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mhw e3 booth demonstration notes part 2

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Jun 15th, 2017
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  1. E3 gameplay presentation booth notes
  3. -------------------------------------
  5. second viewing new info (first viewing below)
  9. -quest was the same from yesterday. they insisted they do different quests with other monsters and to come back later. I went at the same time both days in the morning.
  10. -the speaker hinted at zinogre being in the game when asked about it before the presentation started.
  11. -t rex is called Anjanath
  12. -it can breathe fire
  13. -sharpness bar looks the same as the original with one major change: the color drains from the bar as you deal hits, showing you exactly how much of a sharpness level you have left before dropping to a lower one
  14. -tracker bugs are called scoutflies
  15. -investigating monster tracks and other things left behind by the monster gives your scoutflies exp
  16. -there are a couple notches above the scoutfly exp bar, when it passes a notch they glow more green
  17. -when the scoutflies level up after finding enough evidence left behind by a monster they will lock onto the monsters scent and guide you to it
  18. -grapple hook could only be used on specific nodes like grapple points in metroid prime
  19. -when sliding down a hill I saw the player perform a rising GS swing out of the slide
  20. -i saw a few new GS moves and some old ones like the second charge introduced in 4. the new one was a double slice after a charge where the first slice did barely any damage but the second slice did a lot.
  21. -the monsters definitely feel a lot more like real beasts in their behavior. for example the great lizard didn't mind the player walking around it. the anjanath was only curiously half fighting/following the hunter until it got enraged
  22. -that said, I still saw classic MH AI such as the anjanath jumping up to the rathalos nest area to get fucked up by rath and then leaving shortly after about 3 times in a row.
  23. -again the small monsters waited until the anjanath was tired and then would attack it when it fell down
  24. -monster vs monster damage was ~150 after lengthy animations such as the anjanath picking up the great lizard by the neck and flinging it around a bunch or rathalos dropping the anjanath from the sky.
  25. -rathalos flew up to the anjanath and did a big fireblast and no damage number appeared but it did knock it over.
  26. -dropping a boulder on the monster did around ~120 damage
  27. -normal GS attacks did anywhere from 12-115 depending on the attack and the hit location
  28. -HBG dealt fast hits of about 12 damage with normal 2 or 25 on sticky shots
  29. -the normal 2 shot is what was being used as machine gun shots
  30. -there was a "press O to load special ammo" prompt and also a special ammo section in the HBG equip screen
  31. -the player briefly hovered over each weapon in the game, they are all there.
  32. -there was also a kinsect icon greyed out in the equipment box alongside all the other weapons
  33. -this could indicate that kinsects are completely separate from the glaive and are equipped from the equipment box like any other weapon
  34. -there was no warning prompt when he changed armor for HBG saying it was ranged armor. the stats looked comparable to the armor he was wearing with GS. could likely be demo stats or it could mean they are doing away with blademaster and gunner armor.
  35. -the armor he changed into was anja armor.
  36. -i didn't see any armor skill info.
  38. ---------------------------------
  40. first viewing
  42. -game director was there and played the quest for us
  43. -quest was to hunt the t rex monster
  44. -the quest was semi scripted. invading monsters showed up at specific times and it was obvious the game director was supposed to play a certain way to show off all the different mechanics in different zones
  45. -the grappling hook wasn't used
  46. -guild gal is fully voiced in english and would talk during the quest occasionally (like in early MH quests where text boxes come up
  47. -hud had the usual sharpness, health and stamina as well as a minimap and some exp bars. one was for the bugs, don't know what the other was for
  48. -the giant lizard monster ate an aptonoth in one bite and was engorged until it went to a different zone to throw it up and let the little lizards eat
  49. -as the hunter collected mucus left by t rex, it would give exp to his tracker bugs and raised their level (those glowing green bugs)
  50. -after collecting a couple samples of mucus the bugs caught the monsters scent and would lead the hunter towards the monster when he sent them out
  51. -while remaining hidden he used rocks from his sling to guide the monster out of the tight cave into a more open area
  52. -later on in the hunt it was shown you could put various things in the sling such as paralysis knives to be used from the sling mid combat
  53. -he used the knives to paralyze the monster under some rocks and knock them down on it
  54. -damage numbers are in
  55. -mounting had a few interesting new mechanics: you can shift to different parts of the monster, the monster would ram itself into objects to try and shake the hunter off, presumably if you dont shift to a safe spot when that happens you'll be knocked off, after mounting for a bit the hunter was able to stand on the monsters back and do a charged greatsword hit and knock it down
  56. -greatsword moveset seemed like standard monster hunter except a lot more fluid looking.
  57. -the hunters movement was a little speedier than normal while unsheathed but he still had to walk
  58. -i think I saw a move where he did a super armored dash through an attack but I'm not sure. it looked like a demon dash.
  59. -potions and steak could be eaten while walking
  60. -items were on a radial wheel he could access
  61. -hunter could slide down slopes while moving to go faster
  62. -hunters movement in general seemed a lot less clunky than usual monster hunter
  63. -hunters face was actually expressive, looked pained when he got hit and stressed when sprinting away from a monster
  64. -when t rex was knocked down while fatigued some small monsters that were waiting at a distance ran over and started attacking it
  65. -there were three large monsters in an area at the same time
  66. -the large monsters also fought each other
  67. -probably just scripted but the rathalos attacked the t rex when it entered it's nest. maybe monsters are territorial and will attack monsters that flee into their zones
  68. -obviously it was open world, but there were still distinguished zones with numbers
  69. -music was good. some parts sounded kind of generic AAA orchestra to me
  70. -he was able to cut the t rexs tail
  71. -in the middle of the hunt he fast traveled to the camp and changed his armor and weapon inside the tent
  72. -i don't remember if he was able to fast travel back or if he walked back since I was focusing on something else
  73. - he used hbg to fire a shot like an artillery cannon that landed on the sleeping monster. the initial hit did 1 damage and then it exploded into dozens of shots.
  74. -then he used Sticky Shot 1 that were basically crag shots to KO the t rex
  75. -he entered a mode where he fired like a machine gun nonstop while a bar showing how long it lasted drained
  76. -he was able to move while firing hbg
  77. -overall it was hard to tell what the actual gameplay will be like since the director was showcasing a bunch of different things instead of fighting
  78. -the actual fighting I did see looked like classic MH with a modern look to it and better controls
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