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  4. Universal Soldier II: Brothers In Arms 720p Torrent
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  42. After the terrible events of the original Universal Soldier testings, the budget has been slashed by the government. Under the orders of a CIA director, a gang of mercenaries take control of the new line of Universal Soldiers and try to use them into helping to smuggle diamonds to the highest foreign buyer. When Luc Deveroux, survivor from the first incident, continues to cause problems he newly found younger brother is taken prisoner along with his news reporter friend Veronica Reynolds.
  43. The Universal Soldiers are used to smuggle diamonds for a CIA Director, but Luc Deveroux continues to cause him problems.
  44. I&#39;d heard some absolutely terrible things about this one, so I went into it as though I was to be watching a comedy, and I didn&#39;t watch any of the other &#39;Universal Soldier&#39; films that had come before it (of course, it&#39;s never clear in what order the sequels are in, anyway). &#39;Brothers in Arms&#39;, it&#39;s... well, there&#39;s just no way to sugarcoat it - it&#39;s cheap, it&#39;s cheesy, the dialogue is bad, the placement of peculiar songs during scenes of gratuitous violence was bad and quite weird, and there&#39;s a bizarre cryogenics scene where a naked man is broken out of a freezer and when he wakes up, it&#39;s like watching a scene out of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. On the bright side though, this film is funny, has some great Canadian scenery and background Canadian talent, and it does seem to at least follow up on the original film fairly well compared to the other produced sequel ever did. Among some of its best cast members include Chandra West as tough reporter Veronica, Julian Richings as Bix the naive hitchhiker and... okay, that&#39;s about the best talent that this film has to offer cast-wise. Unfortunately, while it has a strong female lead, the two male leads (Matt Battaglia and Andrew Jackson, neither of whom even look like their characters from the first film are supposed to if searched images from the first are anything to go by), speak in constant monotone, make a multitude of odd faces while acting for no apparent reason, make weird moaning noises during the Pet Sematary-like resurrection scenes, and neither of them seem to know what they&#39;re doing half the time. Also I&#39;m a big fan of VHS as a format (yeah yeah, I&#39;m a pretentious hipster), but this particular film, recorded on VHS and later released to DVD, has definitely not aged well. And don&#39;t even get me started on all those corny-looking &quot;action fight scenes&quot;.<br/><br/>To be fair, this film is still watchable. I didn&#39;t love it, but I definitely didn&#39;t hate it either, and it does have its moments. It&#39;s one of those &quot;so bad it&#39;s good&quot; type ones that you&#39;ll probably only ever watch once, but there are far worse ways to spend your time.
  45. This sequel to &quot;Universal Soldier&quot; starring Jean Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren is a made for TV movie starring Matt Battaglia, Gary Busey, Jeff Wincott and Burt Reynolds (using an Irish accent) that was made side by side with &quot;Universal Soldier 3: Unfinished Business&quot; with the aim of leading to a TV (that never happened) <br/><br/>Matt Battaglia replaces Van Damme, Andrew Jackson replaces Dolph Lundgren and Chandra West replaces Ally Walker <br/><br/>There are some impressive is set pieces and well directed action scenes however a ridiculous plot, poor acting and an over use of slow motion ruin the majority of it,<br/><br/>Burt spends the majority of his screen time talking on the phone in the shadows looking all mysterious. It&#39;s not until the very end do we see his face and it is revealed who he is, and what powerful position he holds.<br/><br/>I think had he been able to anticipate the success of &quot;Boogie Nights&quot; and his subsequent Oscar nomination for his performance, he may have been a bit more picky about what roles he was taking, and bided his time waiting for a quality script to keep the momentum of his comeback going. However his ongoing financial worries at this time, probably dictated he grabbed what ever work was offered to him as he made seven movies in both 1997 and 1999.
  47. No. The TV movies produced by Rigel Entertainment are set in a standalone continuity loosely based on the first feature film, &quot;Universal Soldier&quot; (1992). So they are unrelated to the theatrical sequels, &quot;The Return&quot; and &quot;Regeneration&quot; (2009), as well as the upcoming final film in the saga &quot;A New Dimension&quot; (2012).  7cb1d79195
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