Jun 22nd, 2017
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  1. >You are The Great and Powerful Trixe! Masterclass magician and all around Equestrian renown mare
  2. >Well, maybe not Masterclass per say, seeing as you are sitting next to your stage in the middle of a carnival so small it doesn’t even warrant a name
  3. >And maybe not so much Equestrian renown seeing as the sign advertising your performances lists a so called “Terskie the gaut the ponderful”
  4. >You sigh and stand up, your next performance isn’t for another half hour and your stomach is trying its best to catch your attention by yelling at you
  5. >Grabbing a coin purse and locking the door to your wagon you make your way across the fair to indulge in another batch of funnel cakes, much to your hips disapproval
  6. >”You there miss! Yes you in the hat!” A tooth deficient and all around greasy looking stallion calls out to you from some sort of booth housing a carnival game
  7. “You dare bark at The great and Powerful Trixie like some commoner?”
  8. >”Aye, you look the sort to accept a challenge. Unless that is to say you don’t feel up to such a task?”
  9. >You harumph, closing the distance to challenge the challengers challenge. Leaning against the booth you steady him a glare
  10. “And what is your gamble here barker?”
  11. >A gummy smile grows across his slick face, “A grand prize for a grand mare if she just so happens to knock over these here bottles. And if she fails, a simple endorsement of my games after your little shows.”
  12. >You are not about to fall folly of some rigged backwaters game and sully the good name, er well, name of your performances for some prize
  13. “And what is this “Grand” prize Trixie is risking herself for? Crazy straws or those spinners that fillies and colts have gone crazy for? Trixie will have you know she is not some easily amused filly.”
  14. >He pulls a rope that opens a curtain above the stall revealing almost life sized stuffed dolls of The Princess and Elements of Harmony. A certain purple doll catches your eye.
  15. >She must have been constructed of the softest cloth in all of Equestria, the hard plastic eyes full of sparkles.
  16. >You were almost speechless for a moment. You mind instantly went to fantasizing about taking the doll behind your wagon and wailing on it with a baseball bat or even tying it to fireworks and launching it to the moon. Some catharsis for the misgivings that Twilight Sparkle has caused you
  17. “Very well then, Trixie will play your games if she is to acquire one of those ghastly toys.”
  18. >You levitate one of the baseballs in your pink aura, but quickly the barker bats it back onto the booth counter
  19. >”Nay missy, none of that hocus pocus here, you gotta do this challenge like us mud ponies.”
  20. >You level him another glare, then scoff at the very notion that you would even need magic to beat his obviously rigged game. But what no one told this barker is that you are The Great and Powerful Trixie and no simple game can best you
  21. >You deftly pick up the ball and toss is with such precision and finesse that the barker simply collapses in awe as the bottles fall to the floor
  22. >In no way what so ever did the ball wildly launch from your hoof and bean him square in the snout and in the intervening time lunch the ball with some magic into the bottles shattering them into small bits
  23. >That would be silly, such a silly thought you laugh quietly taking your prize and definitely not giving an apology to the stallion, because um, well yes moving on from that
  24. >You heft the doll up onto your back and trot back to your wagon to keep it safe until you can destroy it later, tossing it onto your bed and running to the concession stalls to grab some food
  25. >Filling yourself to bursting with fried goods and fruits on stick you hurry along with the preparations for the show
  26. >The stomping of hooves as you perform your last trick brings a smile to your face
  27. “Thank you fillies and gentlecolts! I have been The Great and Powerful Trixie! Please tell all your friends to see to come and see my next fabulous! Amazing! Astounding! Spectacular feat of magic!
  28. >A quick burst of magic and fireworks atop your wagon are let loose as you disappear behind the closing curtain
  29. >Wiping the sweat from your brow as you let out a sigh of relief that your final show of the day is done, you dare take a quick peek through the curtains to your adoring fans
  30. >Most of them are happily chatting with family or laughing with friends. Pnags of jealousy filled you instead of the desired pride and self worth
  31. >You open the door to your wagon ready to get some much needed rest only to jump at the shadowy figure lying upright on your bed
  32. “Who dares break into The Great and Powerful Trixie’s abode?!”
