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Jul 2nd, 2020
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  1. 1.10.0 Changelog - BaseGame ONLY (see below for Making History and Breaking Ground changelog)
  2. Improvements
  4. Added the ability to fine tune fairings or use the existing, snap mode. This behavior reacts to the editor's angle snap.
  5. Added ESA missions tutorial.
  6. Adjusted the Remove Row button in KAL to only delete the row when clicking on the red cross, not the whole segment.
  7. Fuel cells can be set started in the VAB or SPH for launch.
  8. Drag cube debug information now available in VAB/SPH when show aero data in PAW debug option is on.
  9. Improve drag cube system to handle Part Variants and Shrouds on the same part.
  10. Add additional drag cube information to Debug Aero info in PAWs.
  11. Persist Aero GUI UI debug window setting and Debug Aero info in PAWs setting between game sessions.
  12. Performance improvements for engine module.
  13. Performance and memory improvements for launching a vessel from the space centre.
  14. Performance and memory improvements for part action windows by caching them.
  15. Performance and memory improvements for reading and writing config nodes, so better performance for loading and saving.
  16. Performance and memory improvements for undo and redo in VAB/SPH by caching stage manager icons.
  17. Intended duplicated group-actions have a marker to distinguish the part side .
  18. Converter actions now indicate resource type to differentiate them.
  19. Performance and memory improvements for loading vessels.
  20. Preview and select suits for Kerbals via the suit selector icon (coat hanger).
  21. Performance and Memory improvements for game, craft and mission load dialogues.
  22. Performance and Memory improvements for vessel loading.
  23. Performance and Memory improvements for ModuleJettison in VAB/SPH.
  24. The KSC's grass now changes according to the currently set terrain shader quality.
  25. Revamped Jool, giving it a new animated shader and high resolution textures.
  26. Laythe planet textures revamp. Low, medium and high quality terrain shaders.
  27. ESA Collaboration missions implemented for base game.
  28. Added EVA button to the crew transfer dialog. Functions the same as the crew hatch dialog EVA button.
  29. Added the ability to have open-ended/uncapped fairings.
  30. Sliders now display units in the Part Action Window where appropriate.
  31. Optimized fairing mesh construction and exploded view heuristic by caching mouse position.
  32. Reduced GC and unnecessary calculations performed for variants on fairings.
  33. Reduced number of meshes and colliders for fairings to improve draw calls and standarize at 24-32 sides.
  34. Added Marquee scrolling to a few PAW items for when the text is super long. Text is ellipsis in this case and on mouse over will move left then right.
  35. Performance improvements in flight mode by caching variables in ThermalIntegrationPass and PartBuoyancy.
  36. Hide UI elements that aren't being used and avoid unnecessary updates in flight mode.
  37. Performance and memory improvements for DeltaV simulations.
  38. Speed up craft loading and use less memory in VAB/SPH.
  39. The PAW starts towards the outside of the screen instead of over the center of the rocket/screen.
  40. The camera will not position itself at an appropriate distance when switching vessels to prevent the camera starting inside vessels.
  41. KSP now has Comets!
  42. Added two new contracts for comets.
  43. Added surface sample science experiment for comets.
  44. Comets can explode into smaller fragments while entering a CB's atmosphere.
  45. Fairings can now be set to not auto-expand in SPH/VAB via a new PAW option.
  46. Improve performance of splash FX in water by using combination aof close splashes and limiting how many occur in close proximity
