Stealphie's Setup

Oct 31st, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Setup:
  2. GameBoy Pocket Blue (1997 Release) (USA)
  3. Nintendo DS Black (JAP)
  4. Nintendo DS Lite (Guitar Hero on Tour Edition) (USA)
  5. Nintendo DSi Blue (USA)
  6. Nintendo DSi XL Bronze (USA)
  7. New Nintendo 3DS Black (EUR) (Luma)
  8. SNES (Original Model) (USA)
  9. Nintendo 64 (USA)
  10. Nintendo Wii White (Original Model) (4.3U) (Softmodded) (Banner Bricked)
  11. Nintendo Wii White (Original Model) (4.3U) (Softmodded) (Defective, very hard to pair it with a controller)
  12. Nintendo Wii White (Original Model) (4.3U) (Softmodded)
  13. Nintendo WiiU White (8GB) (5.5.3) (USA) (Haxchi + CBHC)
  14. Sony PlayStation Vita (USA)
  15. Apple iPhone 5S Space Grey (16GB)
  16. Sony Xperia E1 D2104
  17. HP Laptop 14 ac141br
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