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  2. [b]Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire[/b]
  4. Patch (02 August 2018)
  5. New Features & Updates
  7.     Beast of Winter
  8.     The first paid DLC that has the Watcher travel to Harbinger's Watch to investigate an ever expanding iceberg in the Deadfire Archipelago.
  9.     Deck of Many Things
  10.     The fifth free DLC that includes a Junk that sails around the Deadfire selling magical items and goods.
  11.     Magran's Fires - New challenges and old favorites have been added for players that want a difficult experience with a twist. These challenges can only be done on Path of the Damned difficulty and can be found by clicking the head of Magran at the bottom of the Title Menu.
  12.     Triple Crown
  13.     Expert Mode
  14.     Trial of Iron
  15.     Solo
  16.     Cannot recruit companions, sidekicks, or adventurers
  17.     Berath's Challenge
  18.     Any party member Knocked Out for 6 seconds is Killed
  19.     Cannot flee from combat
  20.     Magran's Challenge
  21.     The game cannot be paused
  22.     The game time cannot be slowed
  23.     Essence Interrupter - A new Hunting Bow created by you, the community, that has been infused with animancer technology to provide interesting effects to attacks. You can find this for sale in Henric's shop in Port Maje.
  25. Major Issues
  27.     Fixed an issue where users would crash upon getting into combat with Cave Grubs.
  28.     Fixed an issue where users would crash upon getting into combat with the Giant Cave Grub.
  29.     Fixed an issue where users would crash after leaving the pre-Ukaizo god Scripted Interaction.
  30.     Fixed an issue where some players could not turn in A Shrewd Proposition if Aeldys relocates to Dunnage.
  31.     Fixed an issue where solo Rogues could instantly win ship boarding combat by using Smoke Veil.
  32.     Fixed various issues where interactables would only highlight from certain angles or positions.
  33.     Fixed an issue where some users would crash after declining to help Berath during the Prologue.
  34.     Fixed an issue where a save file would be deleted if the player created a save, didn't move, then saved on the same file.
  35.     Fixed an issue where leveling a companion could turn the player character into a duplicate of the companion.
  36.     Updated many French, Italian, German, & Spanish strings UI strings that were still referencing Pillars I mechanics (such as Endurance instead of Health).
  38. Companions/Crew
  40.     Fixed an issue where Pallegina's Exalted Focus buff would stay on the party after she was removed from the party.
  41.     Fixed an issue where the Crookspur Archer SI was only using Xoti's reaction even if she wasn't in the party.
  42.     Fixed an issue where Monk Xoti was dealing less base damage than what was intended.
  43.     Fixed an issue where some players would still see Baltia in Motare o Kozi as well as on their ship after recruitment.
  44.     Fixed an issue where Mirke would come back to life if the player had killed her and later spoke to Aeldys.
  45.     Fixed an issue where Aloth could gain infinite negative reputation with Serafen.
  46.     Fixed an issue where the Watcher could gain infinite reputation(positive and negative) with Maia in a conversation with Fleet Master Okaya.
  47.     Fixed an issue where Eder would still have dialogue on Vilario's Rest even if he was dead.
  48.     Fixed an issue where players could ask Rekke about Eder even if Eder had not been recruited.
  49.     A "Serafen wants to talk" option now appears after completing A Sorcerer and a Gentleman.
  51. User Interface
  53.     Fixed an issue where the skill assist tooltip progress bar was populating incorrectly on its first activation.
  54.     Fixed an issue where Berath's Wrath would display incorrectly on character status windows.
  55.     Fixed an issue where negative effects would permanently display a negative effect timer.
  56.     Fixed an issue where some players would get a blank Enemy Defeated window after winning a ship battle.
  57.     Fixed an issue where the Crafting UI would show players being able to craft more food than they have materials available.
  58.     Fixed an issue where modals would not display active or inactive properly when one was on cooldown and another was clicked.