  47. Adjusted the "dark" them color to be more visible in the variant selector.
  49. Localization
  51. Changed Japanese translation of "Polar Crater" based on community feedback.
  52. Stock vessel name and description translations.
  53. Fix science done at Dessert not showing localized name.
  54. Fix Service Module parts displaying unlocalized text for Shroud.
  55. Fix Command parts displaying unlocalized text for Cutaway.
  56. Fixed a localization issue on the Strategies occurring on FR, IT and PT
  57. Fix unlocalized label for facility level during missions.
  58. Fix grammar issue in From the Moon tutorial.
  59. Updated SC-9001 Science Jr. perform science button so it now matches the new part name.
  60. Fixes translation error in FTE-1 part in Japanese.
  61. Fix missing character in KSP Merchandise link in main menu in simplified Chinese.
  62. Improved phrasing for landing label in Russian.
  63. Fix localized string when debugging aero details.
  64. Fix localization issues with tab headings in Tracking Station.
  65. Fix KSPedia - Numbers on Resources/Conversion Management page alignment in Russian and Chinese.
  66. Fix KSPedia 'app launcher' text box on the Manual/Flight Interface page alignment in Portuguese.
  67. Fix KSPedia text on Rocketry/Basics/Centered page spacing in Japanese.
  68. Fix KSPedia text on Manual/Management page spacing in Portuguese.
  69. Fix KSPedia unlocalized text for measurements is displayed in the 'Effective Range Table'.
  70. Fix KSPedia Japanese Incorrect break line in Control.
  71. Fix numerous part description texts.
  72. Fix a couple of messages in tutorials.
  73. Fix action sets override explanation tooltip text.
  74. Fix Localization of Vessel Naming Group and vessel name in PAWs.
  75. Removed line breaks in the Orbit's Ejection field tooltip in English.
  77. Parts
  79. Add fuel line ESA variant.
  80. Add Thoroughbred ESA variant.
  81. Added Rockomax X200-32 ESA variant.
  82. Revamped R-11 'Baguette' External Tank and added silver variant.
  83. Revamped R-4 'Dumpling' External Tank and added silver variant.
  84. Revamped R-12 'Doughnut' External Tank and added silver variant.
  85. Added new variants to the fairings size 1, 2 and 3. Now we have them in white, black and white, orange, silver and gold.
  86. Revamped Struts and added white variant.
  87. New Moho Planetary Observer (MPO) Probe.
  88. New Moho Transfer Module (MTM).
  89. Fix Mainsail's Center Of Thrust.
  90. Fix LV-N engine FX particle offset.
  91. Added the ESA variant to the Rockomax X200-16 Fuel Tank.
  92. New Flag parts, these new parts can be placed on fairings by holding the Mod key or by setting the Fairing Expansion = Off setting in the fairings PAW.
  93. Parts with Flag Decals on them can now have their decal set to mirrored.
  94. New Magnetometer Boom science experiment.
  95. Advanced Grabbing Unit textures revamped and added a Dark variant.
  96. New Advanced Grabbing Unit Jr. With 2 variants
  97. Fix for LV-N engine not stacking correctly at the bottom.
  98. Added a white and yellow variant to all TD decouplers and TS separators.
  100. Bugfixes
  102. Fix Action Groups app position.
  103. Fix mesh scale on short compoundparts causing reentry FX issues.
  104. Fixed Interstage fairings holding onto the payload in certain use cases.
  105. Fix dV calcs for stages drawing resources across decouplers with crossfeed enabled.
  106. Fix unable to timewarp after using Set Position and then Set Orbit cheat.
  107. Fix autostrut being incorrectly reset on parts attached to dynamic nodes if the part is the parent.
  108. Fix drag cubes on J-90 Goliath, 48-7S Spark, LV-909 Terrier, RE-M3 Mainsail, RE-L10 Poodle RE-I5 Skipper, and numerous other parts.
  109. Fix craft browser selecting wrong tab when player switches between VAB/SPH.
  110. Fix the highlight and navigation colors not being set on game start when the settings file did not exist.
  111. Fixed a bug that stopped the player from progressing in the Basic Science Tutorial.
  112. Fix Action Groups app header in flight.
  113. Fix Lights toggle image not showing all rays properly in Altimiter UI.
  114. Fix comm link not displaying correct strength when focusing on a relay satellite.
  115. Fix node icons being rendered on top of other Flight scene UI elements.
  116. Fix broken off solar panels, fairings and shroud parts left on the surface causing vessels to remain in landed state after they take off.
  117. Fix Dont Show Again not working for Delete all Messages functionality.
  118. Fix LV-T45 config by removing duplicate definition of testmodule.
  119. Fixed veteran kerbals dissappearing when being dismissed.
  120. Fix Navball render issue when Maneuver mode is enabled.
  121. Fix resources not being displayed in tracking station in Prospecting Eeloo Scenario.
  122. Fix asteroids having incorrect mass when docking.
  123. Fix bug causing kerbals to not respawn in Space Center.
  124. Fix bug causing difficulty settings to revert when reverting flight.
  125. Fix maneuver node label not showing when switching selected node.
  126. Fix an issue where Maneuver Mode's Maneuver Editor's Gizmos can enlarge or shrink when clicked extremely fast.
  127. Fix 3.75m decoupler and separator drag cubes creating too much drag.
  128. Fix issue where some vessels were not being reset to the terrain when loading them in a save game where the game terrain detail settings had been changed since it was last saved.
  129. Fix a different tone of white in the white fairing variant.
  130. Fix Launch platform selector getting stuck when opening dialogs while it is already open.
  131. Fix Portrait Gallery when EVAing and all gallery pictures have been hidden.
  132. Fix lighting on specular shaded part icons.
  133. Fix 3D object masking in Editor and RnD scenes for Windows platform and openGL forced.
  134. Pinned PAW stays open in the editor on click events and on part selection.
  135. Add some clarity in the strategies that have no-duration (Bail-out and Sell-out) so players dont expect them to remain active over time.
