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Dec 19th, 2018
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  1. As you heard in September, WebFaction is transitioning into the Godaddy family of companies. This is a very good thing for all our valued customers because now we have the backing of a large, respected company along with the resources to make your hosting experience even better. Because this transition may affect your current hosting service with us, we’ve put together a helpful guide of what is expected to change going forward. We understand that there is always some concern when improvements like this happen, but there's no need to panic as we'll be here to help every step of the way.
  3. Shared Server Migration
  5. On the first Monday in the new year (January 7, 2019), we will begin the migration process for shared hosting customers to the award-winning Godaddy hosting platform. Customers on server numbers below 500 will begin migration first and customers on servers beginning with number 501 will begin migration as soon as those are complete. We estimate each round of migration will take about a week to complete. Customers on cloud servers will be migrated last.
  7. Hosting Plan Changes
  9. One day before your scheduled migration, you will receive an email where you must sign up for a Godaddy account and link it to your existing WebFaction account. During this process, you will have the opportunity to select what Godaddy hosting plan you’d like to use for new account. After the accounts are linked, you will lose access to the WebFaction control panel so don’t complete this step if there’s anything you’ll need access to in the depreciated platform. We’ll handle all the heavy lifting of getting your data moved over, but we understand that there may be some minor problems due to the platform upgrade so there will be dedicated Godaddy staff assigned to help support the migration through the entire process.
  11. Migration Process
  13. After your accounts are linked, you’ll receive a second email with the exact time your migration will take place as well as the new DNS and IP settings so you can update your domain records. We recommend that you change your DNS settings as soon as your account is linked to Godaddy so that this process will happen as seamlessly as possible. The old DNS servers will remain online for at least two days. After the migration is finished, an open support ticket will be automatically created for you in the Godaddy support hub and it will be prioritized for you in case there are any issues you need help with in getting your websites back online. Because the file paths and mysql server locations will all change, we recommend you immediately check your website after getting the completion email so you can update your code.
  15. Control Panel
  17. Godaddy’s hosting platform uses an advanced control panel called cPanel which has many more features than you’re used to having with the basic WebFaction control panel. We invite all our customers to read through the cPanel documentation so you can know what to expect once your apps are all moved. The official documentary link is here:
  19. Account Credit & Affiliates
  21. Any account balance will transfer to Godaddy and will be created toward your new hosting plan with them. The affiliate program will be discontinued entirely, but we’re going to credit any balances earned in the affiliate program to your Godaddy account even if it’s not over the $20 threshold.
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