that to me
  86. xKRAVEx: it doesn't just seem like it's nothing, it is nothing. she's not trashy, she's not disrepectful, not once has she ever been
  87. xKARMAx: all the ass slappin and dancin, and you cant tell me its nothing with her just cause its nothing for you
  88. xKRAVEx: i can tell you that bc it's the truth
  89. xKARMAx: in your mind maybe
  90. xKRAVEx: i think if it wasn't in her mind she would have said so, and she has never made any comments or anything to show otherwise
  91. xKARMAx: mmk
  92. xKRAVEx: mmk
  93. xKRAVEx: :/
  94. xKARMAx: wat
  95. xKRAVEx: nothing just :/
  96. xKARMAx: k
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