Jan 28th, 2018
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  1. USERNAME : @yahjoon
  3. BIRTHNAME : Sanit Bunyasarn
  8. BIRTHDATE : FEBRUARY 14, 1999
  11. HEIGHT : 175 cm
  12. WEIGHT : 50 kg
  15. FACE CLAIM : @k_93.1.7 (ig ulzzang) OR
  16. THE BOYZ's lee juyeon
  17. BACKUP : @hoyoooong (ig ulzzang) OR
  18. THE BOYZ's kim sunwoo
  25. FAMILY :
  26. — Rutna Bunyasarn / Mother / 40 / Uni Professor
  27. — Wirat Bunyasarn / Father / 42 / Swimming Coach
  28. — Rune Bunyasarn / Twin Sister / 18 / Student
  29. — Wattana Bunyasarn / Older Brother / 20 / Student
  31. BACKGROUND : sanit was born in bangkok, thailand, where he happened to have many friends though because of the family in dire need of money, they moved to pattaya, thailand. his father was given a job that was extremely better than what he already had. his father was a soccer coach for elementary students, which sanit so happened to be a part of, but took the job of a swimming coach at the university his mother soon started working at, once they moved to the smaller city. it was different for sanit, he was new and he had no friends. though he had his twin sister, who was always at his side, and his older brother that always made sure to protect the twins... he couldn't help but be anti-social. it didn't take long for sanit to drop all his negative feelings or he want to be timid, and he became friends with a bunch of boys from his class. they always seemed to pick on his sister, which he didn't understand that it was cute teasing because they thought she was cute, and he always helped her and pushed his friend off of her. once he entered junior high, he still didn't understand exactly why boys bothered girls, or why people saw in other people. what was it to like another person? he wasn't so sure, and he was never sure till his second year of high school, he was always innocent though he tried his best not to. though his friend never dig deep, they knew the kid was much more innocent than they were. he was never into anything they were in, he didn't pay attention to girls, nor boys even, and he never mentioned how he liked someone. he was pure, still is pretty much, but he's been trying his best to be just like everyone else and get with the 'gang'.
  33. PERSONALITY : the moment you lay eyes on sanit, you could think many many things, though they're all 99.99% wrong.... at least if they were holy ideas. sanit was a boy who has a very charming face, and fierce features, because of so people tend to think he knows EVERYTHING about flirting and picking up a date. but, speaking honestly, he doesn't. he's as innocent and smoll as a newborn child... maybe that's a little bit far? a puppy! his friend always, always always, mention how he's a lost, cute puppy who isn't always on the alert and on the train with them. though, sanit always tries his best to understand what his friends are talking about, he isn't really into dating or romance, especially nothing farther than that like sexual tension or sexual wants. and it's a big no no to sanit not to know these things, so when his friends are checking someone out, he'll just nod and answer awkwardly like "o-oh... yeah they have really, nice hair... ha." all he truly wants is to be cuddled and loved, the only touching he'll take and understands, he's extremely soft and will give you daily Cute Smiles™️. sanit is someone who will NOT backdown to something cute he wants. a huge teddy bear that's practically engulfing him?? kid will spend every penny he's worked his butt off for. cute naruto stickers he happened to get his hands on? sticks them all over his school notebooks. he doesn't only live for cute anything, but for aesthetics as well. he makes sure everything is to gisbaesthetic, and that they look good meanwhile.
