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  1. <align=center><size=30><color=#ffff00ff><b>CryptNation</b></size></color></align>
  3. Welcome to CryptNation! Here we can overview the servers while communicating with the SCP_SL Community, Admins and Moderators are here to assist in the maintenance of these servers.
  5. <color=#add8e6ff>Use this link to join our discord! </color>
  6. <align=center><size=20><color=#00ffffff><link="">!Click Me!</link> </color></size></align>
  8. <align=center><size=30><color=#f78c52><b>Rules</b></color></size></align>
  10. <color=#f78c52>1. No mic spamming or playing music,<b>especially over the intercom!</b></color> (Will be Muted)
  11. <color=#f78c52>2. Do not harrass other players.</color> (Will be Warned)
  12. <color=#f78c52>3. An admin's/mod's word is <b>final</b> so do not challenge it.</color> (Will be Kicked)
  13. <color=#f78c52>4. Do not cheat/hack/mod/etc.</color> (Will be Banned!)
  14. <color=#f78c52>5. Do not take matters into your own hands. If someone else is breaking the rules report the via the discord.</color> (Will be Warned)
  15. <color=#f78c52>6. Do not delay/prolong the round e.g. being 106 and locked in a room with a horde NTF waiting outside.</color> (Will Be Kicked)
  16. <color=#f78c52>7. Do not teamkill!.</color> (Will Be Warned)
  17. <color=#f78c52>8. Do not ghost. (spectate enemies then reveal their location to alive players)</color> (Will be Warned)
  18. <color=#f78c52>9. Do not kill yourself if you have a role you dislike e.g. suiciding after becoming 049-2.</color> (Will be Warned)
  19. <color=#f78c52>10. Do not team with the enemies!</color> (Will be Kicked)
  20. Team Killing will only be punished if its on purpose.
  22. <align=center><size=30><color=#00ff1e><b>Servers</b></color></size></align>
  24. <b>Server 1: Casual -</b>
  26. </b>I hope you have fun playing on our servers and have the best possible support from our management team!<b>
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