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Nov 24th, 2018
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  1. Bayo: The Requiem of Fallen Wings
  2. Falcon: Up Close and Personal
  3. Chrom: Fight as One
  4. Cloud: A Ride? Not Interested.
  5. Daisy: Sarasaland Represent!
  6. Dedede: Royal Rumble
  7. Diddy: Hey, Little Buddy!
  8. Donkey kong: Journey to New Donk City
  9. Duck hunt: Dog, Duck, Zapper
  10. Falco: Soar above the Darkness
  11. Fox: Spaceborne Smash
  12. Game and watch: A Long Legacy
  13. Ganon: Encroaching Darkness
  14. Incineroar: Burning Pro Wrestling Spirit!
  15. Greninja: Your Turn, Greninja!
  16. Ice climbers: Duos for Days
  17. Ike: The Black-Clad Warriors
  18. Inkling: An Inkredible Journey
  19. Corrin: Between White and Black
  20. Ken: Red-Hot Rivalry
  21. Kirby: Gourmet Clash
  22. Bowser: The Red One. Every Red One!
  23. Bowser jr: Mama Peach, Where Are You?
  24. King k rool: Super Heavyweight Class
  25. Link: A Quest to Seal the Darkness
  26. Little mac: Friendly Sparring
  27. Lucario: Counter Encounters
  28. Lucas: Magic, Sacred Powers, and PSI!
  29. Lucina: A Path of Heroes
  30. Luigi: Luigi's Nightmares
  31. Mario: Let's-a Go!
  32. Dr mario: Colorful Treatment Plan
  33. Marth: A Kingdom of Dragons
  34. Meta Knight: Two Sides of the Same Coin
  35. Mewtwo: Psychic Control
  36. Villager: Mistake to Underestimate
  37. Ness: Home to Onett!
  38. Pac man: Ageless Classic
  39. Palutena: A Little Divine Intervention
  40. Peach: No Damsel in Distress
  41. Pichu: Lightweight Fracas
  42. Pikachu: I Choose You!
  43. Olimar: Planetary Explorer
  44. Pit: Fighting for the Goddess!
  45. Dark Pit: Created Warriors
  46. Pokemon trainer: The Future Champion
  47. Jigglypuff: All Original, All 64
  48. Robin: Thunder and Flames
  49. Richter: Smash Echoes
  50. Ridley: It Can't Be! Space Pirates!
  51. Rob: Unreadable Expressions
  52. Mega man: Variable Weapons System: Online!
  53. Rosalina: One Star after Another
  54. Roy: A Journey of Swords
  55. Ryu: Seeking a Challenge
  56. Samus: Another Planet, Another Bounty
  57. Dark samus: The Great Poison Given Form
  58. Sheik: Masquerade
  59. Isabelle: Best in Show
  60. Shulk: Witness the Monado's Power
  61. Simon: Smash-vania
  62. Snake: Weapons and Equipment OSP
  63. Sonic: At the Speed of Sound
  64. Zero suit samus: Grapplers! Whips! Claws!
  65. Toon link: The Teamwork of Courage
  66. Wario: I'm-a Gonna Win!
  67. Wii fit: Aerobic Smash
  68. Wolf: Reunited Roster
  69. Yoshi: Jurassic Journey
  70. Young link: Hyrule Smash!
  71. Zelda: Wisdom Prevails
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