Driving Ms. Derpy (Ongoing)

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  1. >Sunset practically skipped down the halls of CHS with a childlike glee in her heart.
  2. >While most students were busy cursing their existences and the fact they have to be at school.
  3. >Sunset Shimmer took each day as an opportunity to learn something new.
  4. >Especially activities involving her hands and feet.
  5. "Sunset?"
  6. >The excited baconhaired girl turned her head to the side.
  7. >There in a simple purple skirt, and baby blue top, was her good friend Rarity.
  8. >Looking rather concerned.
  9. >"What's up Rarity?" Sunset calmly asked.
  10. >Rarity folded her arms against her chest and sighed.
  11. "I know you and Rainbow Dash have been really getting into that new martial arts club" she began.
  12. >Out of the corner of Rarity's eye she saw a sliver of rainbow hair zoom out towards Sunset.
  13. >But with lightning quick reflexes, Sunset crouched down and sweeped behind her.
  14. >Knocking the rainbow haired girl flat on her ass.
  15. "...But I'm starting to think it's becoming a nuisance" Rarity grumbled as her brow furrowed from annoyance.
  16. >Sunset held her hand out to Rainbow Dash who was still dusting herself off.
  17. >"Chill Rare, it's not like we can't handle a little rough housing." Rainbow Dash nudged her elbow into Sunset's side.
  18. >Giving  a cocky grin, Sunset elbowed her back.
  19. "It's not you two I'm worried about" she rolled her eyes as Dash's denseness.
  21. >"No one's going to get hurt Rarity, and besides some soreness and light bruises neither are me and Rainbow" Sunset said to hopefully reassure her friend.
  22. >A minute passes by when Rarity simply throws her hands up to admit defeat.
  23. "Fine, fine, careful" sighing again she walked away towards her next class.
  24. >"Pssh, what a stick in the mud, am I right?" Dash laughed as she nudged Sunset's side again.
  25. >She looked up towards the clock and her eyes went wide.
  26. >"Oh boy, I gotta get going" the panicking rainbow haired girl jogged in place.
  27. >"Gotcha, I'll see you at practice tonight then!" Sunset said with eageriness in her heart.
  28. >"Yupseeyabye." and a rainbow trail was all Sunset saw as Rainbow sprinted off towards who knows what.
  29. >With Rainbow gone, a sinister looking grin slowly formed on Sunset's face.
  30. >For what Rainbow didn't know is that Sunset had been practicing a new, secret move for martial arts club.
  31. >One that will surely give her the upper hand during their sparring sessions.
  32. >With a contented sigh, Sunset walked towards her locker.
  33. >Sunset's locker opened with ease like it always does.
  34. >As she began to pile in her books, she noticed that the hallways were oddly quiet for this time of day.
  35. >There was a stillness in the air.
  36. >That's when she heard it.
  37. Tap-tap-tap-tap
  38. >The almost silent sound of someone walking.
  39. >Judging by the increasing volume of the tapping noises, they were coming towards her.
  40. >Time felt like it was slowing down to Sunset.
  41. >Each beat of her heart intensifying every other step.
  42. >Inside Sunset was feeling pretty smug.
  43. >"Rainbow never learns" she thought.
  44. Tap-tap-tap-tap
  45. >The tapping stopped almost immediately behind Sunset.
  46. >As if she had some third sense, Sunset could feel the approaching touch of a hand upon her back.
  47. >"Maybe I can test my new move out before the meeting tonight" and with that thought.
  48. >Sunset swerved around on a dime and extended her arms as fast as a snake going in for the kill.
  49. >Fueled by adrenaline, she held on the arm and yanked it towards herself.
  50. >But, something wasn't right.
  51. >Whatever was on the other end of the arm was too heavy to be Dash.
  52. >Sunset heard a loud popping noise.
  53. >Causing her blood to run cold.
  54. >Her eyes wandered down to the hand she was holding.
  55. >Gray.
  56. >Sunset's stomach did a backflip.
  57. >Without hesitating, she let go of the hand and a moment later heard a crash against the locker.
