MaidCraft 8

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  1. [23:58] <NomDeNarrateur>        [Last time, on Maidcraft: Not an RTS]
  2. [23:58] <NomDeNarrateur>        [Everyone met their new master]
  3. [23:59] <[Atai]Millie>  [maid rush kekekekeke]
  4. [23:59] <NomDeNarrateur>        [Jon sucked at solitaire]
  5. [23:59] <MarySue>       [I'm in this game too! :3~]
  6. [23:59] <NomDeNarrateur>        [Mui changed for name for no reason]
  7. [23:59] <NomDeNarrateur>        [Mary died a horrible death by dysentry]
  8. [23:59] <MarySue>       [:<]
  9. [00:00] <MarySue>       [the heck is a dysentry]
  10. [00:00] <[Crix]Ashra>   [I was exploded, and died, but got better]
  11. [00:00] <[Atai]Millie>  [dysentry is an illness]
  12. [00:01] <[Atai]Millie>  [water-borne, iirc]
  13. [00:01] <WuMei> [I thought dysentery was an illness]
  14. [00:01] <NomDeNarrateur>        [Dysentery is an intestinal infection that makes you diarrhea until you die]
  15. [00:01] <[Atai]Millie>  [wow. bad times.]
  16. [00:02] <NomDeNarrateur>        [Anyways]
  17. [00:02] *Global*        [mink] Pardon the previous unexpected turbulence, one of our pilots, Jason feel asleep at the controls and didn't learn from last night, /msg Jason pay attention to wake him back up and thanks for flying Rizon!
  18. [00:02] <WuMei> [rizon, etc]
  19. [00:02] <NomDeNarrateur>        [Damn it, global, get out of my game]
  20. [00:02] <NomDeNarrateur>        [ANYWAYS]
  21. [00:03] <NomDeNarrateur>        [A night passes in the Safe House (aka mansion). And lo, it is morning again. Rise and shine.]
  22. [00:05] <NomDeNarrateur>        [At least, rise and shine before I send in ninja]
  23. [00:06] * [Atai]Millie  wakes up and stretches.
  24. [00:06] * WuMei practices qigong before her morning exercises.
  25. [00:06] * [Atai]Millie  Early to rise, and early to bed / makes a man healthy, wealthy and dead.
  26. [00:06] * [Atai]Millie  looks back at his bed, and contemplates mortality.
  27. [00:06] * [Atai]Millie  goes back to sleep.
  28. [00:06] * [Crix]Ashra   doesn't want to wake up, but worries about ninjas and pulls the bed covers over her head
  29. [00:12] <NomDeNarrateur>        Everyone: an intercom crackles to life
  30. [00:13] <NomDeNarrateur>        Intercom: "Hello? Hello? ...How did this thing work again?"
  31. [00:14] * [Atai]Millie  is awake again. Damn.
  32. [00:15] * [Atai]Millie  decides to get the hell up anyway.
  33. [00:15] <NomDeNarrateur>        Intercom: "I think it was this wait, that one. No no, it was all of them--"
  34. [00:15] <NomDeNarrateur>        Everyone: A very loud burst of static erupts over the intercom
  35. [00:16] * WuMei maintains meditative focus.
  36. [00:16] * [Atai]Millie  cringes as he gets dressed.
  37. [00:16] <[Crix]Ashra>   ehhhhhh
  38. [00:17] <NomDeNarrateur>        Intercom: "--I'm okay, I'm okay! I've figured it out--it's actually the button over here--"
  39. [00:17] * [Crix]Ashra   gets out of bed and opens up her dresser to see what is inside it.
  40. [00:17] <NomDeNarrateur>        Everyone: this time, a loud electronic screech
  41. [00:18] <NomDeNarrateur>        Ashra: there are a variety of casual wear for either sex, a formal dress and a double breasted suit, and various uniforms
  42. [00:20] * [Rut]Laure    is in the middle of her morning ritual; double-check the <DATA NOT FOUND> where she placed her equipment, quickly scan over the more obvious bug installation points in the room, open the blinds, make the bed, take a blood sample for a pH and content test to see if anything was introduced overni-- Oh, the intercom.