  59.     Fixed an issue where skill indicators in Scripted Interactions would display when playing on Expert Mode.
  60.     Fixed an issue where players could have more than the max value of ship supplies by looting the items and putting them in personal inventory.
  61.     Fixed an issue where players could enchant items belonging to vendors while they were in the trade section of the store UI.
  62.     Ship injury count label refreshes when a character recovers and on load.
  64. Quests
  66.     Fixed an issue where some players could not turn in A Paradise of the Mind to Copperhead.
  67.     Fixed an issue where Syri would have a conversation about Remaro even after Blow the Man Down and The Sorcerer and the Gentleman have been completed.
  68.     Fixed an issue where Harsh Medicine would not display as completed after bring turned in.
  69.     Fixed an issue where some players could not turn in Of Like Minds if they helped Master Kua, secured an alliance, then proceeded to kill him anyway.
  70.     Fixed an issue where A Dance with Death would not fail upon killing Captain Furrante.
  71.     Fixed an issue where Captain Mer Trevisilo and Captain Gold-Fin Chiara would be alive in the Balefire Beacon even if they were killed after Captain Furrante's execution.
  72.     Fixed an issue where Hunting Season could not be completed if Matter of Import is active.
  73.     Fixed an issue where players who leave and return to the Spire of the Soul-Seers after saving Flaune have the cutscene play again.
  74.     Fixed an issue where players were able to turn in Taking out the Traders after they had already sided with the Principi.
  75.     Fixed an issue where Talfor's encounter could occur after Sealed Fate had been completed.
  76.     Fixed an issue where the bluff option when obtaining luminous adra for Goods and Services would continue with the non-bluff dialogue.
  77.     Fixed an issue where the Watcher's skiff in the wrecked ship encounter for The Painted Masks would be hovering in the air instead of floating in the water.
  78.     Fixed an issue where Aeldys would reward the player with Casita Samelia's Legacy instead of the Swift Hunter's Garb upon completing Goods and Services.
  79.     Fixed an issue where Hunting Season would be available after the Royal Deadfire Company Powderhouse was destroyed.
  80.     Fixed an issue where Dereo suggests that the player stole the Cornett of Waves from Takano even if they received it as a gift.
  81.     Fixed an issue where Furrante's body would display as an interactable after his execution.
  82.     Fixed an issue where the game would not auto-pause if combat broke out during the trial in Taking Out the Traders.
  83.     Fixed an issue where Honor Among Thieves would not complete after rescuing Aeldys from the Balefire Tower.
  85. Audio
  87.     Fixed an issue where Corrosive Splash was missing its sound effects.
  89. Miscellaneous
  91.     Fixed an issue where weapons would be removed from the third and fourth sets after level up.
  92.     Fixed an issue where Wahai Porga was missing its stat block and hover tooltip.
  93.     Fixed an issue where interrupts or disables could lead to weapons not rendering.
  94.     Fixed an issue where spell casts would not cancel immediately upon combat ending. This caused issues with summoned weapons where players would have the ability to save then load the game and have the summoned weapons get stuck in slot.
  95.     Fixed an issue where sigils would continue to pulse attack during cutscenes and conversations.
  96.     Fixed an issue where the Guardian of Ukaizo would reemerge if players killed it before it could heal or change forms.
  97.     Fixed an issue where characters would become transparent after swapping in normal weapons to replace summoned weapons in a weapon slot.
  98.     Fixed issue with being able to pickpocket miscellaneous loot from Bertenno.
  99.     Fixed an issue where weapon and shield effects would sometimes work when they were unequipped.
  100.     Fixed an issue where Corrupted Blade enchant would not replace the Tainted Blade enchant on Hel Beckoning.
  101.     Fixed an issue where the Cipher's Shackle given to the player from Serafen would not grand dexterity affliction resistance.
