Poke #1

May 18th, 2016
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  1. Everyone wanted to be a Pokemon Trainer when they hit the age of 10. They looked forward to going out capturing new Pokemon and stuff. Not me, I was too busy playing videogames and I actually went to school. I learned to get by, by doing the very least I could do and get away with it. I could've gotten better grades, could've been more popular, could've whatever.
  3. I was too busy with machines, computers, and developing my psychic gifts. They appeared when I got really angry at my parents one day, and tore apart the house in a telekinetic rage. Since then I've learned to control my emotions, and powers. At age of 17, I woke up knowing I wasn't of this universe. That's when I decided it was time to start my Pokemon adventure.
  5. Luckily the benefactor had given me a motorcycle and some spending cash, along with the starting gear you would normally get at 10. My Pokédex was already filled out, so that's great. I even had a Kanto starter, a Charmander whom I named "Elizabeth". I told my parents that I finally became a Pokemon trainer, and left.
  7. I hate walking so I just rode my motorcycle everywhere and with unlimited gas I could do so for days. Camping is fun but the set up wasn't, I would rather just lounge while someone else do the work. That's why I befriended another trainer, his name was Duncan. He's from a small village from Hoenn, so he knows how to "do the outdoors stuff". He would set up camp, gather supplies, and cook. In return I paid him.
  9. Money was super easy to come by. Using my psychic gifts to get people to just hand over their money, was easy for me. Plus all the trainer battles we do really adds up over time. Our friendship lasted throughout the decade, and we befriended numerous of other trainers that came and went in our group. I even attended to Duncan's wedding.
  11. Yet the decade crept up and it was time to go. At this time Elizabeth had turned into a fine Charizard, and we even obtained a mega evolution stone. We said our goodbyes and left Pokemon. Onwards to our next journey!
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