  36. — romance animes
  37. — makeup that's natural looking
  38. — cute, soft, aesthetics
  39. — clothing that makes him look Tough™️
  41. DISLIKES :
  42. — anything gore filled
  43. — being overly teased bc of how differently he sees things from others
  44. — sweaters that aren't really sweaters but considered them, aka thin sweaters
  45. — being hit on bc he doesn't understand it / kne exaCtly when it's happening till he's told
  47. HOBBIES :
  48. — binge watches animes or american tv series
  49. — draws portraits of others
  50. — reads shounen ai manga
  51. — goes on youtube and searches for artist that fits his aesthetic to listen to
  53. HABITS :
  54. — twirls his hair and leaves in like that... a twirl laying on his head unknowingly
  55. — pouts his lips when his friends are talking, and he has no idea or not want to know what they mean
  56. — writes almost everything down in a notebook
  57. — braids people's hair when bored
  59. TRIVIA :
  60. — he happens to be bisexual, but because he's not heavily interested in the opposite sex, he believes he's more gay than bisexual
  61. — also happens to be asexual, doesn't get any sexual feelings towards anyone or anything, and he figured it out since... his friends talk makes him feel uncomfortable
  62. — happens to be really into fashion, and He sees no restraints to looking great
  63. — really enjoys eating, his favorite ate noodles... any kind
  64. — isn't the best at dating, so he sees no point in making himself worked up into a relationship
  65. — had a stuffed pillow, an elephant with a duck on top, and they're called ji (the bird) and nam (the elephant), he hugs it while he sleeps
  67. FASHION STYLE : says he wears tough, manly clothing, but hes incredibly into long jackets and he also really enjoys ankle pants, huge oversized hoodies, and believes he looks great with nerd glasses.
  70. — "FOLLOW ME TO MY NEW APARTMENT AND CITY! A VLOG LOLOL" which he moves to korea, since that's where the apply fic is probably taking place?, and he vlogs the whole thing. from when he entered the airport back in thailand to when he was settled in korea and visiting local shops.
  71. — "ARE ALL KOREAN MEN TRULY HANDSOME?? A VLOG LOLOL" which he ventures out to look for a part time job, since he's a student and wants to make easy money, and happens to come across a lot of korean men and vlogs it all.
  74. — "CAN I EASILY LOOK LIKE A TOOTSIE?" the thumbnail, he's dressed in drag, almost, because in thailand, tootsie mean a male dressed in women's clothing or dressed in drag. so, sanit's friend visits him from thailand, and instantly gets the idea to make a tootsie makeover video.
  75. — "WHAT DOES HIT IT FROM THE BACK MEAN??" which the thumbnail has a very handsome, manly looking male- could be one of the other slots? -and he's in a weird position on the floor while sanit is standing and just watching. the video consist of how pure and innocent the thai boy really is, the other male is questioning him on what he knows of 'sexual meanings' and we later find out if he's pure or not (: you can make extra pure or v low key pure idk whichever you'd like :)
  77. LOVE INTEREST : SEVENTEEN's xu minghao
  79. MESSAGE TO YOU : hello (: it's my first time applying for any of your apply fics, and it's been a while since i've applied for one of these tbh. i was looking for an apply fic with male slots so (: im happy I found yours, honestly. hopefully it came out nice and is to your likings! i was working on this last night and I had fallen asleep, im so glad it didn't erase or else I'd cry... i was on the "suggested vlogs" so imagine how S A D i would have been. lolol well, i hope your apply fic gets more attention and that you get as many forms as you want!! good luck love!
  81. EXTRA : i just wanted to inform you that, the reason why the face claims are like that, is because I'm not sure if you accept ulzzanga or not, so i added k-idols after that. you can choose either from my backup and main, it doesn't matter they're all choices, but I wanted to inform you so you wouldn't be confused (: hopefulLy the suggested vlogs / thumbanails were correCt, I'm not sure if that's how they were suppose to be but hopefully yes (: pls mention it to me if not, I'll fix it quickly. aaaand I know I sucked at the fashion part but also HMU if that's not alright with you, I can fix that up easily... I was half way asleep when typing part of that lolol. lASTLY, the love interest, yes i know minghao is 20, twice the age of my character, but if you're not alright with that I can make my character a 1998 liner and he'll be a year younger, you rlly just have to mention it to me bc im up to fix anything for you (:
  83. WOULD YOU STILL READ IF NOT ACCEPTED? : hm.. I will probably be slower on getting into the update wagon. because when someone is included in an apply fic, they're always liGHTENING FAST when the apply fic updates, but I will probably last like a few days?? but I WILL get up to it, if i wasn't accepted that is. good content reading deserves a read and I'm sure your apply fic will be good content (:
  85. PASSWORD : RED VELVET's JOY¡¡ (lolol is it correct though I have horrible eye sight and i couldn't rlly tell the buT the bby is beautiful so this is why i say her)
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