Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: EoH model extraction tutorial

Dec 17th, 2015
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  1. Step 1.) Go search around in folders, there's all types models spread out in several areas. Important things like character and stand models are in the spc or spc/PS3 folder
  2. Step 2.) Use this link to figure out which models you want to use, Here's more info on that
  3. Step 3.) Take the model to xfbin fixer and then open up start.bat. After that type in "cpk_unpack blank.xfbin" (blank being the model or texture name). After that you should have another of the same filetype but with a .out after it's name
  4. Step 4.) Open up Noesis and open up blank.out.xfbin and your model/texture should turn up
  5. ----
  6. bod-Models
  7. col-Textures
  8. acc-Item accesories
  9. eff-Physical Effects
  10. ----
  11. Notes:
  12. Many of the character/stand models are in the spc/PS3 folder
  13. Some textures such as normals, eyebrows, and eyes (which are split into four seperate regions for some reason) are found when extracting a bod file of the selected model, not the col file
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