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Magic Man

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  1. >be travelling magician
  2. >Not like fire ball, you shall not pass magician
  3. >more like, pulling rabbits out of hats, nothing up my sleeves magician
  4. >never really paid much attention in magic school
  5. >travelling through forest road to next village for a potential gig
  6. >nothing but moths and lint living in wallet, cant remember the last time you ate real food
  7. >suddenly feel something wrap around foot and hoist you up
  8. >dangling upside down
  9. >raining cards, juggling balls, and colorful scarves
  10. >”Well well, looks like I caught a young one for dinner tonight” a fork-tounged voice says
  11. >Lamia, must have caught you while you were day dreaming
  12. >Lamia about to rip pants off
  13. >gotta think fast
  14. >Pull out bouquet of flowers out of sleeve
  15. >”My what lovely eyes you have my dear”
  16. >Lamia stunned by surprise floral attack
  17. >Offer a deal to Lamia
  18. >If you can guess what card she picked from a deck of 52, you’d win your freedom
  19. >If not, you’d be her willing cum slave
  20. >Lamia seems to ponder the idea
  21. >sweeten the deal by mentioning you are a virgin
  22. >”Alright funny man, I’ll play.” Lamia slyly says, apparently liking to play with her food
  23. >Fan out deck of cards, she picks one without you looking and places it back into deck
  24. >shuffle cards three times, then three times over again
  25. >randomly pull card out
  26. >”Is this your card?”
  27. >Lamia evilly grins, “No, its not.”
  28. >Can feel tail tighten around ankle
  29. >”Of course its not, your card is behind your ear”
  30. >Pull out her card from behind her ear and flash it in front of her
  31. >Lamia drops you out of surprise, clutching your card and staring at it amazed
  32. >Lamia can’t even formulate words as she holds the card in wonder
  33. >Use distraction to pick up dropped scarves, juggling balls and miscellaneous items that fell from pockets
  34. >proceed to give impromptu magic show to Lamia for the next half hour
  35. >Lamia loses her shit at the simplest magic tricks
  36. >Time for the grand finale
  37. >mention that you need a guest from the audience.
  38. >Lamia waves her hand frantically
  39. >Give a dramatic pause before finally picking Lamia who joins you
  40. >You are now going to attempt your most dangerous but thrilling piece of magic yet
  41. >making yourself disappear
  42. >Give lamia a blindfold to put on, and tell her not to remove it until you say the magic words
  43. >Lamia puts it on without question, waits for the magic words
  44. >magic words never come
  45. >Been running down the road for the last five minutes nonstop now
  46. >clean getaway
  47. >silly bitch, they call me the magic man
  51. >eating stale bread and old warm beer at tavern after gig
  52. >some eight year olds party, wasn’t even worth the time
  53. >can’t complain about the pay though, a few copper pieces, but enough to fill your belly
  54. >barkeep comes around
  55. >”Hey buddy, you can pay for that right?” the pot belled old man off-handedly threatens
  56. >Proceed to sneeze out a copper coin from your nose
  57. >Barkeep cringes, ”Tell you what. Don’t do that again, and that’s on the house.”
  58. >Fine by me
  59. >proceed to eat food and drink
  60. >sound of cheering starts to emit from outside tavern
  61. >curious, begin to investigate the source of the ruckus
  62. >massive crowd of villagers gathered around some adventurers by the looks of it
  63. >armor shines out in brilliance compared to the villagers ragged clothes
  64. >on closer inspection you realize it’s the Fated Hero, the best hope humanity has against the Monster Lord
  65. >shine off his teeth almost blinds you, his hair never out of place
  66. >Can also spot a hulking brute of a man in thick armor, an elf with a large bow on her back, and another shadowy figure trailing behind him
  67. >Fated Hero’s voice booms out into the crowd
  68. >”Good people! I seek brave heroes to help me in my quest to slay the Monster Lord, whose minions ravage these lands and enslave our men! Who will join me on my epic quest?”
  69. >crowd goes silent, everyone eyes cast downward
  70. >serves them right, everyone knows whoever travels with the Fated Hero dies, while the Hero gets all the legend to himself.