  43. [00:21] * [Atai]Millie  looks in the wardrobe. All he brought was what he carried and the clothes on his back, which wasn't much. Maybe the John gave him something to wear.
  44. [00:21] * [Crix]Ashra   looks for something in purple, something simple.
  45. [00:23] * [Atai]Millie  will also need to dress to fit the occasion of the day. If in fact, there is one.
  46. [00:25] <NomDeNarrateur>        Millie: your wardrobe is well stocked. It has, however, exactly the same contents as every other wardrobe in these rooms
  47. [00:25] * [Atai]Millie  is pleasantly surprised.
  48. [00:26] * [Atai]Millie  waits for Jon to go on before deciding on what to wear.
  49. [00:27] <NomDeNarrateur>        Intercom: "Don't mind me, I'm just trying to figure out this--"
  50. [00:28] <NomDeNarrateur>        @#$%!
  51. [00:29] * [Atai]Millie  puts on a bathrobe and waits.
  52. [00:30] <NomDeNarrateur>        "It's no good! Go on without me--"
  53. [00:30] <[Crix]Ashra>   Is he dying out there...
  54. [00:30] <[Crix]Ashra>   M-maybe the ninjas got him!
  55. [00:30] * [Atai]Millie  -- After a moment or two of waiting -- gets up and looks at the intercom panel to see if it's a two-way thing, or what.
  56. [00:31] <NomDeNarrateur>        Millie: it's not
  57. [00:31] <[Atai]Millie>  Well, so much for that.
  58. [00:32] * [Atai]Millie  heads out of the room, in a vaguely downstairs-y sort of direction
  59. [00:33] <NomDeNarrateur>        Millie: below the second floor is the first floor. You have found the first floor.
  60. [00:33] * [Atai]Millie  discovers that the house is not levitating. Good, that's one problem out of the way.
  61. [00:34] * [Atai]Millie  ambles over towards the kitchen.
  62. [00:35] <NomDeNarrateur>        Millie: the kitchen is as you, or rather, Ashra left it last night. A fine kitchen. A kitchen worthy of kitchenhood.
  63. [00:35] * [Crix]Ashra   finishes dresses and decides it would be a good time for breakfast
  64. [00:36] * [Atai]Millie  looks for some meat, some cheese, and some bread.
  65. [00:37] * WuMei stops her meditation for a moment, heaving a sigh. She tests her body for painful spots, and resumes qigong exercises that focus on control.
  66. [00:37] <NomDeNarrateur>        "Ladies? Ladies? Once you're done with whatever you do in the mornings, er, come down and see me, alright? No rush--"
  67. [00:37] <NomDeNarrateur>        More static follows
  68. [00:38] * [Rut]Laure    slips into a casual dress and blouse. She equips one of her sleeve mechanisms (for her weapon) before leaving the room. Goodness, such a fuss... but there was no reason to panic. This was supposed to be her 'vacation', after all.
  69. [00:41] * [Rut]Laure    makes her way down to find her host.
  70. [00:42] * [Crix]Ashra   walks into the kitchen straightening out her purple knee-length skirt
  71. [00:42] <[Crix]Ashra>   Well good morning Millie, what are you making?
  72. [00:43] * [Atai]Millie  has made a sandwich, and holds it up.
  73. [00:44] <NomDeNarrateur>        Laure: mansion has a basement, and that seems a good place to search, but it is is a bit of a mess. The passages do not follow any architectural sense, and there are rooms everywhere.
  74. [00:44] <[Crix]Ashra>   Hmm, I was sort of expecting pancakes or biscuits.
  75. [00:45] * [Atai]Millie  gestures to the ingredients, which she has left out, and walks off towards wherever the mysterious voices in the walls come from.
  76. [00:45] * [Atai]Millie  is eating.
  77. [00:45] * WuMei finishes exercising, puts on something comfortable and modest, and heads out the door to search for the master.