  102.     Fixed an issue where Vailian Plate Armor was not displaying its unique appearance on female characters.
  103.     Fixed an issue where one of the merchant vessels could not be engaged.
  104.     Fixed an issue where Rotghasts could get stuck in an attack loop.
  105.     Fixed an issue where monetary values were not appearing in dialogue when response qualifiers were disabled.
  106.     Fixed an issue where "resting" NPC's were showing detection circles.
  107.     Fixed an issue where the rightmost pirate lord chair in Balefire Beacon had more than one description attached to it.
  108.     Fixed an issue where the Island Aumaua passive Among the Waves would persist outside of combat.
  109.     Fixed an issue where Heavy Draw on Saint Omaku's Mercy wasn't scaling Survival properly.
  110.     Fixed an issue where some NPCs in the Kraken's Eye were not playing their barks.
  111.     Fixed an issue where weapon copies in player weapon slots would disappear when reverting from a shapeshifted form.
  112.     Fixed an issue where the Ship Storm Scripted Interaction was using the Watcher's Arcana for the skill check instead of the chosen party member's.
  113.     Fixed an issue where the Watcher's Blade was missing its description.
  114.     Fixed an issue where the Watcher's Blade had a strange glow on its crossguard.
  115.     Fixed an issue where the Blighted Bog encounter on the uncharted island would not have enemies spawn and attack after eating the Menpwgra mushroom.
  116.     Fixed an issue where Beakhead was displaying as Orbit for additional effects.
  117.     Fixed an issue where some corpses in the Subterranean Temple were unlootable.
  118.     Fixed an issue where some NPCs could be pickpocketed with 0 Sleight of Hand with no Party Assist.
  119.     Fixed an issue where pet Nemnok was displaying an effect timer on party portraits.
  120.     Fixed an issue where the points of interest on the RDC Imperial Command Lower map were not positioned correctly.
  121.     Fixed an issue where the RDC Powderhouse upper door would remain locked after players exited the building via that door.
  122.     Fixed an issue where players could use Constitution Inspirations as a source of healing in the Boa Hika Pass Scripted Interaction.
  123.     Fixed an issue where some of the NPCs in the Imperial Command would not drop equipment upon death.
  124.     Fixed an issue where players could gain infinite reputation with Huana and RDC from conversations with Tipa and Wetu in Sayuka.
  125.     Fixed some pathing issues in the Deadlight Court.
  126.     Various typo fixes.
  128. Systems Updates
  129. General
  131.     Re-enabed tutorial and glossary entry for Counters and updated their strings to match the current in-game behavior.
  132.     Typed Afflictions that aren't given priority are considered top priority, (Petrified and Frozen now supersede Hobble, Immobilize, & Paralyze).
  133.     Halved the bonus PL poisons receive from Alchemy and status effect damage scaling has been reduced from +10% / PL to +5% (in line with other damage scaling bonuses).
  134.     Traps no longer show level scaling due to character level in their stat blocks.
  135.     Slog Zones now reapply their effects to character in the slog on interval.
  136.     Creatures
  137.     Magma Ooze emerge ability now displays a proper string when commanded to move during its emerge.
  138.     Removed Will-o-wisp redundant resistance to dexterity afflictions when they were already immune to them.
  139.     Jadaferlas and Scyorielaphas no longer show Galawain's Favor or Wrath abilities in the bestiary.
  140.     Guardian of Ukaizo can no longer be stunned by any player effect (Withdraw, Stasis Shell, Beetle Shell etc...).
  141.     Items
  142.     Thaos' Headdress Intellect bonus from Authority no longer clears after attacking.
  143.     Trollhide Belt and Ring of Regeneration now stack their effects.
  144.     Effort's "Lacerating" and "Maiming" enchantments will now always properly apply their DoT effect when striking with the weapon.
  145.     Duskfall and Kahua Hozi "Feather Light" mod now applies properly to each weapon if these weapons are dual wielded.
  146.     "Of Intellect" effects will now properly stack if they appear in multiple item mods.
