mojito goblin

Sep 14th, 2011
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  1. you are the one I need to stab me out of my sleep and pour me into my dreams let me rush like a flood of teenagers let me drown like a storm of bartenders. mix me a new mojito yeah so new so fresh no ones tasted it before and you died while you were mixing it and I have to finish mixing it (it was your last request) and then I drink it and no one else ever drinks it again I wish they could I want to show you this mojito. this mojito reinvigorates me and actually makes me do all the things I want to do and be all the things I want to be I am sorry that you had to die bartender but your death was the one ingredient in this mojito that will never be written down in recipe books... never be shown on
  3. she looks at the text and laughs and my armpits coat my body with their sweaty glands. Ive read books! I shout to the blank faces. I've read books and listened to music. I consumed someones heart on numerous occasions. You're shit you're shit! a goblin tells me and I crush and strangle the goblin - his body will rot in this closet and I will never open the doors.
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