24.5: Study - The Musashi Ariadust Academy

Jun 14th, 2013
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  1. http://imgur.com/w0Hrp5L
  3. The Musashi Ariadust Academy
  5. Toori: Nee-chan! Nee-chan! Is there a plan or something of our Academy grounds? We need a map to know where to set things up and hide around in, you know? A map!
  7. Kimi: Fufufu, stealthy brother, for now I'll spread out one of the buildings so take a look.
  9. Above: . 1st Floor
  10. Middle: . 2nd Floor
  11. Below: . 3rd Floor
  13. 1. Cafeteria
  14. 2. Archery Room
  15. 3. Furnace, Storeroom
  16. 4. Art Room
  17. 5. Metalwork & Woodwork Rooms
  18. 6. Library
  19. 7. Staffroom
  20. 8. Pool
  21. 9. Biology and Chemistry Laboratories
  22. 10. Music and Cooking Rooms
  23. 11. Front Bridge
  24. 12. 3-Plum
  25. 13. Student Council Room
  26. *Chancellor Party's hall is outside the Academy, but meetings mostly held in the Student Council Room as well.
  28. Toori: Uoo, how small! So that's why they put up that removable bridge; our campus barely reaches the 100m mark in diagonal measurements so we need the space!
  30. Kimi: Yep, that is why we have two entrances at the front. That is just the kind of place we are living our life in.
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