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  1. # Introduce yourself!
  2. #### Hello, I'm Fraggle or Frag for short, my real name is Jason. I really love the server and I want to help out as much as I can. I donated money but I'd like to in the future take a more active role in the server. I have been running servers  and moderating them pretty much since I joined discord in 2015. I started on a server that belongs to a youtuber named officer401 under the name of Kodiak. After officer401s I ran a small gaming community on discord for a couple of years and then finally I was a head admin on a larger server called Barista Palace. I was the head admin after about two months there and I was in charge of the back end stuff. I worked with bots mostly and server permissions. I did do basic day to day moderation and took reports as I saw them. I tried my best to keep the server as active and growing as possible. I had a different view to how it should grow from the owner though. He was focused purely on numbers where I had a more quality of quantity approach. Barista Palace got demoted due to the owner having an issue with one of his friends and he decided to delete it. After this I made a new account and joined here again and here I am. I can provide the usernames and tags of the old owner and other admins/references from my time as staff as needed.
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