  147.     Bardatto's Luxury Nobility and Untouchable are now visible in UI.
  148.     Scroll of Wilting Wind no longer has a duplicate "Wind" keyword.
  149.     Scroll of Tornado no longer has duplicate "Wind" keywords.
  150.     All Scroll consumables have been given a keyword to properly recognize them as Spells.
  151.     Blunderbuss "Inaccurate" mod now properly applies to blunderbusses held in the off-hand.
  152.     Kapana Taga Unblockable, Removed unintended +4 base Accuracy bonus.
  153.     The frequency of vanity pet barks has been halved.
  154.     Magistrate's Cudgel will now properly show the Tier 2 lore description if the user has the item bound to the monk class.
  155.     Blazing Fury, Wild Shot, and Wild Barrage effects will now clear if you switch weapons while their effects are active.
  156.     Hel Beckoning's "Corrupted Blade" enchant now properly replaces "Tainted Blade".
  157.     Watcher’s Blade will now properly unequip itself and update its icon when inspected and obtained.
  158.     Drunkard's Regret now uses proper character reference when deciding if a hangover should occur.
  159.     Saint's War Armor enchant paths are now properly mutually exclusive if you choose Rock Solid first.
  160.     Classes:
  161.     Fighter
  162.     Fighter Charge now properly rolls against Deflection for its Stun effect.
  163.     Rogue
  164.     Rogue Persistent Distraction no longer clears all Perception Afflictions when the rogue disengages, it will now only clear its own effect.
  165.     Ranger
  166.     Ranger Companions attack speed Average Recovery -> Fast Recovery and their armor penalty has been reduced from a 0.6 factor to 0.8 (-25%).
  167.     Stalker's Link accuracy bonus now properly only applies when the animal companion threatens the same target.
  168.     Monk
  169.     Stunning Surge will no longer refund its cost twice if dual wielding and both attacks crit.
  170.     Priest
  171.     Spark the Souls of the Rightous now correctly rolls against Reflex when dealing damage.
  172.     Priest Dismissal and Paladin Abjuration will revert to their direct damage mechanic when striking "Boss" enemies.
  173.     Druid
  174.     Sunlance now has the "Fire" keyword.
  175.     Wizard
  176.     Meteor Shower and Scroll of Meteor Shower now have the "Fire" Keyword.
  177.     Citzal's Enchanted Armory Breastplate now has no recovery penalty.
  178.     Ninagauth's Bitter Mooring now has the Frost Keyword.
  179.     Wizard Subclass locked spell restrictions no longer apply to variants of wizard spells (such as Trickster, Priest subclass, and item granted spells).
  180.     Concelhaut's Crushing Doom effects will now end if combat ends.
  181.     Cipher
  182.     Mental Binding now has the Mind Keyword on its base ability in addition to being on the attack.
  183.     Puppetmaster base ability now has the Mind Keyword in addition to the Puppetmaster attack.
  184.     Wild Leech now lists its targeted defense in its stat block.
  185.     Cipher's Shackle should now properly grant resistance to dexterity afflictions.
  187. Patch (19 July 2018)
  189.     The Vendor in Port Maje, unlocked via Berath's Blessings, now sells the following items (if the party does not already own them):
  190.     Scavenger's Lantern
  191.     Stinky Pete
  192.     Cloak of Berath
  193.     Sails of Berath
  194.     Cutthroat Cosmo
  195.     If Maia leaves the party, she will only send 1 letter about her departure.
  196.     Retraining now properly restores Level 1 abilities that were upgraded (and replaced) at later levels. Fix applies to character created on patch 1.2.2 or later.
  197.     Missing Strings (in Portuguese) have been added to the Mod Manager Interface.
  198.     Passive Ability Icons in the character level up screen now appear as circles again (instead of squares).
  199.     Furrante's Ship has been moved closer to Port Maje to ensure the encounter occurs before the player reaches Neketaka.
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