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Nov 3rd, 2021
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  1. Julia Liuson promoted to President of the Microsoft Developer Division, which now
  2. includes GitHub
  4. The mission of the Microsoft Developer Division is to earn the trust and love of developers across
  5. all languages and platforms and make them successful as they build the applications of the
  6. future. DevDiv today includes our developer tools and services including Visual Studio, Visual
  7. Studio Code, NET and C#, TypeScript, and the OpenJDK. Our Azure Developer SDKs, as well
  8. as our Azure Application Development PaS and Serverless offerings (including our Azure App
  9. Services, Functions, Logic Apps, API Management, Dapr, Redis Cache, Spring Cloud services,
  10. etc.) are also part of this organization.
  12. I'm very pleased to announce the promotion of Julia Liuson to President, Microsoft Developer
  13. Division. As part of today's changes, Thomas Dohmke, CEO of GitHub, will report to Julia going
  14. forward, as will Julia's existing DevDiv reports.
  16. Julia has been instrumental in Microsoft's adoption of open source, and in the transformation of
  17. Microsoft's developer strategy. As the leader of DevDiv, she helped guide the open sourcing of
  18. -NET (which now runs on every major OS platform), as well as the creation and open sourcing of
  19. Visual Studio Code (now the most popular development tool in the world). She initiated our deep
  20. engagement with the Python community, including hiring Python creator Guido van Rossum to
  21. Microsoft, and her team now delivers the most widely used Python developer tooling in the world
  22. (with VS and VS Code) as well as delivers runtime performance for the broader Python
  23. community. She started the OpenJDK effort at Microsoft, which is now used broadly to run Java
  24. workloads on Azure. And over the last 9 months she has led our Azure Application Developer
  25. PaS and Serverless offerings and has helped drive to make these services great for developers
  26. using all languages, tools, and platforms.
  28. Under Julia's leadership, the Developer Division team has undergone a significant cultural
  29. transformation and is guided by consistent cultural values: diversity & inclusion, customer
  30. obsession, data-driven, and quality-driven. The pervasiveness of these culture attributes is
  31. evident through the success of products like Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, which have
  32. experienced more than 16x usage growth since 2014 (and are now used by the majority of
  33. developers in the world).
  35. I deeply admire how committed Julia is to team culture, mentorship, and how she helps generate
  36. opportunities for others to succeed. She is an avid supporter of MakeCode (which is also built by
  37. her team) as an investment to help kids learn programming and pursue computer science in earty
  38. education. Julia was one of the first women at Microsoft to be promoted to Corporate Vice
  39. President of Engineering leading development teams at Microsoft, and she is a mentor and
  40. sponsor to women and men across Microsoft today. She received the Asian American Executive
  41. of the Year award in 2013 and was inducted into the Women in Technology International Hall of
  42. Fame in 2019.
  44. Please join me in thanking Julia for the outstanding leadership she provides, and in congratulating
  45. her on the well-deserved promotion and expanded remit.
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