  136. Fix Z-100 battery light showing white in toolbar and tooltip icons sometimes.
  137. Fix fuel overlay becoming offset when dragging the root part by hiding the overlay during that drag.
  138. Remove Jettison event for Jettison parts that are fairings as they cannot be jettisoned manually.
  139. Fix hitching in the main menu.
  140. Fix visual artefacts of atmosphere planets in map view at high timewarp rates.
  141. Interior lights of ship cockpits and passenger modules are linked to the toggle lights action group.
  142. Fixed bug causing empty stages not to be deleted.
  143. Fix label overlap that was happening in some languages.
  144. Part Action Windows will always close when its part is destroyed.
  145. Fixed bug where drain valve values were being defaulted to true.
  146. Fixed bug which caused some building lights to remain on during the day.
  147. Fix camera out of frustum error when reloading flight scene in some scenarios.
  148. Fix inertial tensor errors when reloading flight scene in some scenarios.
  149. Fix log messages when running missions with test experiment node and node is set to any experiment.
  150. Maneuver mode UI negative handles don't flip functionality anymore after adjusting the tool sensitivity.
  151. Docking Port Actions now fire docking ports on same vessel.
  152. The technology path lines don't disappear anymore.
  153. Fix tutorial 'orbit 101' getting stuck when trying to get to the inclination value of 10 degrees.
  154. Correctly handle engines burning across stages for dV calcs.
  155. Fix decoupler handling when no parts attached to decoupler for dV calcs.
  156. Fix stage UI dV display fluctuating up and down whilst burning engines.
  157. Fixed NRE when changing the variant of a surface-attached LV-1 'Ant'.
  158. Fix not copying resource amounts when copying parts in VAB/SPH.
  159. Fix contract part naming to use real part names and not 'research lab' or 'materials bay'.
  160. Fix for some keybindings activating when typing in toolbox part search in VAB/SPH.
  161. Fix camera shake issues in the SPH when using shift and hovering over UI elements.
  162. Fixed disappearing mode toggle button in KerbNet dialog.
  163. Fix for Shadow Projection Settings resetting.
  164. Fix PAW group headers being cut off in some languages.
  165. Fixed an issue where the UT field in Precision Maneuver Editor wasn't able to display Universal Time in the 'y
  166. Fix 'Cannot deploy while stowed.' bug for service bays.
  167. Fix manuever node handles changing value incorrectly when dragging 'anti' handles.
  168. Fix randomization error in Sentinel causing short lifetimes of discovered asteroids.
  169. Fix Exception storm when inflatable heat shield destroyed by overheat in some situations.
  170. Fix incorrect Line Break - Tracking Station - The string 'Last seen
  171. PAW title now matches the new name of an asteroid after being renamed.
  172. Maneuver node no longer moves along the planned trajectory instead of the current one when moving it ahead in time using the Maneuver Mode UI input field.
  173. Fix crew assignment being blocked after loading second ship.
  174. Fix the vesselSituation on unloaded space objects being Flying instead of Orbiting.
  175. Fix flickering Celestial body self-shadow issues with DX11 platform.
  176. Fix icons in map view not rescaling properly when UI scale changes.
  177. Fix the EVA 'Board' button prompt not disappearing when the target vessel is destroyed.
  178. Fix unlocalized label for mk1-3 pod lights.
  179. Fixed the Island runway textures.
  180. Fix camera behavior when camera mode is activated multiple times in flight mode.
  181. Fix loading of Modders KSPedia slides.
  182. Fix beginner tutorials being locked out after pressing Save or Load game buttons.
  183. Fix NRE flood when creating or selecting a maneuver node with the Maneuver Mode UI Intercept tab open.
  184. Fix Set Orbit cheat to allow rendezvous with vessels in an escaping sphere of influence situation.
  185. Fairing panels now display the proper texture you see in the editor instead of pure white.
  186. Fix incorrect drag cube and class size on Asteroids after they have been grappled and subsequently ungrappled or reloaded via scene change or save game load.
  188. Mods
  190. Add IPartMassModifier to ModuleJettison. Allows mods to implement mass change on jettison.
  191. Fix application of mass to resource ratios in ModuleResourceConverter recipes.
  192. Renamed a duplicated shader "KSP/Particles/Alpha Blended" to now have one named that and another named "KSP/Particles/Alpha Blended Scenery".