  58. >That's when the crying began.
  59. >Sunset was frozen where she stood.
  60. >She had to force herself to turn towards the source of the noise.
  61. >But she would soon later regret doing so.
  62. >For there, crumpled against a row of lockers, was a blond haired, girl with crossed eyes.
  63. >She was holding onto her shoulder with one hand and sobbing.
  64. >Tears were streaking down her face.
  65. >Sunset felt like she was going to puke.
  67. >Her hands shook as she held them in front of her scared straight mouth.
  68. >She didn't know what to do.
  69. >The looming threat of panic was beginning to corrode her nerves to bits.
  70. >However, the poor girl laying across from Sunset caught her attention.
  71. >She was trying to lift herself off the ground, but couldn't get a good grip on anything.
  72. >Each time her finger slipped she winced and sniffled.
  73. >Then, as if she had just cut off the invisble rope that held them together, Sunset ran by the helpless girl's side.
  74. >As she approached, the grey student began to scream.
  75. >A light fear filled scream.
  76. >She buried her head against the locker and curled up in the fetal position.
  77. >Still clutching her shoulder.
  78. >"H-Hey, shhh it's okay" she fruitlessly tried to quiet the terrified girl.
  79. >"We just need to get you down to Nurse Redhe-" but before Sunset could finish.
  80. "What's all the screaming about girls?"
  81. >Turning around, Sunset came face to face with the stern look of Miss Cheerilee
  82. >And in that moment, Sunset's brain decided to switch off.
  83. >"Uhh...uhhhhhhh...uhhhhh..." no words came to mind.
  84. >Cheerilee squinted her eyes as she heard a sniffle from behind Sunset.
  85. >Surprised, she looked past Sunset and saw the grey student still trying to pick herself up and failing.
  86. "Oh my goodness" it was obvious to tell Cheerilee was freaking out.
  87. >In a hurry, she practically sprinted towards the girl's side.
  88. >She inspected her and noticed how she was holding her shoulder.
  89. >Sunset felt her heart exit her body.
  91. "Come on, let's get you to Nurse Redheart's" she gently helped the poor girl up to her feet.
  92. >Her mouth quivered as her sobs were starting to become more scarce.
  93. >Sniffling, she nodded towards the courageous teacher.
  94. >Sunset stuck behind the two as Miss Cheerilee kept glancing from the girl back over to her.
  95. >All Sunset could do in response was to avert her eyes in shame.
  96. >However, the sound of a throat clearing drew her attention back towards the front.
  97. >But what stood before her wasn't the backs of Cheerilee and the injured girl.
  98. >It was the incredibly serious face of Principal Celestia.
  99. >Her hair color a little more brighter than the usual calm sunrise it usually is.
  100. >She didn't even have to say a word.
  101. >Sunset knew she was in deep trouble.
  102. >Shaking her head she simply pointed towards her office with a stern motion.
  103. >She looked past her foreboding mentor and witnessed the door to Redheart's opening and closing.
  104. >But she didn't see who went in.
  105. >Drooping her head in defeat, Sunset dragged herself into Principal Celestia's office to receive justice for her crimes.
  106. >"Have a seat please" even her calm tone had a hint of a quiet fury hiding behind it.
  107. >Sunset looked down at the chair before her.
  108. >She sucked in a deep breathe and exhaled as she sat down.
  109. >A tightness still lurking in her chest.
  110. >Across from her, Celestia took her seat and for  a moment stared at Sunset.
  111. >As if she were studying her for a wildlife documentary.
  112. >Her hands resting on her desk intertwined.
  113. >Before even a word escaped her lips, Sunset felt sheer terror running through her veins.
  114. >"Principal Celestia, I'm so so sorry!" she bowed her head towards her.
  115. >"I got so caught up in a stupid little game and hurt an innocent student" she rapid fired out of her mouth.
  116. >Sunset's anxiety pooling in the bottom of her stomach.
  117. >"Whatever punishment you have in mind I will accept one hundred percent" she glanced up at the principal
  118. >To say she was speechless was an understatement.