  71. >”This guy can do it!” a young voice erupts from behind you
  72. >”He’s really cool! He can pull stuff from sleeves and summon birds and breathe fire! He’s the best magician ever!” A shrill voice continues, pointing directly at you
  73. >Oh god
  74. >Its that brat from the birthday party
  75. >Immediately try to wave him off, kid doesn’t know what he’s talking about
  76. >Hero already standing in front of you, looking you over
  77. >”Hmmm. Excellent! We needed a mage! And you seem to be exceptionally powerful if you can summon creatures to do your bidding!”
  78. >Hero slaps your shoulder, nearly breaking your arm
  79. >”Welcome to the party, Mage!”
  80. >Can hear an audible ‘che’ from the elf
  81. >”With your powers, we may finally breach the Monster Lord’s castle and defeat her vile army of Monster Girls!” The hero continues
  82. >shiet
  87. >week three of traveling with Fated Hero and party
  88. >How you lasted this long you had no idea
  89. >Whenever there was battle, Fated Hero would charge in, Hulking Man would heave forward, Elf would shoot arrows, shadowy figure disappeared behind enemy lines
  90. >you mumbled incoherent shit you made up, spreading your arms wide apart to feign spells
  91. >battle always ended before you could cast your supposed ‘awesome power’
  92. >Fated Hero jovially apologies for his battle prowess, but you suspect that Elf is beginning to doubt you
  93. >Spend one night camping beneath the stares while the party rests
  94. >spend your time reading out of your ‘spell book’
  95. >It’s a cook book
  96. >Begin to hear the furious sound of fuck making the Hero and Elf were doing from their tent
  97. >Usually started in the middle of the night, thinking that nobody would hear
  98. >but you heard
  99. >close your ‘spell book’ and wander off into the woods
  100. >judging from how the old legends went, you already knew that Heroes love interest would be slain, thereby strengthening his resolve against the Monster Lord ,and swearing eternal vengeance blah blah blah
  101. >Didn’t care much for it, at least you were getting food
  102. >stop in you tracks
  103. >begin to hear the distinct sound of sniffling
  104. >Well that’s odd
  105. >begin to investigate deeper into the woods, until you found a small child crying beneath an oak tree
  106. >Except it was no child, not human at least
  107. >could spot pointed ears and bushy tail; definite Monster Girl, probably wolf
  108. >About to turn around and leave, but the sound of a crying child leaves a sour taste in your mouth
  109. >Approach the monster girl child, who immediately flinches away at the sight of you
  110. >”Ah! Human!” she yelps at you
  111. >You give a gentle smile and produce a single flower from your sleeve and give it to her, meaning her no harm
  112. >she takes it cautiously as you ask her if she was lost
  113. >”I’m not lost…I just don’t know where I am right now.” she says twirling the flower in her fingers
  114. >Scratch your head at the predicament, you could bring her back to camp, but Fated Hero would probably throw a fit.
  115. >Decide, to the best of your ability, to try and help her find her way
  116. >You ask her what her favorite color was
  117. >She sniffles again, “Red” she says wiping away her tears and standing up
  118. >You produce a red scarf from apparent nothingness and tie it around her head
  119. > taking one of her paws into your hand you begin to lead her through the forest until you eventually find a single dirt road
  120. >”This is it! I know where I am now!” the monster girl hugs you in thanks
  121. >You pat her on the head and she merrily bounds down the road
  122. >Turn around to head back to camp when you notice shadowy figure behind you, holding a drawn dagger at its side
  123. >Silence descends on the both of you.
  124. >awkwardly you speak first
  125. >”I wont tell if you wont tell?”
  126. >Shadowy figure hesitates for a moment, before putting away dagger and disappearing back into the darkness
  127. >too spooky
  128. >make haste back to camp
  131. >Months past
  132. >Finally make assault on Monster Lord’s Fortress
  133. >With Monter Lord’s army destroyed it was now just down to the Generals
  134. >Party elects to stay behind to hold off Generals while Fated Hero engages Monster Lord
  135. >Elf fights General Arachnee armed with a massive bow that’s shoots from the rafters in complete darkness
  136. >Hulking man in heavy armor facing off against General Oni with massive spiked club, causing the earth to tremble with every hit
  137. >Shadowy figure disappeared again to god know where
  138. >You were paired up against General Kitsune caster who was wreathed in blue fire, nine tails roiling menacingly behind her
  139. >ohfuckme
  140. >have to dodge massive torrents of blue fire, using pillars as cover
  141. >”Come fight me Mage! We shall see who is the better!” the Kitsune yells as a wave of fire descends upon you
  142. >Bitch please, you were doing children parties a few  months back
  143. >Running out of things in your bag of tricks, marked cards, tricked dice, all of your doves were deliciously fried
  144. >Begin to throw your juggling balls at her, which she instantly sets alight
  145. >”Ha! Is that the best you can do!?” she screams as she breathes a massive flame dragon to hunt you down
  146. >Oh shit
  147. >start running away from massive flame beast
  148. >about to be engulfed in a fiery blue torrent when you suddenly disappear in a flash of white smoke
  149. >The blue fire dragon crashes to the ground where you would have been, if you hadn’t used the last of your smoke bombs
  150. >”Come out mage! Its not over yet!” you could practicaly see blue embers emit from her mouth as you peek from behind another pillar
  151. >you were running out of parlor tricks now
  152. >What skills did you really have anyway?