  194. Making History 1.10.0
  195. Improvements
  197. Tracking of vessels now works for creator defined vessels that undock and get created during a mission from another vessel. Mission creators can now assign parts that have had vessel rename and priority set to test against in mission nodes.
  198. Moved localization files to base game.
  199. Add checkbox to FlyThrough Test Node to allow the map marker to be hidden
  200. Added a new icon for Test Grapple node in Mission Builder.
  201. Add setting (MISSION_NAVIGATION_GHOSTING) to show nav marker ghosting when the target is behind you. Defaulted to on for all mission games (including ESA).
  202. Added a new Grapple test node to verify if a grabbing unit took hold of a space object.
  203. Space Objects can now be selected in the Distance to node.
  204. Test vessel velocity can now be compared relative to vessels, kerbals, and space objects instead of just the orbited CB.
  205. Nodes in Making History support comets the same as asteroids.
  207. Localization
  209. Fixed wrong localization for asteroid nodes in mission builder.
  210. Fix descriptions for Shrimp and SWM-94 parts.
  212. Parts
  214. Kickback booster revamp and ESA variant.
  215. Added new variants to the fairings size 1.5 and 3. Now we have them in white, black and white, orange, silver and gold.
  216. Added a white and yellow variant to the size 1.5 and size 4 TD decouplers and size 1.5 and size 4 TS separators.
  218. Bugfixes
  220. Fix scenario loading in Mission Builder scene causing Mission Issues.
  221. Fix Vessel/Part tracking on Nodes for Dock/Undock/Decouple/Couple events during a mission.
  222. Added Create Comet node to be used on the Mission Editor. Under the Spawnables section.
  223. Fixed minor typo in Intermediate Tutorial for Missions
  224. Fixed label size to better suit other languages in SpawnAsteroid, mission builder.
  225. Fix label displaying incorrect experiment for collected science data when prompted to overwrite.
  226. Fix incorrect orbit around The Sun for asteroids spawning in missions.
  227. Fix lighting brightness on displayed Kerbals and Vessels in the GAP.
  228. Fix bug that impeded time warping after finishing a mission.
  229. Fix Dawn of Space Age mission failing inmediately after lift off in some cases.
  230. Fix drag cubes for the 3.75m Structural Tubes.
  231. Fixed mirror symmetry placement for structural panels.
  232. Fix GAP vessel filter ribbon disappearing when selecting alternate vessel/part selector in the SAP.
  233. Fix #autoLOC_8005448 showing in Mission builder test distance validation report.
  234. Fix bug causing unlocked servos to be locked when launching
  235. Fix missing line break in node description.
  236. Fix log messages when running missions with test experiment node and node is set to any experiment.
  237. Fix log messages about Gene Kerman's animations being legacy when using him in message nodes in a mission.
  238. Fix misnamed FL-TX440 Tank variants so they are consistent.
  239. Fix a number of typos in the 'Dawn of the Space Age' mission.
  240. Fix wrong size category for FL-R5 RCS Fuel Tank and the Heat Shield (1.875m) parts.
  241. Fix stutter and error in planet viewer transition.
  242. Fix button text issues on Play mission dialog for non-English text.
  244. Bugfix
  246. Fixed erratic positioning of Dessert Airfield windmills.
  248. Breaking Ground 1.5.0
  249. Improvements
  251. Solar Panel and RTG now displays the power units produced based on Experience trait settings in the Part extended tooltip.
  252. Added action groups for the fan blades for toggling the Roll, Yaw and Pitch controls independently and also Turn them all ON or OFF.
  254. Localization
  256. Localized Blades Control Rotations.
  258. Parts
  260. Fan Shrouds now have a node stack on top.
  262. Bugfixes
  264. Fix an issue where the Track Editor would remain open after switching vessels.
  265. Fix for localization overlapping bug for all languages in graphics settings.
  266. Fix spelling errors in robot scanner arm parts.
  267. Fix tooltip not appearing for max limit axis.
  268. Fixed bug when a KAL controlling another KAL's parameters play position stopped.
  269. Fix issue with motors engaging on launch when they have been set to disengaged in editor.
  270. Fixed mirror symmetry placement for propellers, blades, alligator hinges and rotational servos.
  271. Fix Autostrut on Robotic Parts being cancelled (set to off) in some use cases.
  272. Fix Autostrut debug visualization on Robotic Parts when locked/unlocked.
  273. Fix the FTE-1 Drain Valve releasing particles when switching between VAB and SPH.
  274. Fix non-cargo parts being able to be stored in a cargo container.
  275. Fix Hinges and Pistons sometimes returning to build angle when locked.
  276. Fix lock/unlock of robotic parts not working when fired from an action group.
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