The Agora of Stratos

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  1. The Agora of Stratos
  3. requiredquestpoints=0
  4. rewardquestpoints=0
  5. canpreview=true
  6. previewtext=A strange, cloaked man named Casmodan of Olympos has appeared in the Battle Frontier. He has been heard muttering about 'Legendary Items'. You should see what he's up to. X2540 Y64 Z77
  7. ignoresquestlimit=True
  8. repeatdays=-1
  9. objectives
  10. {
  11.     stage=0
  12.     {
  13.         {
  14.             description=A description
  15.             hint=An optional hint
  16.             timestocomplete=1
  17.             hidden=True
  18.             infinite=False
  19.             triggers
  20.             {
  21.                 send_chat(delay=10;message=&bAs your knowledge of Talos increases, more quests become available to you. You should see if you can acquire some Talos from people in need, gym rewards, and crates.)
  22.             }
  23.             type=chat_npc(uuid=c05bdb2b-8160-4a30-8d4c-f9b00be48330;chatline1=Ah, you've finally shown up. I am Casmodan, this is my Agora.;chatline2="What's an Agora?" ...It's a shop. This is my shop. Here, I sell exceptionally rare items you may be interested in.;chatline3=Put your purse away, my master doesn't deal in something as common as money.;chatline4=No, no. What he wants is a mineral sent by the gods themselves: Talos. Divine Glass.;chatline5=All you need to know about Talos is that very few people know its value. So they're likely to give it to you as a reward.;chatline6=In other words, you need to go out, help some folks, and hope they give you a few shards of shiny red stuff.;chatline7=Once you have some, talk to the enchanting table at /warp shop.)
  24.         }
  25.     }
  26. }
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