  153. >You were just a bum doing childrens parties to make a living, using cheap smoke effects and sleight of hand tricks
  154. >Cards, cups, and balls, were you specialty, not fighting wizard battles
  155. >You should have stayed in school
  156. >then an idea hits you
  157. >One of your skills was sleight of hand
  158. >You could use that
  159. >You’d just have to get close
  163. >You take off your cape that was given to you by the High King of the Human Kingdoms
  164. >It took forty seamstresses forty days to weave such an elegant cape for you and your party
  165. >You grasp it loosely with both hands as you appear from behind the pillar to confront Kitsune Caster
  166. >”Ha! Finally decided to fight?” she grins menacingly as you calmly approach her
  167. >She looses a fireball at you
  168. >you’d only have one shot
  169. >You toss the cape in front of you, taking the initial blow
  170. >The fabric is set alight as it crumples to the floor
  171. >”Ha! So the Human Mage falls to Kitsune magic. How apt” the Kitsune caster gloats, triumphant in her apparent victory.
  172. >Suddenly you appear behind her
  173. >”What?!” kitsune barely has time to respond as you make your move
  174. >While her fireball had hit your cape, you had rolled away and came from her blind spot
  175. >You attack, striking effectively and efficiently
  176. >Kitune caster twirls away from you, putting distance between the two of you
  177. >”I see you have more than tricks up your sleeve. But know this human, I’ve studied the arts far longer than-“ her sentence was cut off as her robes suddenly came un-done, reavling pearly alabaster skin, and ample cleavage
  178. >You first attack, using sleight of hand had robbed her of her sash
  179. >a common tactic used by pick-pockets, but it was all you had left
  180. >using her confusion, you dashed forward, closing the distance and attacking again
  181. >you grabbed whatever you could get a hold of
  182. >her golden hair falls down as you effortlessly pluck her hair ribbon
  183. >her pockets of emptied of loose change and used tissues
  184. >you tug a string near her waist and come back with still warm panties that were apparently held together by string
  185. >you dance around her as you manage to pull off her robes, leaving her stark naked as you pilfer her items
  186. >she collapses on the floor covering herself with her arms as you hold all her possessions
  187. >Well that worked out splendidly
  188. >”You…perverted, pig-faced, human charlatan!” Kitsune suddenly rises, using her tails to cover herself form view
  189. >Ah right, how was this supposed to help you again?
  190. >”I’m going to burn you to a crisp, to the point that not even ash remains.” She declared as a massive fire balled twirled above her fingers
  191. >You close your eyes and accept your fate
  192. >Until you hear a familiar voice
  195. >”Hey! It’s you again!” came a familiar voice
  196. >Kitsune Caster’s fireball dissipates as she looks past you
  197. >You turn around following her gaze, to find somebody you met before
  198. >it was that one monster wolf girl you had found in the forest those few months ago
  199. >she was still  wearing the red scarf
  200. >what was she doing here?
  201. >Little monster wolf girl suddenly regardes the Kitsune Caster, a puzzled look on her face  
  202. >”Mom, how come your naked?” the little monster girl questions
  203. >wait
  204. >Mom?
