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gary likes the Qt

ChrisLAS Aug 13th, 2018 107 Never
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  1. I liked your discussion on qt creator and use it as my primary development tool though not for gui's
  3. I don't do gui work because:
  4. 1. i have no visual or artistic talent
  5. 2. i'm terrible at it
  6. 3. my gui's make the 80's look good
  8. but do love qt creator. I do c/c++ linux backend dev and qt creator is great for that.
  10. the kbd shortcuts blow away VS. it does a nice job indexing entire projects with 3/4 million lines of code.
  12. for my work, i develop mainly on linux and then make it work on zlinux and windows. when i have to use visual studio, i am sad. I used to like VS but it's become fat and clunky the last 10 years.
  14. gary
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