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  1. Dennis : Hello , my name is Dennis . How can I be of service ?
  2.  robin barry : Good afternoon my name is robin
  3.  robin barry : I had a few questions about my Acer S500 Cloud Mobile phone
  4.  robin barry : 1 . I'm a lot lately to watch movies and what I noticed was that sometimes were d right jar ( horizontal) and portrait bottom of the screen to see strange colors.
  5.  robin barry : and if you look on a black background I see dead pixels
  6.  robin barry : I have googled this and saw that according to several owners have had the acer s500 mobile cloud the same problem and it was a mistake fabriekage
  7.  Dennis : Are those countable ?
  8.  robin barry : I will look
  9.  robin barry : left I see there are about a dozen or 15 sit together and left together I see it more
  10.  Dennis: That is very much
  11.  Dennis : The unit can log directly in this case via :
  12.  https://customercare.acer-euro.com/customercare/CaseBooking.aspx
  13.  robin barry : how do I know if I report as the part number and such?
  14.  Dennis : snid or serial number
  15.  Dennis : Anything else is not accepted in my
  16.  robin barry : Part Number :
  17.  Dennis : part number you have nothing to think
  18.  Dennis : If you give me the IMEI number
  19.  Dennis : Can I give you your serial number
  20.  robin barry : and will , for example, under the standard warranty ?
  21.  robin barry : sitting on my acer or can I send him example to my mobile provider?
  22.  Dennis : that is reviewed by the technician
  23.  robin barry : ok
  24.  Dennis : that might be , but it probably sends to us by
  25.  robin barry : ok
  26.  Dennis : Then it takes only unnecessarily long
  27.  Dennis : If you end up in a situation where , for example, you bought additional warranty through the provider or supplier , it must be through that partijd
  28.  Dennis : party
  29.  robin barry : and if for example it falls in the warranty but no repair parts for replacement ? I will get the phone back piece or do I get a replacement ?
  30.  Dennis : In the case of warranty and there is no damage, then it will be repaired and replaced in exceptional cases
  31.  robin barry : ok
  32.  barry robin : thanks for your explanation : D
  33.  robin barry : Have a nice day
  34.  Dennis : Sure no problem
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