Without Anything Good - 44

Jul 29th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

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Notable Characters:

Joon Hyun (MC) Student Single
Sujin (FMC) Student Douche's "Girlfriend"
Eunjung (TB) Student Chase after MC
Sung Hoon Yi (BFF) Student Red's Boyfriend
Hyun Ho Bae (Douche) Student FMC's "Boyfriend"
Yeojin (Red) Student BFF's Girlfriend

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Chapter - 44

School TB x MC

MC is waling with TB, she's talking to him but he doesn't pay attention at all and thinks about FMC.
He's thinking how even id his wounds doesn't get healed and his thought are still not clear, the time is still flowing.. He notices FMC leaving her class and looks at her thinking how they didn't have a talk since three days.. TB looks at him and makes a worried look..
TB calls his name and pulls the sleeve of his pullover asking him what happened between him and FMC. He tells her how nothing happened..


MC's Room - Bathroom MC

MC is taking a shower thinking about FMC, saying how he didn't have a talk with her since 3 days and have no news from her too. He doesn't why he can't stay calm and feels so much pain imagining her with Douche.. He keeps saying how he didn't have a nightmare since last time and doesn't know why he fells so worried recently and asks himself how can he endure this pain and forget his bitterness..

He made up his mind saying how he'll learn to hide from the other because he doesn't want to expose his weakness.
Someone know on the door shouting his name, he's surprised and wonders who it is, he shouts at the person knocking at his door to wait for him.

MC's Room TB x MC

He hurries up to open the door thinking it's FMC, just after opening it he sees TB giving him her best smile. He makes a dispirited face again, TB looks at him and asks if he's okay. He nods his head and invites her in his room.

They're sitting next too each others on MC's bed, she apologizes about coming without telling him before, he tells her it's okay and to no worry about it. He asks her if she wants to have drink and meal proposing her cokes and cookies, she refuses telling him it's okay.
Awkward silence.. TB asks him what happened with FMC, he asks why she's asking this so suddenly, she tells him how the reason for her presence here is to give him an apologize. He asks her about what and shes says how what happened at the cafe last time was her fault and she asks him if what happened between MC and FMC is her fault and she wants to know what she did wrong..

He tells her how she doesn't did anything wrong and thanks her because she give shim the courage do to something.. He tells how he tried to do something but still didn't do it at the end and how it's not her fault or FMC's fault he says how he's just a coward and what happened is all on him. She's listening to him staying silent.

MC says how FMC is somehow dating another guy right now and doesn't know what to do, TB doesn't understand what he's talking about and asks him what he's saying, MC tells her how he can't do it like her, he can't say "I like you" like her and says again how he's a coward. He asks her what she thinks of him and why he's so pathetic. He tells her FMC gives him a choice but he didn't understand it at that time and says how now it's all fucked up because of him. TB stands up and prepare herself to leave his room, she tells him how she's useless for him right now and tells him to not "die".

She finally asks him if he's sure about FMC dating another guy, she says how she doesn't know FMC circumstances but she can understand why she's doing this because she wanted to do the same to make MC jealous, so she tells him to hurry up and to not lose his time anymore because it's still not to late. She laughs asking herself why she's helping her rival and says how she can't keep seeing MC in this state, she tells him if it doesn't go well with FMC and he changes his mind, she'll still wait for him.

MC thinks about what Tb just said and asks her if she's okay for dating him from now on, she turns her head surprised by what she just heard.

FMC's Room - Bathroom FMC

She is taking a shower and touches her neck.. She looks at her figure in the mirror saying how now, it's all healed.

To be continued..
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