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  1. This is just a server that I got to play with some friends , feel free to hop on!  Join the discord if you want to :
  3. Plugins :
  5. CI Spy - There may be a random chaos insurgency spy on the MTF team
  6. SCP 035 - SCP 035 is disguised as a random item , if picked up a spectator will possess the original host's body.
  7. SCP 008 - Upon being bitten by a zombie your health will slowly drain until you become one yourself , this can be prevented by using a medkit.
  8. Serpent's hand - Serpent's hand has a low chance of spawning instead of the chaos insurgency , their goal is to help the SCPs kill everyone else. !!!This also means that CI CANNOT win with SCPs.
  9. Stalky 106 - If you open your ` console and type "cmdbind (key) .Stalk" you will be able to teleport to a random target by pressing that key as 106.
  10. Better Disarming - Disarmed MTF and CI can be turned into the opposite faction , the same goes for d-classes and scientists.
  11. Escape Items - You get to keep your items when escaping , if you don't have enough space for all of them when turning into CI/MTF they will be dropped next to you or at the escape area.
  12. Lone 079 - If SCP 079 is the only remaining SCP it will either die or be turned into another SCP.
  13. Later Join - People who join slightly after the round has started will spawn.
  14. 914 held items - You do not need to drop your items in 914 when upgrading.
  16. We also have a few custom gamemodes which we do upon player requests and/or if the regular game gets a bit stale.
  18. Rules :
  20. 1.No racial slurs , insulting one's religion etc.
  22. 2.No team killing on purpose.
  24. 3.No loud or obnoxious music in spectator chat or while having a radio turned on
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