BWR - Changelog 02/12/23

Dec 2nd, 2023
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  1. The Amputator
  2. + Increased healing radius on hit duration to 3s (was 1s)
  3. The healing effect was barely enough reward for the risk of going for a weak melee strike. It was increased in duration to give the medic more tangible support with it.
  5. Buffalo Steak Sandvich
  6. ~ Speed cap reworked: speed bonuses from item attributes and conditions are halved while under steak effects
  7. The previous version simply increasing the speed cap with specific effects was unsatisfactory. This version instead properly stacks alterations to speed but reducing them to half as they would be too strong at full strength.
  9. Phlogistinator
  10. - Removed faster taunt speed
  11. With the increased frequency of charges, this aspect was seen as overtuned and gave enemies less of a window to anticipate the pyro with the effect.
  13. Warrior's Spirit
  14. + Reduced deploy penalty to 35% slower (was 50% slower)
  15. - Removed +50% increased melee range
  16. Weapon seemed especially overtuned especially with the steak, particularly with the extra range and speed granted making it difficult to actually escape. It's range was reverted while reducing it's deploy penalty slightly to make it require less commitment.
  18. Third Degree
  19. + On hit: links attack to all enemies nearby (256 HU)
  20. + Added +35% damage bonus to burning targets
  21. + Reduced damage penalty to -25% (was -33%)
  22. - Removed link with healing beams
  23. - Removed healing on hit
  24. - Added 20% slower firing speed
  25. Its usage was reworked, changed from being based on healing specifically but instead to work based on proximity. The weapon instead provides a form of crowd control vs groups in close range, dealing max damage by chaining hits and using afterburn.
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