  78. [00:46] * [Atai]Millie  is also wondering-- ooh, that's good roast beef --where the hell to find Jon. Did he mention where he was?
  79. [00:47] * [Crix]Ashra   starts to toast some bread and slices pieces of cheese to lay ontop.
  80. [00:48] <NomDeNarrateur>        Laure: there is one particular room that stands out, though; a gaudy sign with flashing lights hangs above a set of double doors: 'THE SLEEVED TRUMP'
  81. [00:49] * [Crix]Ashra   walks out of the kitchen with a piece of toast in her mouth wondering where everyone else has gone.
  82. [00:51] * [Atai]Millie  hazily recalls something about "I'll be down below."
  83. [00:52] * [Atai]Millie  decides to start opening likely-looking doors, or at least keep watch for a set of stairs.
  84. [00:52] <NomDeNarrateur>        Millie: one door in particular tries far too hard to stand out
  85. [00:53] * WuMei considers the big bright sign to be completely ridiculous, and enters through the doors beneath.
  86. [00:53] * [Atai]Millie  stares at the door, and takes a reflective bite of his roast-beef-and-cheddar sandwich.
  87. [00:53] <[Atai]Millie>  Mmm.
  88. [00:53] * [Atai]Millie  opens the door
  89. [00:55] * [Crix]Ashra   hears noises downstairs, perhaps thats where everyone else is
  90. [00:55] * [Atai]Millie  peers in.
  91. [00:55] <NomDeNarrateur>        Everyone Except Ashra Who is Lost: you brave the one obvious door in this place. In side...there's no one inside
  92. [00:57] * [Atai]Millie  remembers the story of a man who opened a box to find his own head inside.
  93. [00:57] <NomDeNarrateur>        There is, however, a very large game room, cluttered with all sorts of Vegas-worthy accessories
  94. [00:58] <NomDeNarrateur>        There is also a performance stage in the back. You hear a rather pathetic whine from backstage
  95. [00:58] <NomDeNarrateur>        "Anyone there? Some help please? Please come check out the man behind the curtain."
  96. [00:58] * WuMei sighs, and steps past Millie in search of the master
  97. [00:59] <[Atai]Millie>  Morning.
  98. [00:59] * [Crix]Ashra   eventually finds the entrance to the basement and sees everyone else.
  99. [00:59] * [Atai]Millie  turns back to see the others behind her.
  100. [00:59] <[Atai]Millie>  ...I'm not some kind of room tester.
  101. [01:00] * [Atai]Millie  steps in and holds the door open, gesturing them in.
  102. [01:00] <[Crix]Ashra>   oh?
  103. [01:01] <[Crix]Ashra>   If you insist
  104. [01:01] * [Crix]Ashra   walks through the doorframe
  105. [01:05] * [Atai]Millie  walks through after, and goes in search of Jon.
  106. [01:06] * [Rut]Laure    goes backstage, where the voice came from.
  107. [01:06] <NomDeNarrateur>        "That's right, this way...actually, I think I can get free now...hold on."
  108. [01:06] <NomDeNarrateur>        Everyone: Jon tries to wheel himself onto the stage proper, still tangled to a bunch of wires
  109. [01:07] * [Atai]Millie  is content to eat. Panic and effort are reserved for when he starts yelling or sounds like he's in pain.
  110. [01:07] * WuMei sighs, and helps him out.
  111. [01:07] * [Atai]Millie  waves.
  112. [01:08] <[Atai]Millie>  Morr'in.
  113. [01:08] <NomDeNarrateur>        "Thank you, Ng--Wu Mei. Morning, ladies."
  114. [01:08] * [Rut]Laure    giggles.
  115. [01:09] <[Crix]Ashra>   humm..
  116. [01:09] <NomDeNarrateur>        "Thanks for coming over so early. How did the accomodations suit you? Did you all have a good rest?"
  117. [01:10] <[Rut]Laure>    Do you find yourself in such life-threatening situations often, Johnathan? And I had thought our time here was to be peaceful.
  118. [01:10] <[Atai]Millie>  'Ey w'r fnn.