  120. >While looking to be in a deep state of thought, the still shocked principal lifted her hand up to her chin.
  121. >Deep in thought.
  122. >Keeping Sunset on the edge of her seat.
  123. >A confident expression replaces the unease.
  124. "Well Sunset, I was just going to suspend you for a week, but after hearing what you've said" she smacked her fist into palm for emphasis.
  125. "It's given me a great idea on how we can turn this into a learning experience for you"
  126. >Sunset shuffled her feet sitting in her chair.
  127. >She wasn't sure where this was going.
  128. >"Uhh, learning experience?" she confusedly asked.
  129. >Principal Celestia cleared her throat before speaking again.
  130. "Sunset, do you know the name of the student you injured?" she calmly inquired.
  131. >Without hesitating, Sunset immediately replied with.
  132. >"Oh, I think her name is..." she racked her brain for anything that could point towards her name.
  133. >The blond hair, the grass green skirt she always wore, her crooked eyes, but nothing could jog Sunset's memory.
  134. >She sighed as she shrugged her shoulders.
  135. >Sunset was still trying to get a hang on this whole "being nice and thoughtful" thing.
  136. >There was a lot more nuance to it than she first thought.
  137. >Perhaps there are some lessons that can only be learned through awful experiences.
  138. >She was about to find out.
  140. "Well, the student's name is Derpy Hooves, but she does have a reputation around here because of Miss Hooves's..." Celestia gestured towards her eyes.
  141. "...Condition" she finished the thought and reclined in her seat.
  142. "We've accommodated her to the best of our abilities, but I'm afraid navigating around school grounds with her injury is going to be quite a challenge."
  143. >Inside of Celestia's eyes there was a spark that glinted for a second.
  144. "That is where you come in Sunset Shimmer" her mouth turned upwards into a smile.
  145. >A smile that she hoped would inspire those who saw it.
  146. "I want you to help Miss Hooves around CHS."
  147. "Just until she's fully healed of course" she folded her arms against her chest in triumph.
  148. >Sunset's mouth was slightly open as she took in everything that was laid out in front of her.
  149. >But the more she thought about it, the more her heart felt like it was the right thing to do.
  150. >This was a golden opportunity to show CHS just how much she's really changed, and to really make a real connection with someone new.
  151. >Conviction was planted firm onto the yellow-skinned girl.
  152. >"When do I start?" was all she thought to ask.
  153. >Principal Celestia's smile grew wider.
  154. "Today if you wish" she glanced upwards towards the clock in her office.
  155. "I believe she should still be in the Nurse's office if you want to catch her."
  156. >Nodding firmly, Sunset stood up and pushed her chair in.
  157. >"Don't worry Principal Celestia, I'll be the best helper Derpy could ever ask for!" she exclaimed.
  158. >The principal nodded back.
  159. >Assured that her punishment would work.
  160. >But in the way she was hoping for.
  162. >Sunset stepped outside of Celestia's office with newfound optimism.
  163. >Hopefully she would be able to share it with Derpy.
  164. >Speaking of, Nurse Redheart's office was conveinetly a few doors down from Celestia's office
  165. >A new emotion was forming in Sunset's gut along with her positivity.
  166. >Nausanxiety.
  167. >There was a reluctance to her actions.
  168. >She had to go through with this though so she could be a better person.
  169. >And for Derpy's sake.
  170. >Sunset's fist hovered over the door.
  171. >"Just do it Sunset, c'mon this is the easy part!" inner Sunset tried to motivate outer Sunset.
  172. >But, before she could think about knocking.
  173. >The door had opened itself.
  174. >And there standing before Sunset was the always professional Nurse Redheart.
  175. "Oh, Sunset"
  176. "Principal Celestia just called and told me everything" she always gave weird half-smiles, and she smelled like the waiting room at a dentist's office.
  177. "Come in, come in" she moved to a side and gestured towards the inside.
  178. >Awkwardly smiling towards the nurse, Sunset casually stepped into her office.
  179. >Bright fluroscent lightning assaulted her eyes and ears.
