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Feb 21st, 2020
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  1. Goal: Establish a more efficient way of providing high end technology and state of the art, clear and concise digital evidence to court rooms to facilitate more expedient and engrossing experience. Including of high definition digital displays, projection, interactive experience, and high detailed imagery. To lend more credibility to facts and provide a deeper understanding of the case at hand. Focus on developing, implementing, and creating a process on rental and distribution of said kits.
  3. Date: Sunday, February 23rd at 1pm pacific time. Dial in number also will be provided. Please have laptop ready.
  5. Additional notes: Expand engineering services potentially into other ventures such as MLS contract between Chris Ortiz, Neng Xiong, Tae Rabel. Ideally expanding into a fly pack rental company for production equipment, though this is open to group agreement. Looking to expand this into other ventures as well. Please accept this invitation for Sunday, February 23rd at 1pm at 26260 Underwood Ave, Hayward CA 94544.
  7. Jessica Savage - Cisco - Business Ops / Communications & Networking
  8. Chris Ortiz - ASG - Technology / Funding
  9. Chris Ceglia - 10/0 - Business Ops (Crewing/Funding?)
  10. Tae Rabel - Courtroom Technology Expert
  11. Neng Xiong - Technology
  12. Jon Poncini - Technology
  13. Mike Rodriguez - Technology
  16. Nominated Board Members
  17. Brett Axler <> - broadcast technology guru, works for Google. May not be able to participate due to non-compete?
  19. Gunita Singh <> - lawyer, complete badass
  20. --------------------------------------------------------------
  21. Christopher D. Ortiz
  22. Production Systems Engineer
  23. (650) 504-4910 | SF Bay Area, CA |
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