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  1. me to charlie:
  3. I was thinking, heart broken af in my car, what is we take this slow burn like ALL the damn way?!  So i'm thinking, Roxanne and Derek - there are obviously sparks there, they become quick friends, best friends, they bond over their long distance relationships and naturally start to lean on each other when there are hiccups in their relationships, right?! So all during their time in Hartford, it's really just them and the rest of the company and with them being so close, they are literally ALWAYS together. Nothing more than just friendship, until  there's like a moment or something. Maybe something happened between Charlie and Roxanne (Also pulling from The last five years for muses), or Derek and his girl and then their like, "Woah. What is this? Nah, I have a boyfriend. I have a girlfriend. And we love them."
  4. Nothing happens but since then, they can't shakee the feeling that it's possible that there is something there, but there is still enough respect for boundries, however their friendship only deepens and their bond is like air tight, right? And then enter Charlie on his surprise visit to Hartford during Tech week and he picks up on the relationship between Roxanne and Derek and then that's when the slight twinge of jealousy begins in Charlie and he starts to question Roxanne, but she'e like, "Baby, please!" Reminded that there is LITERALLY no one else for her but him.  So maybe like during phonecalls, or face times, etc. Charlie can always hear Derek's voice - he's ALWAYS just there. Charlie get's HELLA jealous and insecure at this point and they two are starting to argue, nothing at first,  this is where the distance starts to take a toll on their relationship. He accuses Derek of liking Roxanne (he's not wrong), and maybe even starts accusing Roxanne of like him back (again, he's probably not wrong) Frustrated and angry that Charlie let the situation get to this point, she's confiding in her bff Derek with space between her and Charlie, things really start develop with her and Derek. (I still don't know how far Roxanne will go with Derek during this, but we can figure it out as we go! I saw we wait to see what Jo brings to the role). AND OKAY! Here is where "Grow as we go" killed me. I'm thinking, Charlie and Roxanne's relationship is just a hot ass mess! They can never had a conversation without it leading to a fight about Derek. "I don't want you to see him anymore. I don't want you to hang out anymore."
  5. "This is my career Charlie. Just because yours is taking off doesn't mean that mine has to stop. I love YOU! You are my boyfriend." "You like him Roxanne! Don't deny it! You're changing!" "What about you! You run away to LA any chance you get. If it means avoiding me and the situation at hand, you take off and leave me to deal with it by myself! Where are you, Charlie?! In this relationship, where the hell are you?!
  6. And they break up. AH! They end it, maybe they say temporarily, they just need time to think, even though they don't want time. They just want each other damn it! But work, and Derek, and Charlies music are all making it impossible for them to be happy. They spend some time apart, Charlie gives New York to Roxanne and he moves to LA. They are miserable and then Charlie makes his album and Roxanne hears listens to it and decides to jump on a plane to la to chase him down.
  9. charlie to me:
  10. The only thing is, I don't want Charlie having done something to push Roxanne and Derek closer. I wanna say maybe Derek's girlfriend does something. Because, even though Charlie is starting a new chapter in his life with his music and such, I feel like he's been through a ton of a shit in his life to not be an idiot to screw up the best thing he has going for him. Like, he adored Roxanne. Probably already has a ring bought for asking her to marry him. SHE is his future. The only real future he sees himself having is a future with her in it. Which is why I don't feel like Charlie would intentionally do anything to compromise their relationship. As far as his album work goes, yes, unintentionally he could work hard on it because Charlie puts all of himself into his work. He wouldn't mean to distant himself from her through it, but I could see that happening.
  12. And I can see him getting jealous and insecure about things as far as Roxanne and Derek goes. Like he can SEE that Derek likes her and SEES the flirting and SEES the looks so it makes him upset. And he wants to try to warn Roxanne about it, but then he sees the way SHE looks at Derek and talks with him and it makes him insecure and he's like 'maybe she DOES want him?' and Charlie, wanting nothing more than to make Roxanne happy,  would start to think that maybe he needs to step back and out of the relationship so Roxanne can be happy.
  14. But of course, he's in LA and miserable and all he can think of is Roxanne and I feel like 'grow as we go' would be the song he writes. Like things he wished he had said to her instead of letting her go.
  16. me to charlie:
  17. Okay, yes! I agree, I totally don't want Charlie to do anything to drive a wedge between then /on purpose/. Charlie. is. angel. LMFAOOO. And you know he bought a ring like RIGHT after they started dating :heart: :heart: lolol. I see this too! Charlie and Roxanne are soulmates and she knows/feels it too! Totally. This is why i want it all to be no one's fault and both their faults, because neither one would intentionally hurt the other. They just want to grow old together, adopt all the dogs and live happily ever after. Your drabble (THO) brought up the idea, and you just now too, that Charlie is picking up on these things probably before even Roxanne or Derek realize it. They're just in their happy bubble of having someone to talk to @ 2 am when their significant other is alseep in a different time zone. SO! I'm thinking, Charlie will go temporarily crazy with his jealousy and insecurities and without wanting to or trying to even, that is what pushes Roxanne away. Like, he's so afraid of losing her - even though at this point, she doesn't have any inkling of leaving at all - and he's so desperate to make her see things through his eyes that all they can ever do is fight about it. And Roxanne of the other hand! She can be super defensive of it all because it is her career on the line, it is a friendship that she needs (atm) on the line and her own sanity on the line as well. She could misinterpret Charlie's hard work on his album as him avoiding her what with all
  18. the missing calls and short responses, that this is what makes her naturally lean towards Derek.
  21. --------------------------
  23. We then plotted that after 2.5 years of working on DEG together and starting their relationship, they leave the show together, about 1 year of Roxanne looking for work and Charlie working on his songs later Roxanne finally gets Anastasia with Derek and moves to hartford for almost 4 months, the company comes back to New York and Charlie moves to LA. After another year and six months of Charlie and Roxanne, Roxanne and Derek's relationship blooming, Charlie ends things with Roxanne and moves to LA permanently.
  27. me to charlie a few days later:
  29. I havent given much thought to her relationship with Derek as far as like, "how far" she goes with him. I don't like the idea of her actually sleeping with him, thatd be so out of character for her. But I'm thinking, Maybe Derek breaks off his engagement around the same time Charlie and Roxanne are like one fight away from ending things. She'd feel so stressed out and silenced because there is no talking to Charlie about it. Hes already made up his mind and while he's not wrong about their closeness, she hasnt done a single thing wrong. But she is a free spirit and Charlie constantly telling her that its Derek she should be with, Roxanne is like at her peak. Heart broken that he's unable to trust her, and just tired from fighting with the love of her life,  she just let's herself give into it all and let's derek kiss her possibly even sleeps with him.
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