DT and SS wants some shotadick (KidAnonxDT/SS) to do

Aug 20th, 2017
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  1. >"Come on, drop the pants!"
  2. "I-I don't know... Miss Cheerilee said that we're too young to--"
  3. >"Pfft! Who cares what this old hag said?! And she's not here right now, it's only us~,"
  4. >"Unless you want the entire school to know about yesterday~,"
  5. >Your eyes go wide at that
  6. "Y-you wouldn't!"
  7. >"Who knows~?"
  8. >The smirk on her face tells you that she would
  9. >She totally would
  10. "O-okay, but just for a bit,"
  11. >Silver Spoon nearly squeaks at that, and Tiara's smirk widens
  12. >You take a couple seconds to steel yourself, and then drop your shorts and boxers in one go, letting them rest right above your knees
  13. >You find you have a hard time looking at them
  14. >But they don't feel the same way, their eyes are completely locked onto your peepee
  15. >Your penis, as Miss Cheerilee called it earlier
  16. >"But where's your sheath? And why is it so small?!"
  17. >"He's not a colt, stupid! It must be a human thing,"
  18. >You close your eyes, trying to ignore them
  19. >They'll just look at it for a bit and you'll put your pants back on and you'll be on your way--
  20. >"Touch it!"
  21. >Your eyes open wide at Tiara's order
  22. >But you realize that it wasn't directed to you
  23. >Silver is just as surprised as you are
  24. >"What? Why me?!"
  25. >"Come on, just do it! Or maybe you're chicken~?"
  26. >"I-I'm no chicken!"
  27. >"I don't know, maybe I should ask one of the blank flanks to do it?"
  28. >"Ugh, okay, okay, I'll do it!"
  29. "Wait, I don't want--"
  30. >"You, shut it!"
  31. >A part of you tells you that you should flee
  32. >Another one is really curious about the situation
  33. >And you gasp when you feel a soft pressure against your balls
  34. >Her hoof recoils when you do, fear in her eyes
  35. >"S-sorry, did it hurt?"
  36. "No, it's okay, it was just... weird."
  37. >She keeps her eyes on yours for a moment, and you both gulp to steel yourselves in preparation
  38. >And her hoof finds her target soon enough
  39. >You cringe a bit at the firmness of its edge, but find your hips leaning forward to meet her soft frog
  40. >It feels weird but
  41. >A nice kind of weird
  43. >You can feel your heart beating faster and faster as she starts roaming more and more
  44. >She cups your left nut, and then squeezes it
  45. >Your hand instantly shoots down to take hold of her limb
  46. >And she looks up at you, once again scared of having messed up somewhere
  47. "B-be gentle with those, they're really sensitives,"
  48. >Her mouth opens up and a barely audible 'oh' comes out
  49. >"...okay..."
  50. >And you let go of her when she nods
  51. >She finally lets go of your purse to start playing with your shaft
  52. >She makes it bounce a couple times, before she presses it against your stomach
  53. >And you moan
  54. >Your hands shoot up to cover your mouth
  55. >You didn't mean to do that!
  56. >And it sounded so girly! Ew!
  57. >"Do that again!"
  58. >You've never seen Tiara so interested in anything before
  59. >And Silver nods, giving your shaft another gentle push
  60. >You stifle the sound from coming out, you were prepared this time, but it still feels..
  61. >So good
  62. >You can't stop your hips from pushing forward for her hoof to press harder against your pride
  63. >You've never felt this way before, what's happening?
  64. >She squeezes it again, and again
  65. >Obviously unhappy with the fact that you're not letting any other sounds
  66. >And your eyes grow wide when you realize that...
  67. >You're growing!
  68. >Your peepee is getting bigger!
  69. >It only did that when you bathed!
  70. >Tiara gasps when another movement from her friend pulls on your foreskin enough for your crown to appear
  71. >And Silver stops dead in her tracks
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