  119. [01:10] <[Crix]Ashra>   It was very good. Aside from the wake-up of course.
  120. [01:12] * WuMei keeps her opinion to herself, standing behind the wheelchair.
  121. [01:13] <NomDeNarrateur>        "If you are rested up, I have something to propose to you all."
  122. [01:14] <[Atai]Millie>  mm?
  123. [01:14] <[Rut]Laure>    Certainly. Go on.
  124. [01:14] <NomDeNarrateur>        "Let's go over to the table, shall we? It's nothing serious, so let's relax."
  125. [01:15] <[Crix]Ashra>   I suppose.
  126. [01:15] <NomDeNarrateur>        Jon gestures to a large poker table
  127. [01:15] * WuMei wheels him over to the large poker table.
  128. [01:17] <[Crix]Ashra>   B-but I don't have any other souls to gamble with...
  129. [01:17] * [Atai]Millie  is a little annoyed at being called soulless.
  130. [01:17] <[Crix]Ashra>   Unless we are playing "strip poker" I've heard that it's popular.
  131. [01:18] <[Atai]Millie>  Nnnmf.
  132. [01:18] <NomDeNarrateur>        Jon deals everyone two cards out of habit, but doesn't really pay his cards much attention
  133. [01:19] * [Atai]Millie  picks up the cards, and looks at them.
  134. [01:19] <[Crix]Ashra>   Oh we are playing blackjack!
  135. [01:19] <NomDeNarrateur>        "So, how do you ladies enjoy sitting around doing nothing?"
  136. [01:19] <[Crix]Ashra>   I'm good at doing that.
  137. [01:19] <[Atai]Millie>  ...I don't think the rules card is supposed to be in the deck, Jon.
  138. [01:19] * [Atai]Millie  flicks back the How To Play card.
  139. [01:20] * [Rut]Laure    just smiles and takes her hand up.
  140. [01:20] <NomDeNarrateur>        Jon catches it, with a low "Whoops", but doesn't distract himself from the conversation
  141. [01:20] * [Crix]Ashra   takes a look at her cards
  142. [01:21] <NomDeNarrateur>        "Just to make sure you know how to play."
  143. [01:21] <NomDeNarrateur>        "No excuses later."
  144. [01:21] * [Atai]Millie  does smile briefly, at that.
  145. [01:21] <NomDeNarrateur>        Jon winks, and deals Millie a fresh card
  146. [01:22] * [Atai]Millie  looks at her two cards.
  147. [01:22] * [Atai]Millie  has finished the sandwich.
  148. [01:26] <NomDeNarrateur>        "Where was I? Ah, yes. How do you find a life of retirement, ladies?"
  149. [01:27] <[Crix]Ashra>   But.. I just started.
  150. [01:27] * [Atai]Millie  shrugs.
  151. [01:27] <[Atai]Millie>  Haven't had much of it, yet.
  152. [01:27] <[Crix]Ashra>   Are you trying to sell us house insurance?
  153. [01:28] <[Atai]Millie>  Dunno what to think.
  154. [01:28] <[Atai]Millie>  ...Isn't it his house?
  155. [01:28] <[Crix]Ashra>   It's a trick.
  156. [01:29] <NomDeNarrateur>        [In order: Ashra: J&Q; Laure 10&2, Millie: 6&K, Wu Mei 9 & 3]
  157. [01:29] <[Rut]Laure>    Retired... Oh my, I'd like to think I've still got some years of work left in me.
  158. [01:31] <NomDeNarrateur>        "Not at all, not at all. I'm just asking if you're content just bumming around all day."
  159. [01:33] <[Rut]Laure>    Did you have something productive in mind, Johnathan~?
  160. [01:33] <[Crix]Ashra>   Maybe 6 out of 7 days. Anyway I'll stand.
  161. [01:34] <[Atai]Millie>  Stand. I wouldn't mind having something real to do.
  162. [01:36] <[Rut]Laure>    Hit, please.
  163. [01:36] * WuMei doesn't know how to play Blackjack, and isn't particularly interested anyway
  164. [01:36] <NomDeNarrateur>        "Well, I was thinking, it'd be rude of me to let you ladies go bored."