  33. >You cast a light spell only ready to fight to the death in honorable combat only to stop dead in your tracks
  34. >The dumb doll of Twilight had slipped you mind at some point. You huffed in annoyance at the thought of being scared of literal shadows. Had you not been so exhausted from your performance you would have gotten all you anger out on it
  35. >You roughly tossed it into the chair of your small table as you got yourself comfortable for the night, the lights outside slowly dieing as the carnival slept for the night, you joining it
  36. >Sunlight filters through your window across your perfect face
  37. >Maybe perfect was a stretch, dark bags under your eyes and your mane having been decimated from tossing and turning all night long
  38. >Your horn lights up and begins to prepare some much needed coffee and you sit on the edge of your small bed, wishing for nothing more than few more minutes, or maybe days, of rest
  39. >Bleary eyed you make your way to your small table and grab your brush to begin fixing your mane
  40. >Something sparkly catches your eye as you finally began to wake up
  41. >The doll of Twilight looks back at you expectantly, as if it wishing to be greeted good morning and offered a cup of coffee
  42. >A half laugh escapes your muzzle at the thought. But still, you don’t normally get to do such things with your friends lacking the time to come and visit you after shows
  43. >Or well, lack of friends period
  44. >With a sigh you pour two cups of coffee with your magic, maybe some practice on the doll would help you make some friends that would come to see you at your shows, or even pop by unexpectedly in the middle of the night to just talk till all hours of the morning, doing each other's manes, even telling each other your problems and offering kind words in return
  45. >Anything is worth a try. A simple game you tell yourself, nothing more, nothing strange in anyway whatsoever
  46. “Here you go friend, Trixie has worked very hard on this beverage, praise her!”
  47. >You upturn your snout as you push the cup across the table, the doll simply stares back with a smile of string and felt
  48. “Trixie guesses this is a start”
  49. >The coffee clears out the fog in your head, as your stomach informs you that it is also clear and would like to be filled
  50. >You grab a coin purse and start to walk out only to realize that it would be rude to leave your guest like such
  51. >You rack your head about how your mother had taught you in how to be nice, on the rare occasion you would have a tea party when you were but a filly
  52. “Friend?”
  53. >Trepidation drips from the word thick and sickly
  54. “Would you like Trixie… Me to bring you some breakfast?”
  55. >The Twilight looks at you as if to say it would love some breakfast, with extra strawberries!
  56. >Or maybe you just want some strawberries and are just projecting, but that's just plain silly
  57. “Very well, Trixie… I shall acquire the finest strawberry breakfast this fair can provide!”
  58. >With a flourish and a smile you rush out the door and make a beeline out to the confectionery stalls, sadly none of them having either breakfast food or strawberries
  59. >You grumble into the bag floating in front of you as you come back to the wagon and set ti on the table
  60. “Friend, they had none of what you wished at the fair. Yes Trixie is very disappointed too, but I’m sure funnel cakes with jam on them will suffice”
  61. >You float a cake out as if to offer it to the doll, you laugh as you plop the treat on the table and begin to dig into your own treats
  62. >A few minutes later you finish your food and ready a list in your head on what needs to be done before your first show that day
  63. >Your train of thought is derailed though, as you notice that some of the jam from the funnel cake must have splashed when it hit the table and a drop had slowly worked down the chest of the doll
  64. >Not wanting your fake friend to have a stain on it you lean over to lick jam away, and lean back once the soft fabric was clean
  65. >Suddenly your face felt hot as you realized what you had just done, and if the doll had been a real friend what sort of social faux pas you had just committed
  66. “I am sorry friend, Trixie doesn’t know what came over her”
  67. >The Twilight simply stared back, not seeming to judge you on your very rash behavior, but something inside you wishes that she would
  68. >Or that the doll would do anything in response so you couldn't figure out if this was correct or not
  69. >Deciding that getting to your show would put some fresh air between your ears and the slow song of insanity nipping at your hooves would be cast away
  70. >More cheers, more friends laughing with one another and close knit families playing carnival games from behind your enclave of safety atop your stage
  71. >More jealousy
  72. >More frowns
  73. >But as you can back into your wagon the smile seemed to float away as your eyes caught the figure of the Twidoll
  74. >You couldn’t quite put a hoof on it, but just the very act of someone being there to greet you at the end of a show drives away all those awful feelings you had just been feeling
  75. “Greetings Friend, Trixie has had another wonderful show as always! Have you kept busy whilst I was gone?”
  76. >Nothing in the wagon had changed since you left, so you levitated a deck of cards off a shelf and set up a quick castle of cards with you spell, smiling at your handy work
  77. “Ah, practicing tricks like Trixie hmm? Well, it’s almost as good as Trixie could do, maybe she could give you some pointers later.”
