Music Jan 30th 2019

Jan 30th, 2019
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  1. Busta Rhymes - It Ain't Safe No More, The Big Bang
  2. -It may not be safe but don't let that stop you, there are more important things going on than our individual safety and there are many many people who desperately need your help, put them first. You, be a hero
  4. Pharrell - In My Mind
  5. -Ta.len.ted. Pharrell always puts together some great tracks. The first one on this album is Can I Have It Like That, featuring Gwen Stefani, the opposition isn't something we put in place, they are the one who wanted us to be the Gentiles and the Jews, the division they thinking they are above us, their opinion of us is as cattle is. So they want it like that? Fine, we will show you how powerful we are and rise up against you to break free from your shackles. We didn't make it this way but we will overcome the challenges you have placed against us
  6. Another track on this album is You Can Do It Too, and you can. Follow leadership, there are many who you can look up to and strive to be like, take the qualities you want from various people and make all of it part of who you are. You can do this. We need you
  7. In my mind there is nothing i want more than their ultimate downfall. It won't happen by the snap of our fingers though and is a huge undertaking we must work hard to achieve. Never turn back, especially if i ever go, this is not my battle this is our battle, i am just one part of it, you most likely will have to do all this by yourselves at some point in time, be ready to do so
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