  165. [01:37] <NomDeNarrateur>        Jon hits Laure with a 7
  166. [01:37] <[Atai]Millie>  ...You have work?
  167. [01:38] <[Rut]Laure>    My, such a gentleman~
  168. [01:38] <NomDeNarrateur>        "Oh please, I can hardly call it work."
  169. [01:39] <[Atai]Millie>  What is it?
  170. [01:41] <NomDeNarrateur>        "Well, there's a business partner of mine, you see. Name's Magniosi. We did a bit of work together a while back, but we had a falling out. Still with me?"
  171. [01:42] <NomDeNarrateur>        Jon drums his fingers rythmically on the deck
  172. [01:44] <[Crix]Ashra>   uhuh...
  173. [01:45] * [Rut]Laure    waits. Both for Jon to continue, and for the round of hits to finish.
  174. [01:46] <NomDeNarrateur>        Jon probably knows Wu Mei doesn't really want to play, but he he hits her with a card anyway. A 10
  175. [01:47] <NomDeNarrateur>        "Now, I need money to eat. And making the ends meet from now on might be difficult."
  176. [01:49] <[Rut]Laure>    It is because there are more mouths to feed, or something else?
  177. [01:50] <NomDeNarrateur>        "Things are going to come up. Probably. It's good to be able to live comfortably anyway, no?"
  178. [01:51] * [Atai]Millie  nods.
  179. [01:51] <[Crix]Ashra>   Living in style is always nice.
  180. [01:51] <[Atai]Millie>  /Living/ is nice.
  181. [01:52] <NomDeNarrateur>        "Is true. A bit of cash on hand would help."
  182. [01:52] <[Atai]Millie>  So...?
  183. [01:52] * [Atai]Millie  waves her hand in a go-on-already way
  184. [01:52] <[Crix]Ashra>   Just 'living' is hardly something to strive for.
  185. [01:53] <[Atai]Millie>  Beats the alternative.
  186. [01:53] <[Crix]Ashra>   You'd be surprised.
  187. [01:53] <[Rut]Laure>    There is more insight to that statement than one might think, Ashra.
  188. [01:53] <NomDeNarrateur>        "Now, it just so happens that ol' Magniosi owes me a bit of a debt. It just came to me that now is a fine time to collect."
  189. [01:53] * [Rut]Laure    sounds different when she speaks.
  190. [01:55] * WuMei blinks at Laure, but doesn't speak, returning her attention to the master.
  191. [01:55] <[Atai]Millie>  Collect his money?
  192. [01:55] <[Atai]Millie>  Or his head?
  193. [01:56] <[Crix]Ashra>   A stand-off at dawn, pistols drawn!?
  194. [01:57] <NomDeNarrateur>        ""Please. His head will hardly fetch enough to shine my shoes. He knows what I'm due. You just have to pick it up."
  195. [01:58] <NomDeNarrateur>        "Well, maybe you'll need to give him a few harsh words. We did have a falling out, after all."
  196. [02:01] <[Crix]Ashra>   Sound easy enough.
  197. [02:02] <NomDeNarrateur>        "Bread and butter. Can you do this for me?"
  198. [02:03] <WuMei> Yes, sir.
  199. [02:03] <[Rut]Laure>    Well, I suppose just sitting around won't do, now will it?
  200. [02:04] <[Atai]Millie>  Certainly.
  201. [02:05] <NomDeNarrateur>        "Excellent. I'll be counting on you all."
  202. [02:05] <NomDeNarrateur>        Jon casually flips over an ace for himself, then wheels back from the table
  203. [02:05] <NomDeNarrateur>        "Well, let me give you a few details before you go."
  204. [02:06] * [Atai]Millie  sets her cards down.
  205. [02:06] <[Crix]Ashra>   Details are helpful.
  206. [02:07] <NomDeNarrateur>        Jon presses a button in his chair, gives a near by roulette wheel a spin, and a projector screen descends from the ceiling
  207. [02:07] * [Atai]Millie  says nothing, but nods.
