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  2. To apply for [YOUTUBER] Rank, please apply on forums or on the discord server to the owner Tazz with the proper format as stated below.
  3. //MUSTs and SHOULDs
  4. /MUST
  5. 1.Have atleast 500-1000 Subscribers.
  6. 2.Record high quality videos.
  7. 3.Upload often and be active.
  8. *Proving the opposite of those will make the applicant or rank posessor subject to demotion to the rank before [YouTuber]*
  9. /SHOULD
  10. 1.Livestream
  11. 2.Advertise the server often
  12. 3.Make good/intimidating videos in the sense of them appealing to the player and making them try out/join UnturnedLord.
  15. Youtuber rank is given free of charge to players accepted by the staff that properly makes decisions (Tazz ; The Head Administrator Team)
  16. Failing to follow the Terms And Conditions followed by the "MUST" section can and will cause loss of the rank issued to the person beforementioned.
  17. Having [YouTuber]Rank will not give the player any extra advantages over rules or over players
  18. Thus, breaking ANY player rules can and will cause punishment such as Mute/Kick/Ban/Permanent Ban to the committant.
  19. If the player is found to not meet any criteria of the "MUST" section he will be subjected and highly likely lose his Youtuber rank.
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