  180. >Soon her eyes thankfully adjusted as they settled upon the cot in the far corner of the room.
  181. >There resting inside of it was the petite gray student Sunset had accidentally sent here.
  182. >Derpy.
  183. >Sunset decided to be extra careful and not alarm her by being too in her face.
  184. >She stepped to Derpy's bedside and noticed that she was trying her hardest not to look in Sunset's direction.
  185. >"H-Hey you" Sunset awkwardly waved at her.
  186. >"How are you feeling?" as she asked she noticed the dark green sling Derpy's right arm was in.
  187. >Sunset mentally punched herself for asking such a dumb question.
  189. >"I know, I know stupid question right?"
  190. >No response from the girl at all.
  191. >Grabbing a chair from beside another cot, Sunset took a seat down right by Derpy.
  192. >Before she began she sighed.
  193. >"Look, Derpy" subtly she glanced over at Sunset when she spoke her name.
  194. >"I know...I know I made a really dumb mistake, and I'm so, so sorry about it"
  195. >"I really am" she held her head in her hands.
  196. >"Sorry doesn't make your shoulder better though"
  197. >Sunset set her hands on her knees as she poured out her emotions.
  198. >"But don't you worry Derpy, I'll make this up to you."
  199. >"Until you get better I will help you every step of the way." her confidence glinting inside her eyes.
  200. >In response, Derpy bitterly sighed as she used her good hand to grab a book from the bag on the other side of her.
  201. >She opened it and hid the contents from Sunset's peeping eyes.
  202. >Grabbing a pencil from her bag, she began to write.
  203. >But what it was remained a mystery to Sunset.
  204. >"D-Do you need help with tha-" Derpy slammed the book shut just as fast as she had opened it.
  205. >"Gotcha..." her confidence was deflating.
  206. >Sunset knew Derpy wasn't going to be the most cooperative after the stunt she pulled.
  207. >But it still hurt to be looked through by someone else.
  208. >"So...Redheart's probably going to make you stay here overnight." Sunset spoke as Derpy hopefully listened.
  209. >"Which means I'll start looking after you first thing tomorrow, okay?"
  210. >If Derpy was capable of crossing her arms.
  211. >She'd be crossing her arms and glaring at Sunset.
  212. >At least that's what Sunset assumes.
  213. >Feeling like no other good could come from this meeting, Sunset stood up from her chair slowly.
  214. >"I'll...see you tomorrow then Derpy." she wiped her hands on the side of her pants.
  215. >The cold shoulder was all she got in response.
  216. >Sighing, Sunset turned away from the cot, defeated.
  217. >She waved at Nurse Redheart and quietly exited through the door she walked in.
  219. >For some reason the lockers in front of her seemed like an excellent place to think about everything.
  220. >She let her forehead rest against the cool, hard metal.
  221. >It was oddly soothing.
  222. "Hmph, cooling down that hot head of yours Sunset?"
  223. >Sunset's eyes shot wide open.
  224. >"That annoying smug voice..."
  225. >Sunset took her head off the lockers and slowly turned to see the source for herself.
  226. >And there standing cocky as she ever looks, is Trixie.
  227. >A neverending headache to Sunset and her friends.
  228. >Putting on an annoyed expression, Sunset crossed her arms.
  229. >"And I see you're still running that mouth of yours, Lulamoon"
  230. >Sunset gave a smug half smile.
  231. >If there was anyway to push Trixie's buttons it was to call her by her last name.
  232. >Trixie merely pushed the hair out of her eyes and laughed.
  233. "At least my words haven't put innocent people in the nurse's office" she rubbed her hand against her shirt wiping some dust off.
  234. >And like that, the feeling of an anchor tied around Sunset's heart.
  235. >Dragging it downwards.
  236. >"Y-You know?!" Sunset asked trying not to panic, but failing.
  237. >All Trixie does is nod firmly in Sunset's direction.
  238. "Sunset Shimmer, former meanie going through a relapse."
  239. "Trixie can see the headline for the CHS gazette now" she looked up towards the ceiling and beamed.
  240. >Before looking back down at Sunset's nervous expression.
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