  208. [02:08] <NomDeNarrateur>        Jon hits another button, and an image pops up on the screen
  209. [02:09] <NomDeNarrateur>        "This fat mug you're seeing belongs to Magniosi. He used to be a strictly small time thug, but got into some pretty shady stuff later in his career. Run a casino now; money laundering, that sort of thing."
  210. [02:10] <NomDeNarrateur>        Jon clicks another button
  211. [02:10] <NomDeNarrateur>        A photo of a rich looking casino replaces Magniosi's repugnant face
  212. [02:11] <[Crix]Ashra>   Oh this is much better.
  213. [02:12] <NomDeNarrateur>        "Got himself quite a nice place these days. Almost makes me jealous. I think he's getting paranoid, though, because he coops himself in the VIP lounge all the damn time. Surrounds himself with bodyguards. Wonder what he's afraid of."
  214. [02:13] <NomDeNarrateur>        Jon flips to an image of a vault door
  215. [02:14] <NomDeNarrateur>        "Eh, whoops, wrong slide."
  216. [02:14] <NomDeNarrateur>        Jon slips to an image of the VIP lounge
  217. [02:16] <NomDeNarrateur>        "Don't ask me how I got this photo. Anyways, this place is for really high rollers, as well as Magniosi's special guests. As you can see from all the security, a lot of legitimate business is conducted here."
  218. [02:17] <[Crix]Ashra>   I'm sure it's just a bridge club.
  219. [02:17] <NomDeNarrateur>        "In that case, there's thousands of dollars going a rubber. These people take their bridge seriously."
  220. [02:18] <NomDeNarrateur>        Jon turns the projector off, wondering to himself whether that all that investment into top of the line projection equipment was not all that useful
  221. [02:19] <NomDeNarrateur>        "It's simple, really. Get yourself into the VIP lounge somehow, find Magniosi, squeeze him for my money. No big."
  222. [02:19] <WuMei> Is that all?
  223. [02:20] <NomDeNarrateur>        "Well...yeah. Question time!"
  224. [02:20] <[Crix]Ashra>   So, he isn't expecting you. At all.
  225. [02:20] <[Atai]Millie>  What's the policy on his goons?
  226. [02:21] <[Atai]Millie>  Kill, KO, creep past?
  227. [02:21] <[Atai]Millie>  If the need arises.
  228. [02:22] <NomDeNarrateur>        "I'd rather you keep it quiet. The more friendly the visit, the easier it is to clean up. I doubt Magniosi has he balls to get the police involved, though. so the money comes first."
  229. [02:22] <[Atai]Millie>  Hmmm.
  230. [02:23] * [Atai]Millie  It's not that Millie likes killing, but it IS just a lot easier that way.
  231. [02:23] <[Atai]Millie>  Okay.
  232. [02:23] <[Rut]Laure>    Is that so? We received rather substantial complaints the last time the objective was assigned priority...
  233. [02:23] * [Rut]Laure    shrugs.
  234. [02:24] <[Crix]Ashra>   I was never good at making plans.
  235. [02:25] <[Atai]Millie>  I think that was because of the whole bomb thing.
  236. [02:25] <[Crix]Ashra>   That bomb just made things more complicated, I hope you aren't supplying her with explosives again.
  237. [02:25] <[Atai]Millie>  "Her"?
  238. [02:26] <NomDeNarrateur>        "It's true that no one really cares about Magniosi's fat face, but at the same time I really would feel bad about civilian casualties
  239. [02:26] * [Atai]Millie  looks around.
  240. [02:26] * [Rut]Laure    smiles.
  241. [02:26] <[Rut]Laure>    That's all you had to say~
  242. [02:26] <NomDeNarrateur>        "The money is mine though. Take it out of Magniosi's pocket."
  243. [02:26] <WuMei> No damage to bystanders, then?
  244. [02:26] <[Atai]Millie>  Oh, riiiight. Bomb-y little two-shoes.
  245. [02:26] <[Crix]Ashra>   That, other girl, not the ninja but the other one.