  205. >Look closely to the similarities between the two and realize that the fur color is actually quite close
  206. >Guess you mistook kistsune child for a wolf
  207. >”Sweetie, mommy is busy trying to kill the human right now. Go back upstairs and finish cleaning your room.” The Kitsune Caster’s voice suddenly changes to a much softer tone as she address her child
  208. >child Kitsune gives a pouty look as she suddenly clings to you
  209. >”You, can’t do that! He’s really nice! He helped me when I was los…didn’t know where I was” she says  hugging your leg tighter
  210. >Kitsune Caster audibly sighs as she began to rub her head in frustration
  211. >”Sweetie, mommy has orders from the Lord to kill the human.”
  212. >Child Kitsune only hugs harder
  213. >”But mom! He’s nice! He gave me this scarf too! See!” she says twitching her ears to draw attention to the scarf atop her head
  214. >To your utter surprise, Kitsune Caster’s blue fire vanishes as she lets out a heavy sigh
  215. >”Alright, but just this once. And I want that room clean before I head back upstairs do you understand me young lady? And you.” She says suddenly pointing one of her many tails at you
  216. >”…I’d like my clothes back.” She says with a slight blush to her face
  217. >You give her back her clothes and possessions, which she puts back on behind the safety of her many bushy tails
  218. >After putting on her robes, she suddenly stops and regards you again, holding out an outstretched hand
  219. >What?
  220. >”…underwear” she says underneath her breath, as if ashamed to say it front of her child
  221. >You empty out your pockets and shrug your shoulders, having apparently lost her underwear
  222. >”Seriously?” the Kitsune Caster says exasperated
  223. >You roll up your sleeves of your coat and show your bare arms to her
  224. >Nothing up my sleeves.
  228. >After earning a resounding slap from Kitsune Caster, head up towards Throne Room of Monster Lord
  229. >signs of battle are everywhere, chunks of the ceiling and wall litter the floor
  230. >Massive doors blown apart
  231. >Eventually spot the Fated Hero on one side of the room beaten and bloodied , desperately reaching for his weapon
  232. >on the other side of the room , to your utter surprise, you recognize the shadowy figure
  233. >At least in part it was the shadowy figure, her disguise had fallen away to reveal the scaled face and horns of a dragon monster girl, a wreath of thorns atop her head
  234. >she was also bloodied, having sustained heavy wounds
  235. >From what you could guess, the Monster Lord had infiltrated the party to sabotage the Fated Hero’s endeavors.
  236. >Quite clever really
  237. >”Mage! Thank goodness you’re here! They killed Elf-Chan! I’ll never forgive them! Help me so as I can finally bring peace to the land!” he proclaims to you, an exuberant look on his face.
  238. >You scratch your head at the situation
  239. >Well yeah, you did have the opportunity to defeat the monster lord
  240. >But then again, according to legend, and just like how it repeated itself in the past, the Monster lord would rise again, and the cycle would continue  
  241. >”Come mage! Cast your mighty spells! I’ll cover you!” the Fated Hero announced as he struggled to pick himself up, only to fall back down
  242. >Yeah, this guy definitatly didn’t deserve to be a Hero
  243. >You conjure another scarf from your sleeve and proceed to the Fated Hero, and blindfold him
  244. >you elaborately tell him that your next spell is not to be seen by mortal eyes, lest their souls be suck out by blah blah blah
  245. >Fated Hero seems to buy into you, “Truly, you are a good friend.” Hero says weakly
  246. >Proceed over to shadowy figure/Monster Lord
  247. >She flinches at you but you help her up and dust her off
  248. >Satisfied that she could stand on her own power, you begin to scan the ground for a sizable rock
  249. >You find a good size one and heave it up and give it to the Shadowy figure/Monster lord
  250. >You gently pat her should and leave the room and wait by the stairs
  251. >Eventually, Shadowy figure/Monster Lord descends down the stairs, appearing quite satisfied as she sits down next to you
  252. >”Thank you” she audibly whispers she drifts off into sleep and rests her head on your shoulder.  
  255. >Some months later
  256. >Be appointed as High Court Mage of the Monster Lord
  257. >Kitsune Caster was quite miffed of how you were able to defeat her with magic whatsoever
  258. >For some reason, she didn’t mind giving you real lessons in magic
  259. >Begins to wear more revealing outfits whenever you study with her
  260. >apparently that was just her ‘Battle Dress’
  261. >Still play together with Kitsune Child, she still wears the red scarf, and continues to wear it for many many years
  262. >Monster Lord still her quite self, although she does blush quite a bit whenever you pass by her
  263. >Lamia still waiting for the magic words
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