Jul 24th, 2019
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  1. i actually cried when i first read about kyoani, lots of their series was an instant love for me (clannad after story and hyouka is my first and second favorite anime and that says something, with amagi brilliant park, k-on!!, koe no katachi, musaigen no phantom world, lucky star, kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon and nichijou behind them--full list on my profile). they were my gateway to anime because of how haruhi suzumiya and k-on left me in awe, and they were my most favorite anime studio for all the years i'm watching anime. i even spent my time to watch every single thing from them (minus full metal panic fumoffu and the second raid) because they're that good of a studio.
  3. people are really scary sometimes, the fact that the arsonist poured gasoline on people was scary enough to leave me startled and wonder how low can humans be. his reason was, "they stole my novel." bitch what the fuck? why are you getting mad at the studio? get mad at the people who created the original source for violet evergarden, hibike euphonium, amagi brilliant park and all the light novel adaptations they've created, since their original projects are only baja no studio and tamako market. heck, don't be mad to anyone. nobody's idea is original at this fucking point, there's no fucking way your idea isn't in other people's minds. you're 41, grow the fuck up.
  5. there will be no kobayashi's dragon maid season two, there will be no movie for violet evergarden, free's newest 2020 entry to the franchise will get delayed or even not be made at all, the second ova of baja no studio isn't happening, and that newest adaptation from their light novel winners "nijuuseiki denki mokuroku" isn't happening soon either. almost all the key animations, storyboard, scripts, actual videos, everything got burned to ashes. all the things the staff made with their love and care... heck, yasuhiro takemoto, the guy who directed maid dragon, hyouka, haruhi suzumiya's movie, and amagi brilliant park is rumored to be dead and that's just fucking sad.
  7. for the people who doesn't know how severe this is, it's one of the deadliest mass-murder incidents in japan, according to wikipedia. please don't think this is an unrelated piece of shit or something because they didn't produce your favorite anime or they've made something you hated, it's really concerning so fuck your "they've always produced shit, good their studio burned" shit.
  9. if you have the money, please donate to sentai filmworks' gofundme page, it's probably ain't a scam since they've licensed some kyoani stuff too in the past. or if you want your money to directly go to kyoani instead of having it donated from a third party or still suspicious about whether this is a scam or not, buy some downloadable pictures on kyoani's website, that also helps since it doesn't require staff to ship the goods to you. /
  11. all in all, i'm just so in pure disbelief about the news. i spent last night rewatching my favorite scene from their stuff even though i needed to do an assignment yesterday... i'm just that sad. thinking about, "the animation is very good in this scene! the storyboards, the script... ah... are the creators of this scene still alive...?" just fucking saddens me. i'm sorry for making you read this long essay written by someone who can't even english correctly, i need to vent my emotions somewhere lol
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