  246. [02:27] <NomDeNarrateur>        "Try, try, Wu Mei, not to kill anyone, OK? It'll be good for you."
  247. [02:27] <WuMei> Understood.
  248. [02:28] <[Rut]Laure>    Mm, she is quite the killer, isn't she?
  249. [02:28] * [Rut]Laure    gives Mei a strange look. Not hostile or mocking, just... strange.
  250. [02:28] <[Crix]Ashra>   She's definitely good at destroying doors.
  251. [02:29] <WuMei> I'm not very good at falling into bushes.
  252. [02:29] * [Atai]Millie  sees the look.
  253. [02:30] * [Atai]Millie  hopes the dyke doesn't get any ideas about her.
  254. [02:30] <NomDeNarrateur>        "How you want to work out the details is up to you. You're professionals, right? There is an acquaintance of mine who might be able to help you get in know what? It'll probably be easier if you don't meet him."
  255. [02:32] <[Crix]Ashra>   I'm a professional gardener!
  256. [02:34] <NomDeNarrateur>        "That's...that's good. I think. Go er, pluck those weeds. Ahaha."
  257. [02:35] * [Crix]Ashra   isn't very pleased at the response she gets.
  258. [02:36] <NomDeNarrateur>        Jon hastily changes the subject
  259. [02:36] <NomDeNarrateur>        "Well, if you need any gear before you go, I can arrange it for you. If not, I have a car coming to pick you up a bit later."
  260. [02:38] * [Rut]Laure    gives Jon a sympathetic look, as if to say "-I- thought it was clever".
  261. [02:41] <[Atai]Millie>  ...Okay.
  262. [02:42] <[Crix]Ashra>   What if we pose as sellers of priceless treasures, I'm sure my sword looks pretty valuable.
  263. [02:42] <[Crix]Ashra>   It's got Sapphires and diamonds in the hilt.
  264. [02:43] <[Atai]Millie>  We'll keep that in mind if we need to hawk it.
  265. [02:45] <WuMei> Is there a map or blueprint of this place available?
  266. [02:45] <[Crix]Ashra>   W-we aren't SELLING IT!
  267. [02:45] <[Crix]Ashra>   It's just to get into the VIP lounge
  268. [02:45] <[Atai]Millie>  well, I mean if, like... it turns out he has no money, or something
  269. [02:46] <[Atai]Millie>  and he's really in debt
  270. [02:46] <[Atai]Millie>  And we waste all that time for nothing...
  271. [02:46] <NomDeNarrateur>        "I don't actually have a floorplan, but I can get you one. It's not a very complicated place. Probably."
  272. [02:46] * [Atai]Millie  shrugs.
  273. [02:46] <[Atai]Millie>  It'll need to come from somewhere.
  274. [02:47] <WuMei> Alright then. If there's nothing else to discuss, I'll be upstairs.
  275. [02:48] <[Crix]Ashra>   Ehh, don't you have any ideas?
  276. [02:49] <[Rut]Laure>    Hmm... what might I need, I wonder...
  277. [02:50] <WuMei> Ideas?
  278. [02:51] * WuMei scratches her chin.
  279. [02:51] <WuMei> No. Not really. Your idea sounds good enough.
  280. [02:51] <[Crix]Ashra>   Well, alright then.
  281. [02:52] * [Crix]Ashra   seems unsure of herself, people don't often rely on her.
  282. [02:55] <[Atai]Millie>  It might work.
  283. [02:56] <WuMei> I'll be getting ready, then.
  284. [02:56] * WuMei leaves.
  285. [02:58] <[Crix]Ashra>   I guess that's it then, is it lunch time yet?
  286. [02:58] <[Atai]Millie>  ...We just ate breakfast.
  287. [03:01] * [Rut]Laure    rises, curtseys, and goes to finish checking her blood culture. And sweep her room for explosives. And exposed gas pipes. And come to think of it, how strong was the glass on that window? And could the frame support a grown person's weight? And what about.....
  288. [03:02] <NomDeNarrateur>        [CUT]
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