  78. >You giggle as you extend your hoof out to bump it with the doll, momentarily forgetting it has no locomotion of its own
  79. >You levitate the foreleg of the doll upwards until it is in line with your own as you slowly bump into it
  80. >The soft material of the hoof smooshed against your own pliable hoof
  81. >You let out a small breath as you held it there, a small part of you wishing for nothing more than anything for the doll to be real so you could share this joyous feeling with a real pony
  82. >Breaking the contract with a frown, you go about tidying up your wagon when an idea strikes you
  83. >Every night after your shows you look through your curtains hoping for something to happen to you and change your life for the better
  84. >Tonight was your last show, your big finale before you needed to get back on the road looking for more pastures to perform in
  85. >Tonight was going to be different, tonight you were going to do something about it
  86. >Levitating your plush friend in front of you and spinning her around, you place one of your extra capes around her neck and settle one of your large wizards hats atop her perfectly stitched mane
  87. “Tonight you shall be The Great and Powerful Trixie’s personal assistant!”
  88. >You poke your head out of the door of your wagon to make sure the coast is clear
  89. >Not that you would be embarrassed to be seen with the doll, in fact you would be very happy for anyone to see you with your new perfect friend
  90. >In no way would you throw a smoke bomb and flee for the hills screaming, that would be silly and undignified for such a dignified and unsilly pony such as yourself
  91. >But thankfully none of that happened and you sure didn’t need to hide in those bushes because you did not get scared by some pigeons
  92. >You place the Twilight on a crate and explain the procedures of how your show must be set up, knowing that the doll would appreciate a good checklist
  93. “No, stop”
  94. >You grumble at yourself, the real Twilight Sparkle would banish you from Equestria, or throw you in a dungeon. Most probably banish you in a dungeon to the place she would banish you to.
  95. >This surrogate friend was not Twilight Sparkle, and you should not get your hopes up that anything could come out of seeing the Princess of Friendship again
  96. >You calm yourself down, getting lost in daydreams would only lead to messing up your act
  97. >But even if this doll wasn't Twilight, she was your practice friend, and The Great and Powerful Trixie did not stop when the going got rough
  98. >Besides the time an Ursa Minor destroyed your old wagon
  99. >Or the other time the real Twilight Sparkle tricked you out of your amulet and your unstoppable god like powers
  100. >Or when it was kinda cloudy one day and you slept in instead of doing a magic show and did not get payed and thus had to graze on grass like a common mud pony to fill your great and powerful hunger
  101. >Well this time was going to be different, you tell yourself, brushing away all the bad thoughts as you stack fireworks for your finale
  102. “As you see, no magic show would be complete without a bang and a boom!”
  103. >You flourish your cape practicing your bow for your performance
  104. >The doll stares back with it’s button eyes and never ceasing grin
  105. >You cast your horn and make the dolls arms make soft plopping claps
  106. “Yes, yes, a round of applause for The Great and Powerful Trixie! Tonight shall go off without a hitch seeing as I have you here faithful assistant.”
  107. >You grin as you make the doll nod
  108. >Friendship, you think to yourself, is so simple when everyone just agrees with Trixie
  109. “Now, what shall we perform tonight? Transformation tricks? No, Trixie has yet to master what must be impossible feats. Audience card guesses? Not much fun for everyone not involved directly, no. Hmm…”
  110. >You rack your brain with a daring finale to your fortnight of shows
  111. >The grandest trick of all, the Moonshot Manticore Mouth Dive would require a few pieces you simply lacked at the moment.
  112. >Such as a cannon to propel yourself from
  113. >Or said Manticore for which to dive into the mouth of
  114. >Or the absence of fear that is trembling up your spine at this very moment just thinking of how to pull off such a feat. That will simply have to wait for another day.
  115. >Looking inward towards at your mental repertoire for an act that would shock and awe all would simply have to be The Dance of the Saddle Arabian Fire Snakes.
  116. “Yes! Once again Trixie amazes even herself with her brilliance. She will wow and awe the common ponies with treats from the far east.”
  117. >The shear aura of smugness that resonates from you could move mountains if it could be harnessed.
  118. “Trixie will simply need her fire spells and the good rope that does not burn.”
  119. >You raise an eyebrow towards the doll on the crate
  120. “Yes, Trixie did find out the hard way that rope does indeed burn and ruined a very good show she will have you know. School children can be the harshest critics.”
  121. >You give a dramatic pose for a few moments waiting for a reply before realizing how silly that is, so with a burning face you go about sorting out your hoops and ropes for the show.
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